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  1. You got that right! My main Ophelia deck has plenty of problems with flying meta Lords (that sounds kind of funny, but I'll take it) too so yes, crit is the way to go (Also Odin can flip as many bonds as he likes for that +++++10 which doesnt require ccs, helps really often. If your deck has 8 Odins to max out the potential of double orb-ing, it's common to draw into extra odins for a convenient crit) Adding on, Leon is the best, best card for Ophelia because it's the only discard card that lets you choose the cards. Against flying decks you ideally remove their useful units leaving them with 'dead' 30 base pegasus cards in their hands that can do nothing but to wait for another copy in the hopes of a critical For white techs, I'm about to start experimenting with the Onmyouji Marx in a Black/White Ophelia, since hitting white on support lets you refresh your hand (which Shara also does)
  2. Was actually expecting a SR out of that, but oh gods I sure hope it isn't a promo, I wanna have it! Expecting SRs of kids like Morgan.. (Also Robins, at least more male Robins definitely) I'm going to be really amused if (one of) Samto's skill is like Lucimarth and he is essentially a Navarre card as well!
  3. deck name: Why Won't ST Kamuko Just Work mainly for beroa and kamuko to terrorize the enemy's rearguard together It's not working as well as I thought it would be, so opinions would be greatly appreciated d
  4. Ninja emblems are a Series 2 thing, so we pretty much assume everyone knows about it already (When this card is triggered as support, you may choose to deploy this unit tapped by discarding a card from your hand) As for resistance, when the defending unit that triggered the resistance emblem is defeated, you may deploy the triggered unit (mozume) Whoops! Should be fixed by now
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_Kb2u2kXYqfEBRRoyiCb6bbKb57pwcVG0x7JePfv_yU/pubhtml Just wanted to share the english translation of the entirety of the Series 3 cards, the Starter Deck and the Boosters, done by me and my friends. The spreadsheet also has a tab with common FAQs related to this series.
  6. that was really really good please please make a sacred stones one
  7. 第3回 Chapter 3| Report on the TCG Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) Special Livestream! I'm super disappointed in Shade's skill in Cipher ;_; too busy playing Series 2 to translate lmao will try to translate the rest soon!
  8. Here's the rest of Chapter 2! Chapter 2 | We went to the 'First Women's Gathering" and 'Social Club meet'! Part 2
  9. I went to redid the entire translation for Chapter 2.1, because I was kind of bothered with how lame it was, it should read better now! I'm... planning to attend one myself if they hold one when I go to Japan this Winter /prays to Naga Yeah! Although I'd take a pinch of salt too since they would really only post positive things.. Me too! Chapter 4 gets even more cuter but uh /sweats I'll try and hurry up on my tls!
  10. 1. Yes, but you need at least 1 face up bond 2. yup Hmm I've got a question too, the person that goes first: is he only unable to attack? Is he allowed to use abilities like locktouch (gaius) for example?
  11. Saw Chapter 3 being released/published so I felt a little guilty I'm put off studying for a while to work on this: My Japanese is still below the desired standard, so I'm getting a friend to double check my t/l and I'll update accordingly if there's any errors. But for now, Chapter 2 | We went to the 'First Women's Gathering" and 'Social Club meet'! Part 1 (I'll do Part 2 soon it's the longer half of the two)
  12. Not sure what your problem is with the new cards I think they're all really gorgeous, you sound like you've never seen japanese art styles before..
  13. too lazy to crop out, grabbed from the other thread Blossoming Smile - Lazwald [Lazwald, of Marx's Army] On your own turn, if Marx is present on your field, this unit gains +10 attack. Support ability: [Attack Emblem] Until the end of the attack phase, your attacking unit’s attack is increased by 20.
  14. I think its because they only posted the actual column a bit later after they made the page up, I went to the page when the JP twitter just officially launched it and there was nothing there until I checked later :^D It's a Dark Mage thing(probably)! It's a pun, her name is spelled as Ema but I used Emma because when I saved the icons off the page the file name said Emma (I guess we can take that as the official english name?) Some of you might know this already, but today a second column went up discussing the recent Women's only event. I'll be taking a shot at it too, but it'll likely take a little longer because the column is more lengthy than this introductory one.
  15. Today the Cipher homepage updated with a talk column featuring the two characters original to Cipher that you might have already seen from the Series 2 teasers. It will provide news on events and also give deck building tips. Also, cute icons! The script is quite simple, so I thought I would take a shot at it with my mediocre Japanese as practice hehe Chapter 1 | Nice to meet you! We're Emma and Shade Originally posted in Japanese here I thought this was really cute, so I'll attempt translations for future chapters, unless the complexity is way above my knowledge of Japanese (which isn't much)
  16. Ah, okay! I've replicated my current deck onto Lackey and sent a friend request, my Skype name is tempasuta.
  17. I just got mine in the mail yesterday! I found it amusing they mispelled Awakening on the box everywhere, and I really like how the gold paint reflects light back onto the figure.
  18. I really want to join this to play, but I don't have a webcam I can use to place over my table or anything... (laptop user here)
  19. This, unless you have promoted Chrom as your Main Character then you'll want to promote them from their base unit so they get that awesome +20 atk and 2 orb destruction on the turn they're promoted. No, it only denys them the use of GSE. You're right, a 3 bond flip is really expensive for a 60 atk unit...
  20. Hi guys, just wanted to point out a typo/error spotted from another thread: On the wiki (and presumably the gdocs too) unpromoted Robin(F)'s skill is written as "If you have less bonds than your opponent, this unit’s attack is increased by 10." But according to the original jp it's actually If you have lesser orbs (オーブ).
  21. Actually, Robin's skill is actually if you have lesser orbs than your opponent, then her attack is increased by 10. (error in translation, gonna point it out in the other thread) But generally when a card mentions bonds (Nowi for example) it includes both flipped and unflipped (normal and reversed)
  22. Hi, I've been going through my decks with the translation google docs trying to learn the cards, and I noticed an error: For the promoted Robin(F) card, the translation for the CCS skill goes "If you have less bonds than your opponent, add the top card of your deck to your Orb Area." However, I believe it should be "If you have less orbs than your opponent, add the top card of your deck to your Orb area" as the skill mentions the word Orb twice and not bonds. Advance apologies if it has been mentioned before in the thread already but just not reflected in the docs ^^;
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