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  1. ...however, you can get large amounts of exp for stave wielding units by killing all nearby enemies except for one, and have them wail on a unit whose weapon you took away. You can infinitely heal them until the enemy's weapon breaks and you'll get the same amount of exp every time. I'm not sure if this trick is well known or not (it probably is and I'm just being an idiot D: ) but it's a decent way to grind for priests, clerics and troubadours in their awkward stages of not being able to attack.
  2. During my first playthrough I almost did forget to recruit Kellam. Not because I didn't notice him, but because I didn't realize you could recruit him then and there. I tried (with a non-Chrom character) and no Talk option appeared, so I moved on with the battle and he just stood there. Eventually I realized that only Chrom could recruit him, but that was only after I reset the chapter due to one of my characters being unluckily hounded on.
  3. Miriel x Vaike is really funny and it works Olivia x Gregor is unconventional and a little creepy but at the same time their supports are awesome Kellam x Panne has pretty crappy supports, but I find the idea of them being together amusing, especially given how aggressive Panne is and how innocent Kellam is. Lissa x Lon'qu also works well. I often do it just for their story (if anyone could break Lon'qu's bubble, it'd be Lissa IMO) but the resulting Owain has an ugly color combo. Most of the other pairings I do are either too common to mention, or just too obvious.
  4. IKR. Best case scenario is some of the ideas being used in a mod or rom hack but I doubt that will ever happen. And now, time for another child from me; Natalya, daughter of Gregor Starting Class - Paladin (alternatively Cavalier). Balanced stat growths all around, but with low luck and slightly below average HP. Her main strengths are speed and skill. Physical Appearance - Natalya has a strong and sturdy figure, but isn't hulky or muscle-clad like her father. Her face is much more feminine than Gregor (for obvious reasons), with her ever-so-slightly forward drawn jaw being one of the only facial links between her and her father. Her default hair is a smooth, silky red, at a medium length. Her hairstyle is a mix between the 2 characters below; Backstory – Natalya was the oldest child besides Lucina, which led to her having an important role in the resistance. She was involved in the resistance from a very young age, and as a result, she was always seen as a prodigy of sorts. Natalya has a very hardened personality, due to the fact that she had to deal with her father’s alcoholism, and later, both of her parents’ deaths. As she grew older, she departed on a journey to many foreign lands, in search of troops to recruit to her cause. Personality – As previously mentioned, Natalya has an extremely hardened personality- she’s a survivalist at core, and won’t hesitate to kill if necessary. Headstrong and stubborn, she never admits defeat, and struggles to understand how she lost. However, she always remains somewhat reserved- in a few of her support conversations, other members of the army point out her seeming lack of emotions, equating her to a robot (medieval robots existed, right…?). Some say she wouldn’t show a shred of pity even if someone died. If she has a soft side, she never shows it, and she’ll often dismiss the buffoonery of her comrades with a disaprooving and slightly sassy eye roll or sigh. As an important leader in the army, she can’t stand taking orders, and always has to be the one giving them. Miscellaneous – Because Natalya’s personality is such a stark contrast to the easy-going and silly Gregor, their supports are comedic and meaningful at the same time, as Gregor tries to teach her to enjoy life. Her supports with Owain and Inigo are also stand-outs, as they both annoy her greatly and she struggles to hide her anger. Unlike Gregor, Natalya speaks perfect English, though she has retained a slight Russian accent from her father.
  5. Yeah, the way I see it, I honestly think this thread would be better off if it was just a collective of any or all child characters. Voting for the best just doesn't seem to be feasible, but instead, those who are willing could give a rating or review of other's ideas. That way, I think it'll work better for everyone, as creativity isn't something that can simply be demanded or controlled. I'll start off by reviewing Amity, whom I actually find quite interesting. Positives: Right away, my first impression of her is that she seems entirely believable as a character. Her traits and backstory paint an interesting picture that would fit right in with the Awakening cast, and the description you gave of her physical appearance was easy to digest and imagine as well. The bandana especially helps complete the virtual portrait and seals the deal for me. If she were in-game, she would most likely be a very likeable and popular character. Negatives: I've been trying to look for a flaw in her for a while now, and nothing in particular sticks out to me, other than her name seeming ever so slightly out of place, which, in the end, isn't a big deal at all. Though, it would have been interesting to see how she would interract with the other child characters, and it is my personal belief that while her personality and backstory are great, they don't make her an absolute standout. In the end, though, not every character needs to be a standout- and everything I said in this paragraph was extremely nitpicky anyways. Final Verdict: An extremely solid 9/10. Great work, and an interesting read!
