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  1. Hold up, people out here calling out my man Barst? Unacceptable.
  2. Well, in theory you can write narratives without character development. A great example of a media with little character development is The Road (talking the film). The Father in that film doesn't change very much, even when provided with opposition from the Son, because the world is so brutal that he cannot. I think that the most important thing to discuss when thinking about the necessity of character development is considering your characters to be real people. Lay out who they are and what they believe in before getting too far in. Then, as the narrative progresses, you have to enter the shoes of those characters and ask yourself; "Does this challenge my beliefs/actions?" If whatever they encounter could change their perspective, you should address it and allow for it to change the character's view on the world and how they act in the future. If you are very careful about it, you can write a narrative where characters aren't necessarily forced into changing their beliefs or opinions. A lot of the problems related to this is sidestepping character development when it should be necessary. Whenever a character follows their heart and acts in line with what they believe, there should often be consequences. When Dimitri finds out who was responsible for the death of his parents, when Chrom fails to prevent tragedy, when Corrin is forced to fight against his family, all of these events are profound and should trigger a shift in the way the characters act or think. The main reason for this change being demanded is that trauma changes people, and the point of fiction is in part to convince readers that imaginary people are real people. Thus, if a character experiences trauma, they should respond in some way, especially if they are at fault in their own perspective. The complaint of lacking character development comes into play most often when characters should experience trauma and should change their ways, but shrug off opposition and let the story continue without addressing their personal conflict. In summary: As long as a character reacts normally to crisis, trauma, and consequences, they don't need to develop. Although, crisis, trauma, and consequences tend to change people under normal circumstances.
  3. Gonna run Samurai first run through and have Weapon Master as the main class. Get the ability for em and make my unit into a huge glass cannon.
  4. I have been waiting for a almost a year and a half for this!!! Sadly though, I am the only one in my circle who has any hype, so I've had to experience it alone...
  5. I have come to accept most of them, but I still dislike the change from Benoit to Benny. Benoit was just so much more unique and made him stand out a bit more.
  6. So I recently viewed a video from Nintendo, stating that "Heart Seals allowed you to reclass based on the units personality". I had believed that it was a replacement for the second seal (which it pretty much is except...), but for the player character, what determines the "personality"? Do you just simply pick the class or something other like a quiz similar to the older Mystery Dungeon games?
  7. Leo and Azura. Leo cuz I mean A) Dark Knight stat growths are so extreme in these games and B) #LeoIsTheOneTrueKing And Azura because she has acheived the one thing nary a main character could do for me; make me actually like them. Honestly, I found Lucina flat and without much of a personality. Eirika in SS was good, but ultimately she was a liability, as Ephriam was so much more powerful in my playthrough. Lyn was a mix of the issues I had with Eirika and with Lucina. But I feel like Azura has half decent reclassing options as well as a personality that I feel stands out for a main character.
  8. Yeah but then the problem is then you only have one sibling with no cutscene. All siblings (except Elise I think) get at least one personal cutscene. It would make for a consistency error.
  9. Hm. This is an excellent question.That much rear shown on Tharja in a stationary image was censored. But, I'm doubtful they will scrap it completely or remake a new scene. Then again, my knowledge of the process of how to make CGI scenes are low, but I doubt it's a done-in-two-minutes job.
  10. Okay so I'm not sure if this is possible or not so I've decided to come to the most capable people I know on the matter. Is it possible to go from below a C-Rank relationship to S-Rank by solely using skinship?
  11. I find that to be a little odd because there were short little grunts and short phrases in Awakenings supports. Why wouldn't they include it in the new release?
  12. Okay so my computer is being dumb how do you attach saved image files to the post?
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