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  1. All DLC items will be available again as soon you have access to your own room in the monastery.
  2. Very inconsistent. He was somewhat useful in the beginning as semi-tank and was blessed in strength so he hit like a truck. However, because of his atrocious speed and his strength became more average by the mid-game he fell off real hard and fast. He simply couldn't keep up. I just finally managed to make promote him to Grappler and with that 8 or 9 points in speed and and several in res tells me how RNG screwed he was. It is a real shame I really want to keep using him especially as a War Master but that speed is really holding him back. Also his average defense haven't winning him any favours either. Currently 15 in defense, beating only my Byleth while most of my frontliners have 17+. At least he will be an awesome defense adjutant but I dunno if I should keep leveling him up now that he have reached level 20 considering chapter 13. He will be under leveled for sure but I hope by that point he won't be dead weight. At least my Ignatz was by far my least liked and weakest unit since he was sooo weak early game, doing single digit damage most of the time and was designated rally bot. However, his performance have come around, finally. He can do more reliable chip damage especially against axe user as a semi-dodge tank as an thief/assassin.
  3. Currently doing the mission of chapter 9 on GD and honestly it has been fun. Probably more so compared to when I played CF on Hard. Toughest was the beginning for sure but ever since I got the units to intermediate classes it been a good challenge which I enjoy. Only got two paralouge left (Catherine and Hilda) which I'm saving for chapter 10 most likely and I'm now curious how hard the infamous chapter 13 will be. Finally managed to Raphael and Ignatz to their advance classes.
  4. I think the main reason they did it is for thematic and story reason, not for gameplay. In one way it's a bold move and I like it, but at the same time it is extremely frustrating.
  5. Problem is with the current magic system the class check if you are allowed use magic or not what school of magic it is. While a white mage falcon knight is awesome but because of the game mechanic you will be able to use reason magic. Either way my biggest wish-list like many have already said that involves magic flier of some kind and a class where I can utilize Eldelgard Reason magic as her unique class. Oh Halberdiers would be awesome as well.
  6. Just a thought when I started to think about Griffin Riders. Have them wingless so basically Gold Knight or whatever the upgrade for Paladin but you are on a wingless Griffin instead. Another possibility have Griffin Riders have access to magic since iirc the wyvern that Malig Knight have are undead and the undead doesn't really exist in TH setting.
  7. I'm currently chapter 7 on my GD route on maddening. I'm wondering when it's the best time to recruit Petra since I plan to have her as one of my main dodge tanks and eventual replacement for Ignatz. Also I'll probably have Petra be an assassin this time around and not making her a Wyvern Lord. Another thing I'm considering making Petra my Dancer since I heard good things about it. Also that I have no idea whom I want to make my dancer this time around... I also know I'll probably snag Ingrid when I'm closing the end of part 1 unless it will be more beneficial for me to get her early. She will stay as Pegasus/falcon knight.
  8. Well blimey me then then this could be prove more useful now. Honestly I dunno why I never tried to see if I could stack or get more temporary stat boost from the meals.
  9. Does the temporary stats from cooking together stack together? I was under the assumption that it didn't.
  10. I'm currently playing GD maddening and chapter 7 currently. Oh my boy Ignatz is strength screwed beyond belief. After 15 levels he only got a couple of points in strength. Boy it's annoying he can't do any damage what so ever but he's speed blessed but useless considering he hits like a wet noodle. Good thing i made him a rally bot but I don't know what to with him. I hope seal strength budding talent will make him more relevant. Ironically Raphael have the opposite problem although not as severe since at least he have gauntlets and hits like a truck thanks to his strength.
  11. That's what the gold maps are for thanks to our best friend the bishop that will be yours truly the punching bag. Even better when there is a healing tile for the bishop. Plus money is a plus. I guess main difference is the renown.
  12. Quick question is regular side quest even worth it in maddening difficulty (merchant/training quest)? Other than the merchant quest I honestly don't see why I should them. Low levels with reduced exp to boot. I honestly feel I should do the Gold Auxiliary instead since they give better rewards on my spare action points.
  13. My number one favorite class is hands down Tactician/Grandmaster simply for the utility and I really loved the design. I hope we see more of it in future titles and I sort of hope to see it again in Three Houses. Other favorites that will get honorary mention are Hero mainly for its design, dark fliers *cough* galeforce *cough* and Manaketes.
  14. If you planning to keep the inhouse students you could try and make Petra into Falcon Knight or Assassin instead for WL. I'll try this out next time since for a dedicated mage killer/dodge tank since I found my Petra WL serviceable yet lackluster. I would at least suggest try out War Master Caspar but I have to agree he is very slow burn and needs a lot to grow before. If nothing else make him into a def adjutant for which is really helpful against enemy follow ups. Another possibility is to make Felix into War Master instead since he has proficiency in brawling. Or go into Mortal Savant for shit and giggles. edit: Also get Catherine and make her into Falcon Knight is also a possibility if you want another flyer.
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