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  1. 2 hours ago, omegaxis1 said:

    Keep in mind that it states that white magic already does some things in place of normal medicine, meaning that said anatomical model is something made from what white magic provided. But how accurate it is is questionable. Either way, there's still the case of how further autopsies are things that can very much influence the course of medicine, especially regarding the brain and heart.

    If anatomical model is something made from what white magic provided, maybe white magic can heal heart or brain disease too since the game don't tell us what white magic can and can't do. Let's put this autopsies discussion behind cause it can go either way.

    2 hours ago, omegaxis1 said:

    Um... it's been literally 1100 years, and the medieval times is STILL in the medieval times. Claude even considered Fodlan a backwater place. 

    So no, they prevented tech from advancing for a damn long time. There's a point where you have to wonder about how slow may as well be suppression. Hell, being invaded by the Srengs is something that they put all their hopes into the Lance of Ruin on, rather than their own abilities. 

    Also, the fact that the Church told Faerghus to not even use oil, a natural resource, kind of speaks volumes. Granted, it's the one thing I personally am okay with, especially since this is the only thing that did not have a Church related reason, but it still says a lot.

    One more thing.

    You need to understand something. Having a lot of political power and authority does not mean that they even need to dictate things. Having political power and authority gives someone the means to interfere with political changes or such. The Church still meddled into the political affairs, backed Loog's claim for independence, therefore giving it to him. Just as how I state that Rhea could easily meddle into Edelgard's efforts to change Adrestia politically, making it so that Edelgard cannot remove the nobility or have it change anytime soon. 

    You don't have to have absolute power to dictate things be able to meddle into political changes. 

    I have seen many arguments about the church's power in this forum and I don't want to repeat that so let's say we agree to disagree then.

  2. 2 hours ago, Darkmoon6789 said:

    They only ban certain technology, in the case of autopsies. They only ban it in the case of head and chest. They also allow the wooden printing press, but not the metal one as they fear the latter would be too efficient.

    But what I don't like is that every technological development is subject to approval of the church. That is the way more power than an organisation like that is allowed to have my opinion. It is like if every time a new invention was made, it needed to be approved by the Catholic Church or be banned, really sounds like religious oppression to me and you bet I would object to that if this was the case in real life.

     This is not being powerless, this is holding large sway over the entire continent. Seems to me that they are able to dictate whatever they want to any nation in Fodlan, and because of the number of believers in Sothis , the rulers of the nations would have no choice but to obey. People usually think that just because religions don't directly on that much land they don't have as much power as a nation. This is incorrect as the sheer number of worshippers can give religious leaders more sway than any monarch. Even the day I would argue that the Pope has more power than any president as his power isn't limited to one nation, and the Pope used to be even more powerful in the Middle Ages. (Granted, there was less followers back then as Catholic hold of South America hadn't yet been established, but the Pope did have more direct political power back then.)

    The book said "especially involving Head or Chest Incisions" not "only involving Head or Chest Incisions" 
    I agree with you that the church is far from powerless but I don't think that they are able to dictate whatever they want to any nation in Fodlan. I mean they aren't even able to suppress technology, they can only slow it down

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