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  1. I'm confused abou what exactly IS Cindered Shadows all about. Is it some missions that change the story in an existing route ? Is it a whole new version of Part 1 ? Is it a reimagining of the game's plot ? I'm so confused.
  2. Thanks for the Info. Now i'll go crazy trying to improve my heavy armor skills. Do you perhaps know of the other B-supports that are locked post-timeskip ? I was planning on recruiting Petra and Lorenz too.
  3. I'm playing with the Blue Lions and i'm trying to recruit Ferdinand to my team, i've seen that i'm about to B-Support him but there's never a window of opportunity so that support can be finalized. Upon clicking in the support menu for Byleth the message "Perhaps it will take some time to deepen this bond" appears. Does this mean this support happens olny AFTER the timeskip ?
  4. when i was 8 i tried to cook some sausages by putting an iron pan in the microwave. if i wasn't looking directly at the oven i wouldn't have noticed my plan was terrible.
  5. Hello !, it has also been a while since i've visited this forum too. Glat to have a new member ! Enjoy your stay !
  6. Yes, lately i've changed the date on my 3DS, but it has been well over 24 hours
  7. Guys, i'm facing a little bug where my game is stopping me from visiting other castles, implying that i have already visited them when i didn't. Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?
  8. I've tried this method over and ovaer again and although it smooths the game up a litte bit, it doesn't solve my problem
  9. I'm not certain in how i triggerd the bug, i just have some ideas on how this happens (although they're not very logical)
  10. Thanks all for your concern, i really apreciate your help, i'm going to attatch a video showing what's going on with my game (And sorry for the sh***y quality of the video) capturedvideo.MOV
  11. Pepole, recently i started a run of FE:F Revelations, and at chapter 12 i got a bug (in witch i've previously found when i was playing Conquest for the first time ) that consists in not showing the charactes portrait and halting the game for a while ... Then crashing afterwards. My solution to this broblem was delete the game and re-download it at the eShop, but then i would like to ask, if i delete the game from my 3DS will i keep my DLC and the other two paths or i lose them forever ? (Also will i lose my castle progress and those badges i got when clearing Conquest and Birthright ?).
  12. Yeah, i think im going to restart and do a Normal Casual run just de o finish the story
  13. No, i have a digital copy, all my other games are fine, and i've started a new file with no issues, only my main file where i spent 41 hours has this problem
  14. Recently in my Fire Emblem Fates Conquest copy, i've experienced a pretty bulls**t bug that frezzes my game at random times and sometimes it even crashes my game, now i see myself i a position that i need a LOT of luck to beat a chapter. Does ANYONE know how to solve this problem ? I will attach a video showing my problem. capturedvideo.MOV
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