  6. Judging by the fact that no one has replied so far except for you, it should probably be moved there. Hopefully a higher percentage of people who view there will end up posting.Also, here's my entry, as promised; Otto, son of Frederick (kudos to those of you who get the historical reference) Starting Class - Villager (lol.) He can be reclassed right away, but his starting stats are pretty horrible. His growth rates are alright, but made great due to aptitude, with extra high categories being luck, skill, speed. Physical Appearance - Otto inherits Frederick's messy, curly, hair- but unfortunately for him, not much else. In his portraits, his body seems frail, and his posture is slumped. His eyes are much bigger than Frederick's, and his clothing is fairly tattered. His face is always wrinkled with nervousness and concern. However, his most defining feature is his spectacles, which are almost always found crooked. Backstory- Frederick was killed leading Ylisse's armies when Otto was a young age, but as he grew up, Otto became inspired by stories of Frederick's valor and courage. In his support conversations, it is revealed that the village in which Otto lived was sacked and destroyed while he was still young, traumatizing him and forcing him into a life on the run. While his fighting skills were minimal if not non existent, Otto ended up contributing to the resistance in his own way, becoming an inventor and amateur strategist. Personality- In stark contrast to his father, Otto has very little confidence and even less fortitude. Despite this, he tries to help in whatever ways he can, and idolizes those with more strength than him. Even though he's brilliant, most of the time he's really absent minded, and doesn't think much of himself. Otto struggles to keep his cool on the battlefield due to a combination of minor poss traumatic stress disorder and just plain fear. He dreams of being a hero, though, and contributing more than just his inventions and tactics, which results in him trying to help there anyways. Miscellaneous In many of his support conversations, Otto invents things to try to better the lives of his comrades, but most of the time they end up backfiring or malfunctioning. It embarrasses him greatly and ends up in some amusing situations, to say the least.
  7. So while playing Awakening (and with the information coming from Fates) I found myself thinking: What if the main male Awakening characters had children? What would they look like, and what would their personalities be? Given the huge variety and popularity of the official child characters, there are literally thousands of possibilities as to what they could have been. As a result, I decided to take to the Internet. I thought it would be fun to get the ideas and points of view of other fans, so I took to the internet, and here I am. Basically, the premise of this thread is the following: once a week (or maybe shorter depending on participation) we'll choose a major male character (excluding Chrom and Male MU for obvious reasons) and come up with concepts, ideas, and maybe even art for what we think their child would be like. Any one who wants to participate is invited to post, and at the end of the week, we'll nominate our favorites and vote for what we think would make the most interesting and realistic character. The winner then gets their character posted on this OP, as well as the choice as to who we'll design the following week. I am definitely open to modifying that system; perhaps we could do two at a time, or do 4 per month and vote en masse at the end of the month. Either way, I hope this will serve as a fun way to pass the time while we wait for Fates to make its way to the west. Just leave your input below! :) Here is the suggested format for character concept submissions. Submissions can be as complex or simplistic as you want. [NAME] - Son/Daughter of [PARENT] Starting Class - While all child characters in Awakening start in unpromoted/special classes, for the sake of creativity I think promoted classes should be allowed. Also, you can mention any particular strengths and weaknesses in stat caps and growths that they have. Physical Appearance- use any words, comparisons, or even images for those artistically talented to portray an accurate representation of what you imagine them to look like. Remember, their hair color is determined by their mother. Backstory- please keep in mind, in canon, most of the male characters die pretty soon in the future, so take this in to account. Personality - Ideally, tie in their backstory in some way. Probably the most interesting and important part of designing a character. Miscellaneous - any other additional facts or details that you find necessary, fun, or interesting. Supports, endings, etc. We'll kick off the challenge with Frederick's child, for no specific reason other than the fact that he's the first recruited unit not to have a child. Whoever receives the most votes will choose where we go from there. Let the entries begin! (Mine will go up sometime later today) P.S. Hi P.P.S. If this is in the wrong forum, or if it's been done before, just let me know. I'm new, so please understand... XD
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