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  1. Was able to pull legendary Ike(-atk unfortunately), Fjorm, Summer Robin, Summer Xander (+atk -res !), and at the end PA Azura (-atk unfortunately). I'm pretty happy with my pulls, I used a total 140 orbs, which included the anniversary gift. Will save my orbs now and pull on the next legendary banner.
  2. Yes! I'm really excited for Felicia's plate. I've been trying to build her up to be more useful, all she really needs is an attack buff.
  3. What build would you guys recommend for a -spd +res Deirdre? I was thinking about giving her either +3 atk or Distant Defense for her A slot, and keeping the other skills that she already has from the other slots (spd ploy etc.).
  4. The language he/she was typing in wasn't in spanish. I know, as I can read (and speak) spanish fluently. There aren't many (few to none) fire emblem communities in other languages so thats probably why op posted here.
  5. Fortunately for me, I do have a Hinoka. I was in need of a blue mage, and I have some good supports. I'll note these recommendations down, thanks.
  6. I just pulled this today. She unfortunately came with -atk/+res. I was thinking about giving her life and death to offset the -atk but then she loses out on all that res. Any recommendations you guys can give?
  7. Looking for Shiro with Darting Blow and Caeldori with Quick Draw. If anyone has them feel free to message me or reply to this post.
  8. Got my order in the mail today. Fates has an amazing soundtrack, it's worth it.
  9. I really enjoyed Birthrights story for what its worth. I'm currently playing through conquest, and I'm really enjoying the gameplay. So far the story is okay, but what irritates me is how naive Corrin is (but then again he has lived isolated from the world for a long time). I can't wait wait to play Revelations, I hear the story is fixed in that route.
  10. Does anyone have any experience purchasing items from that website(probably shouldn't worry about it too much, but just want to make sure)?
  11. I can't say I dislike any track, Fate's really delivered in the ost department.
  12. I enjoy everyone's design, but the ones that I really enjoy are Arthur, Felicia, and Ryoma's.
  13. Just finished up birthright, playing conquest on hard/classic. People weren't kidding, this game is brutal in that difficulty, especially if you're going in blind.
  14. Did this on conquest, good pairing(really enjoyed their support conversations)
  15. I'm currently playing through Birthright, and I wanted to know what would be the best optimization path for these characters: Kaze Felicia Silas Mozu Setsuna Also if you guys can recommend some pairings that would be cool(Felicia is married to MU) : ]
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