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  1. After reading all that 2016 just seems that much farther away...
  2. oh, thats a shame, I should have expected that i guess. Thanks for the reply anyway tho.
  3. So initially i assumed the 3rd route would recycle supports, but recently ive been hearing that the two royal families can support with one another, so it seems like there will be some new supports. Does anyone know if these are the only new supports? Or do characters like Oboro and Zero get new supports with characters from the other nation? If anyone has access to 3rd route support rosters that would be really helpful, especially odins :)
  4. Thanks, im glad to see theres a lot of different options to choose from.
  5. I put up a disclaimer to avoid such accusations lol. Trust me, she would still be one of my favs regardless.
  6. Well im probably putting Kamui with rinkah and kagerou for the first two hoshidan runs, i just havnt decided which one id prefer for the first run (whether its s or a plus i dont really care). Doesn't really matter tho. Do you have a a link to that thread? Or at least a name so i can find it. I completely forget a plus gives you class options as well. I'm liking the customization in this game.
  7. If we're talking top 5 hoshidan characters, then she ranks pretty damn high on my list (granted, i havnt played the game yet and have avoided watching any gameplay. I have, however, looked at a lot of class sets and growths and no a decent amount on what each character s lke). 1. Ryouma. Hes an absoloute beast. Nice growths, his weapon is godly and his class is one of my personal favourites. 2. Hinoka. Shes just one of those characters I liked from the start. She's tough but still cares for her friends and family a lot which is nice. Also i like how she decided to become a warrior despite the expectations of a princes. She would be my 3rd favourite, but i turns out shes born the same day as me, so she gets bumped up. Cos bias. 3. Kagerou. Just look at everything in this thread. 4. Rinkah. The only thing i dont like about her is her growths. I'll still find a way to make her one of my best units tho. 5. Suzukaze. I dont think this choice needs explaining.
  8. I'm really tempted to do that, but im leaning more towards just pairing her with ryouma and getting vantage. I feel like rinkah needs the extra classes from Mamui more. Based on your profile pic im assuming you know where im coming form when i say that.
  9. I like her hair a lot too. I dunno why... it just looks cool. Also the ninja class lines seem to be the best, or at least one of the best, class lines in the hoshido path. Jonin or ppupeteer, im really not sure which class i want top promote her too. One question tho, can snake venom kill a unit or will it leave them with 1 hp?
  10. Lemme just put a disclaimer up real quick: Thing is, when i first saw her it was only the character icon that shows the face, nothing below the neck. I liked her because she looked cool, had no idea about her neck down design. That was just a little bonus that was pleasantly surprising.
  11. Honestly im starting to see that shes even better as a unit that i thought. The combination of strength with ranged debuffing weapons is just sounding too good. Plus the resistance growths and weapon triangle advantage over tomes will let her laugh at any magic user in game. Which is good, i guess, but also kind of terrifying... Makes up for the disappointing growths im seeing in rinka, who i had high hopes for The only problem im really seeing is her lack of skill but i can just make that my asset for kamui and pair her up with him. Or Ryouma. I havnt decided yet, it looks Rinkah may need some nohr only classes from kamui.
  12. I didnt actually see the stream, im the kind of person that doesnt want to spoil themselve by watching actual game content at first, but then ends up breaking and reading up all the spoilers anyway. But yeah, on paper she seemed like one of the better units so not surprised she did well and im glad she got more positive responses. Wait, what!? That sounds Haxed as all hell. Even with that skill that negates doubling theyd still get one-shotted. Damnnnn
  13. Haha im also new here. Im also an australaian student, I also got introduced to the series through awakening and i also have started but not finished the gba games.... Actually pretty much everything you said applies to me, thats kinda weird but cool i guess :P Hope we can get along as well and have some good discussion on this site.
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