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  1. I'm actually interested in this. I'm on chapter 4 now and I got Edelgard and Hubert with C in Authority from instruction. I'm thinking of instructing Ferdinand so he can have the C battalion of knights or whatever. Or should I just ignore instructing people with authority and slap battalion on everyone instead so they get trained that way instead so I can instruct other things instead?
  2. I'm just at the end of the month of chapter 3. I noticed that I can't get C support with Edelgard. I take it because of story reason? Can someone please tell me when I can get her C support and the rest of it so I don't waste support point.
  3. Wait I can't pick and choose the DLCs I want? Then it's settled it will be the base game and grab the season pass instead.
  4. Thanks, forgot to add I'll get the EU ver. And like you said I would gotten it without a heart beat if I could get more value of my money. The more I think about this I'll probably be happy with just the base game. Speaking of season pass does 3H have it or not?
  5. I'll just ask it here since I don't see this warrant its own thread. My question is is the limited edition worth it? Considering buying one since my local game store have a couple of copies left. Yet at the same time I'm not that hype about it considering the price and I'm a bit on short on cash since I'll be buying the switch with Three Houses.
  6. More or less yes and on purpose since I like to lots of things before starting a playthrough, especially games like FE. At least when it comes to story most of them I got spoiled are out of context. Or in case of Flame Emperor I'm not bothered since it tends to be super obvious long before the reveal.
  7. Is it really that hard to imagine that all routes are canon? After all FE is no stranger multiverses.
  8. You are correct. The supports and the CG are based of the visual novel and dating sim genre. Traditionally if the target audience is male then the male protagonist will have minimalistic features so you can self-insert yourself. However, when it involves female protagonist they tend to show them since are always attractive or cute. It's also an added benefit to attract male players to otome games. This is why the CG are the way they are. However, lately newer Japanese games tends to move away from this trope which we even can see with M!Byleth and Petra. Still most Japanese gamers tend to prefer not to see the protagonist in confession scenes.
  9. I just realized M!Byleth is obscured, absent or just showing his back in all the CG with the exception of Petra's. While you can easily see F!Byleth face on many of her CG. I know why they did this but I still find it funny in a way.
  10. Early reaction so far is good. Although it mostly lacks context if it's truly good or not. From what I have gathered.
  11. I'm going to buy Switch mainly for the FE experience. This is the only reason why I haven't got a Switch yet. It also helps that Nintendo have some great exclusives so the Switch is a great companion if you are a PC gamer. Although I'll agree with the rest don't buy a console for 1 game especially if you're unsure you'll like it. If you can find 3 to 5 games then you can at least justify buying a console imo.
  12. It's called Woolseyism for a reason. Localisation is a tricky business depending on how you want to localise your games.
  13. It seems the day that I'm going to buy a Switch have finally arrived.
  14. Didn't they say there will be more character to recruit later on the story? I think during tree house? Either way other than the students and adults we have seen I can see they'll add 5-10 more units or should I say I have hard time seeing we'll have more than 25-30 units. Unless they do something similar to Revelation where you can somehow get all the students during the war phase.
  15. I've only played the 3DS titles and this is all conjecture from all the information I gathered so far from 3H. However, I noticed this time around we'll be most likely to have much smaller cast than before. Heck even possible smaller than SoV. Each house gets 8 students and there so far only 11 adults if we include all of them from the monastery/academy. However, I can only see at most half of them at most will be available. So we're looking at a possible of 14-20 units total in our army. Honestly I like this for a couple of reasons. My biggest two are I'll get more invested in the characters and I'll be less likely to bench them for whatever reason it might be. With that I just want to hear your opinions of much smaller cast compared to before. I mean doesn't FE have around 30+ characters usually?
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