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  1. Count until 27,275 spins -> SORRY I COULDN'T RESIST LIKE BEFORE 'PAL!
  2. Hey Jules, it's been quite a long time, but I'm truly impressed how far you have improved the quality of your artwork. I just wanted to say that I'm highly proud of you. You're quite the inspiration by how you started, and now look at you: you're doing really great, so keep up the good work, ; ] Kind regards and lots of cheers for ya!
  3. Post Number 27,273, reporting for duty!
  4. The most important thing is to see if the console can handle Wii and WiiU software one damn way or another. I don't believe it won't be through ports though, it takes quite a lot of time even for a single game. For controllers I believe is no big deal, they made that Gamecube pad adapter, so they can make it through eveything. You'll only need the right device or just minor hardware updates via Internet download (the 3DS connection app as another controller for Smash WiiU). But if they don't let the older games be playable in this new console from, at least, the previous generation ... they'd simply loose a quite big deal of oportunity for those who didn't buy WiiU. More games for them plus the new ones for NS' release, which will be around ten, but possibly no much more than that. I do seriously doubt they would buy a console that they never had any kind of interest since many years, to begin with, so ...
  5. I was quite-seriously wondering if NS (Nintendo Switch from now on, as people name it) has fair success compared with WiiU's sales, would you foresee more invited third party characters? Cloudy is a top-notch as the primest example (at least because he has never been in a Nintendo console), so may I ask ... who else could make it if a future Smash is in development? Klonoa? Isaac? (OMG GOLDEN SUN 4, CONFIRMED, LET'S GONNA HYPE!!1!) Crash Bandicoot? Rayman? Goemon? Bomberman?
  6. Probably a fan of Evangelion because Mechas.
  7. Because is God's stelar pet. Anyway, why I'm here, back from almost a year since last time I was booglin' around here?
  8. He discovered a new whole world behind his knowledge: Babies can be cloned.
  9. - Are you that sexy like in the avatar? - How much did you watc the entirity of the Jojo series? - Meat or Fish? - Do you enjoy, well, 'that' primitive and orgasmic thing witht the lights turned on or turned off? - Do you travel a lot? - Most favorite videogame
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