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    I've only played Fire Emblem 7,8, and 13 so i kinda suck. As for Interests outside of Fire Emblem I love music. some of my favorite bands are: Maximum The Hormone,Deathgaze,Fear and loathing in las Vegas, and The GazettE.

    P.s. I may live in France but I speak fluent English so don't worry :)
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  1. I've been messing around with changing some of the images in awakening. I'm able to fully decompress a Ctpk and compress it back but when I view the file after being compressed and decompressed, the new image is distorted. I make sure to include a TGA file when recompressing but anyway here's an example, Anyone have any fixes?
  2. Hi! I recently began hacking into Awakening's files and had and Idea. I'm considering making a Fire Emblem Awakening hack that would focus greatly on psychological elements like in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask. For those who've played it you may get what I mean. The game has some great "darkness" that I'd love to see in a Fire Emblem game maybe even to a greater extent. I'm very much a noob to the whole Fe hacking scene and being as I hope to make this an Awakening hack I can only expect it to get harder but I'm more that willing to power through. Here are just some of the Ideas I had planned and what their possibility of seeing fruition is... - New, "Darker", Soundtrack [For Sure! That Music Major sure comes in handy here!] - More Same-Sex Marriage Options [For Sure] - New Classes [May be troublesome] - More Unique Supports [For Sure] - New Skills [i don't even know if it's possible] - 2 Children From One Parent [Doubt It's possible] Anyway these were just a few of the Ideas I had. Let me know what you think about a Majora's Mask styled Fire Emblem game. Thanks, - Obscurite.
  3. http://kamuicustomizer.appspot.com/- Here
  4. Hey! Welcome aboard, I myself haven't been a part of this form for that long but the community here is awesome and I hope you enjoy it!
  5. So I have some French friends who think that Spanish is the Language of love while I have some Mexican family who think French is the language of love and I personally think Italian is the language of love. I'd love to see what you guys have to say! (Threw in Japanese for kicks as well as German)
  6. Like the soundtrack of F-zero, but with a Fire Emblem feel to it. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
  7. So since I live in France, I have to wait until 2016 for Fire Emblem Fates, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make a play through of Awakening more fun. I've already played the game like 40 or so times, I've beaten Lunatic mode and Apotheosis. I've also made a whole team of My Units just for fun. any suggestions would be great!
  8. Thanks!! (I see we share a waifu.... )
  9. Thanks! Hope to see you around as well!
  10. Hi there I though I'd introduce myself. My online name is Obscurité and as for my real name.....well I'll have to know you a bit before I tell you. I honestly can't say much about myself without it sounding like i'm bragging (and I wasn't trying to brag just there!). People have a tendency to tell me that I apologize too much (which I do, even if I wasn't at fault). : ] I hope to make great friends with everyone. (I sound like a High school girl introducing herself for the first time...)
  11. I think It'd be awesome! tournaments are something I feel like Fire Emblem always needed. Seeing as how Pokemon's metagame is acctually pretty hardcore I think it can be even more hardcore in Fire Emblem.
  12. I always though it would sell well but, Wow! feels great to know one of my favorite series is still going strong. Hopefully Fire Emblem doesn't end soon! :)
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