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  1. How do Luna, Lazward and Odin compare to their Awakening counter parts in terms of characteristics. toned down? amplified, about the same?
  2. I was actually curious about who were the best children
  3. I'm down for this, I just hope I can get Wi-Fi in the castle before the game is released in the west. I wish the castle wasn't in a giant whole. All while Hoshido has the game and faster internet.
  4. How much do Luna, Lazward and Odin reference the events of Awakening?
  5. Aren't Children tied to the Male parent this time though? Or are you just meaning she gives the best growths to her off-spring?
  6. On the Nohr side, who has the best Children? I wold like to know so I can execute their Parents before they rebel.
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