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  1. ok gonna submit a boss Name: Hagen Class: Landsknecht Weapon Type: Swords and Lances (A Swords, B Lances) Main Weapon: Silver Sword Secondary Weapon: Spear  Items to drop and/or steal(in order of preference): Silver Sword, Gold Purse (2000 gold)  Personal Skills(in order of preference): Vantage, Seal Pow  Unit Stats: high enough speed to not be doubled, high enough str to do damage (ala Henning but much more fair because lol fe6 thrones), "moderate" def, low res, very low luck. Average skill as well Backstory: A mercenary hired on to guard something. He knows a little more than he lets on and his death quote would serve as that first chink into something bigger. Unrecruitable btw Gameplay: One of the first promoted bosses the player would face. He has Vantage to surprise people if you aren't paying attention to skills and Seal Pow if you aren't able to kill him fast enough.
  2. @Magus of Memery ngl this new saber loli is pretty fucking based
  3. oh boi lore. I like lore @YotsuMaboroshi @Jingle Bells Glaceon and Yotsu have already answered your questions, I'll drop in some additional information
  4. @Sire yo add my JP account to the list IGN is N30 Friend Code is the title of my Support list there
  5. Ryouma's a ST Arts based Rider though
  6. you forgot the other mechs about that dodge boyo - this isn't just melt's dodge after all. first you use the skill and you don't get a dodge (still get a NP gain buff) then you get a 1 hit dodge for 1 turn the next 3 turns after Ex: Say you have this skill at lvl 1 and you use it. After all the buffs dissipate (the np gain and evade), you have 4 turns left of CD. Means at lvl 10, only 2 turns of down time. Obviously, the downside is that these evades are for 1 hit and so if the enemy keeps hitting Jerker the evade can only do so much. also, Skill 3 has a 20% NP Charge. Don't forget about that (and yes this does mean that Ereshkigal essentially has a better version of Jerker's skill 3 - that's why it feels rather underwhelming)
  7. Napoleon's very interesting lorewise Also, his kit makes it so he's basically a perfect boss
  8. @Mister Rogers @LuxSpes Welcome to hell, enjoy your stay here comrade But yeah, anniversary is about to come by tomorrow for us NA folk (and JP got half AP dailies and super and great success rate up for exp on servants and CEs) so I'll say wait for that to drop, just in case.
  9. Soooooooo Lostbelt 2, eh? It's about fucking time they got around to releasing it! And we're finally getting some lore on the Wandering Sea. It's a rather hype time
  10. Been finished with Camelot on NA for a couple of days now. Didn't use Euryale at all (I did use Gil instead of for Gawain 2 but Robin Hood would've taken care of the problem ezpz as Honk's vid hopefully shows.) I wish my Billy was leveled :/. You live and learn @Alexmender
  11. Just finished ((PART 1 SPOILERS)) And Now I’m waiting for the event to begin
  12. @MrSmokestack Back in January. I’ve only been playing my JP account on and off but now it’s finally getting a foothold and all that shit. Accepted friend request
  13. @Czarpy Can't be helped - a lot of non JP people haven't even touched the Koha Ace source material. This event is based on The Strange Tales of The Imperial Holy Grail after all (which may I add is as much as a meme as the other Koha Ace things). Hell, I've only just taken peaks into it here and there due to the fact that it wasn't translated when I was searching for translations for it (which give or take was a couple of years back.) Twitter was a fun read however. >Second Part of GO WEST Shoot me now @MrSmokestack I also play JP (I mention it sparingly) - I just don't give out my friend code too often. Speaking of which: JP Friend Code: N30 - 555, 282, 304 Halfway through Camelot, and going to grail Bedi and Salieri to 90. Then, going to grail Bedi to 100 and Salieri to 100.
  14. Pops up Ok, let’s see if the LB’d Gacha CEs from Journey to The West actually give more drops Checks Says so. Let’s hope that’s the case (hell, Ox King CE seems to be giving as much as the rerun’s version did thankfully) this event is still utter garbage gameplay wise btw - these changes did zilch when farming the rerun tbh At least the rerun banner had Nezha, Shinjuku Assassin and Nightless City Assassin on rateup as well. Also, Waver and Sanzang were on rotating rate up.
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