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  1. Well they already kept "Sumeragi" right? Pretty much the same thing. Though honestly, this whole "they shortened/changed the names because they think we're dumb" meme was pretty much a conspiracy theory from the start
  2. I know it's like, years too late to respond lol, but Malik is 40, making him more or less twice as old as everyone else on the team. Not exactly ancient, but not exactly in his prime either. And when you are old enough to be the father of the next oldest member of the team (she herself being a grown woman... technically), people will call you old. He WAS 33 in the childhood arc, so maybe you were thinking about that.
  3. As a name? That is objectionably false. Go on, have a son, name him Wood, then keep a tally of how often he comes home crying and/or bruised
  4. Most of that would be the devs fault though for rushing them. And cutting that much story out and not changing anything else might have left some major holes, so a rewrite might have been necessary. Regardless of the second sentence, the first is entirely on the devs/publishers. I'm biased though, since I really liked 8-4's localization style (and tbh, the Treehouse isn't very different, just look at Splatoon). If the writing can't be good, then it can at least make me feel good. I read through a chunk of J!Henry's supports. They weren't bad, some of them quite sad, but none of them were very memorable. See, I'm cool with stuff like this, especially since I've yet to read a Kamui support where they weren't plain as hell. It does suck for those who want the original work, I really feel for those fans. But what can I say, I liked being entertained above all else, and even as a person who didn't hate Awakening's story, what I know of Fates plot is very disappointing and full of logic holes. So at the very least I want a not boring as white bread protagonist. To play Devil's Advocate here, a big difference between Gregor and Henry is that Gregor still said all of the same things as in the original, he just did so with a funny accent. This is true for Henry roughly half of the time, but the other half has him saying/doing completely different things. The biggest being the Olivia support, where Henry went from a typical "person who hides his tragic past and pain behind a smile", to "person who's happy despite all the horrible things that happened to him in the past". That's what pisses people off. Well, not me of course, but I don't associate "different" with "bad" like purist tend to
  5. I don't know... that seems like a bit of a stretch for the sake of yet another jab at the recent FE games. I'd probably need to see your full argument to make a final call though.
  6. Well, like some others have said, the latest Avatars aren't really self-inserts. They are pre determined characters we can control on an aesthetic level. I don't see much problem with them. On the subject of importance, I think Robin is a good stopping point, Kamui is going too far. I gotta dispute with those that say Awakening was all over Robin's junk, or that s/he was a spotlight stealer. Robin rarely got more than "good plan" from the team, and Chrom was undoubtedly the leader and protagonist of the game. Sure, Robin gets a bit of importance toward the end, but you can still bench them in every battle, including the last one, and they don't get nearly as much screen time and character interaction in the story than Chrom does.
  7. It was only a matter of time really. I'm more surprised it took them 13 games. Regardless, it IS part of the narrative already. If kids from the future popped up in Sacred Stones inexplicably, then yeah, it'd be pretty dumb The children's ages kind of varied, but it's ambiguous as to when exactly they were spit out from the Outrealm gate. Laurent for example beat everyone there by several years. Future Past seems to have let that detail slip Besides, it's only eleven kids, I'm sure you can find twice as many kids around the same age in a single family
  8. Don't see how it's shitty when time travel plays a major role in the plot. If that was their excuse in like, any other game, then yeah, it'd be silly
  9. Would anna be considered a mascot? She's a recurring character, sure, but I've never seen her used as the face of the game like Pikachu or Jack Frost. As for her DLC, yeah, kinda screwed up that she's on disc, but it's not like she's been playable before Awakening. I'd overlook her completely if she couldn't support. Invisible History: Raised more questions and logic holes than anything, pretty disappointing. Invisible Kingdom: AKA the game about choices where your choice doesn't matter because you're wrong. Wish they'd just let me get this version so I can save time. Weapon DLC: Whatever, its there for folks that want an easier game Skill DLC: Same thing as weapons. In short, I'm buying it all, and I hate both myself and IS
  10. I can practically guarantee they won't. America's a different place now. If we're lucky, maybe they'll even give us more same-sex options and/or let us still get kids from it. Wishful thinking, certainly, but it doesn't hurt to hope
  11. Well to be fair, "X 2.0" used to actually mean an improvement of X. But like the word "literally", the internet has twisted it to meaning the exact opposite
  12. My hyped died down a bit when I essentially spoiled myself on the game. I'm honestly kind of looking forward to how the Treehouse will localize this game more than anything. Could the game be taking a long time because they are trying to make the story less... dumb? Are they gonna Samurai Pizza cats the hell out of it?
  13. You make some solid points, but I don't think the recent quality drop from the story is really related to the supports. It may seem that way, but they are pretty independent from one another. The writers just need to step their game up in the plot department, a little further out of the Shonen range
  14. Good stuff, way better and more detailed than whatever I would've come up with. You (or whomever wrote it) even threw in some stuff for those who say Chrom's got nothing going for him
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