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  1. If anatomical model is something made from what white magic provided, maybe white magic can heal heart or brain disease too since the game don't tell us what white magic can and can't do. Let's put this autopsies discussion behind cause it can go either way. I have seen many arguments about the church's power in this forum and I don't want to repeat that so let's say we agree to disagree then.
  2. The book said "especially involving Head or Chest Incisions" not "only involving Head or Chest Incisions" I agree with you that the church is far from powerless but I don't think that they are able to dictate whatever they want to any nation in Fodlan. I mean they aren't even able to suppress technology, they can only slow it down
  3. There is an anatomical model in Manuela's room so I don't think the church's authority to ban technology is that strong.
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