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  1. IIRC in the DLC area there is a fortune teller that will make sure to lock certain parings? It did cost a lot of renown if my memory serves me well.
  2. As I only have played two playthroughs (CF and VW) and I can already tell that I'll always get Lythesia, Marianne, Ingrid and Petra since they are my favorite units and characters. It will be interesting to see if I'll add more which is very likely when I'll start playing AM to see how they are.
  3. Alright cool I just found a birdy. Yeah I knew about Umbral Steel and Wootz Steel but I was unsure whom dropped mythril. I remember reading Golems dropped them but I just wanted to make sure.
  4. So which Monsters drops Mythril? Would like to have more of them so I can forge and repair my legendary weapons <.<
  5. I don't have sword breaker on my Byleth and managed to complete the map without much problem. Although you have to use the forest tile for the extra evasion. Claudes Gambit is your best friend here.
  6. It will prevent doubles as long you were the one that initiated the fight and have atleast 4 AS more than the enemy. Which usually happens considering 6 points in speed is equal to 6 points in AS.
  7. I just beated chapter 13 on GD. Now I have sort of prepared myself for this chapter since I mainly use GD students but when I got here I didn't have that much of a issue. Can't say how I would fare if I went into this unprepared or if more importantly my students being under leveled. I found the couple of first turns be the most tricky because of the nature of RNG till the rest of the students arrived. Like fuck off when the enemy repeated hits especially with gambits that have hit-rates between 30-40s while My Byleth miss most of his 80. I also now know why people consider Claude personal Battalion be the strongest. 1-3 range and have huge AoE. It definitely saved Byleth from being overwhelmed. Now I'm interested how it will be when I'll tackle this map again in AZ and SS.
  8. It's planned for December release. Who knows we might be lucky and getting it earlier and if we do I think it would be later half of November.
  9. I read that Hilda and Cyril Paralouge are the only pre-timeskip paralouge that can carry over to after the timeskip, is this true? Also what are the full rewards for completing it and somehow saving all the green units? I mainly just want to have Hildas Hero Relic. edit: nvm I managed to complete it by saving all of them and you get Extra Large Bullion and Hexlock Shield by saving them. Boy this was a hard paralouge.
  10. All DLC items will be available again as soon you have access to your own room in the monastery.
  11. Very inconsistent. He was somewhat useful in the beginning as semi-tank and was blessed in strength so he hit like a truck. However, because of his atrocious speed and his strength became more average by the mid-game he fell off real hard and fast. He simply couldn't keep up. I just finally managed to make promote him to Grappler and with that 8 or 9 points in speed and and several in res tells me how RNG screwed he was. It is a real shame I really want to keep using him especially as a War Master but that speed is really holding him back. Also his average defense haven't winning him any favours either. Currently 15 in defense, beating only my Byleth while most of my frontliners have 17+. At least he will be an awesome defense adjutant but I dunno if I should keep leveling him up now that he have reached level 20 considering chapter 13. He will be under leveled for sure but I hope by that point he won't be dead weight. At least my Ignatz was by far my least liked and weakest unit since he was sooo weak early game, doing single digit damage most of the time and was designated rally bot. However, his performance have come around, finally. He can do more reliable chip damage especially against axe user as a semi-dodge tank as an thief/assassin.
  12. Currently doing the mission of chapter 9 on GD and honestly it has been fun. Probably more so compared to when I played CF on Hard. Toughest was the beginning for sure but ever since I got the units to intermediate classes it been a good challenge which I enjoy. Only got two paralouge left (Catherine and Hilda) which I'm saving for chapter 10 most likely and I'm now curious how hard the infamous chapter 13 will be. Finally managed to Raphael and Ignatz to their advance classes.
  13. I think the main reason they did it is for thematic and story reason, not for gameplay. In one way it's a bold move and I like it, but at the same time it is extremely frustrating.
  14. Problem is with the current magic system the class check if you are allowed use magic or not what school of magic it is. While a white mage falcon knight is awesome but because of the game mechanic you will be able to use reason magic. Either way my biggest wish-list like many have already said that involves magic flier of some kind and a class where I can utilize Eldelgard Reason magic as her unique class. Oh Halberdiers would be awesome as well.
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