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  1. Well, I can answer it. It's rather simple. You first click the events (The blue box on the top bar) in order to select and alter units. You then click right click on the unit and click on "Edit Event". In the list of event commands should be a comment that should be like this: 1|Team. Right click on the comment and click "Edit". Then you change 1|Team into 3|Team. Press okay, then click on apply. Save your changes, and the unit should now be an NPC unit. For more information, I would recommend that you check you Klokinator's Ultimate FEXP Guide, which can be found below. If you have further questions about how to edit units, I would recommend looking at page 17 of the guide. I hope that this was helpful to you.
  2. If that is the case, then first make sure that the tutorial events are fully disabled for the chapter. Tutorial events can get remove commands from the menu, so it could be that. If not that, try to make sure that the Map object has the seize flag, uses event # 1 (Dummy event), and is of the type f (seize). And if that does not work, make sure that seize is the only objective, so make sure that you delete the chapter end event in the Always Conditional Events if you haven't already. Finally, if all of this does not work, then make sure that the unit that seizes the gate not is not only unit id #3, but that the class of said unit also has the the "Lord Unit" ability, which is found in ability slot #2. If you want to change what unit can seize, then go into patches, and find the patch "MODE SELECT Hero who can seize the Lyn Editing". This will allow you to change the ID of the unit that is allowed to seize in Lyn mode. I hope this helps.
  3. You did make sure that the space that the seize map event is on is a throne tile, right? If not, I am pretty sure that there is a patch in FEBuilder that allows for units to seize on any tile.
  4. I think that the problem is that Axe_006 and Axe_007 are not the correct size, which confuses the fe_repo_to_lex, but I am not certain. Make sure that you are using the most up to date animations from Klok's Animation Repo. For convenience sake, I have formatted the Journeyman animation for you to the best of my ability. I hope that it helps. Journeyman.zip
  5. 1. To make a weapon infinite use, replace the first value in the name of the weapon in the weapon database to -1. For example, an Iron Sword with infinite uses would be Iron Sword|-1|1. 2. To change the hit rate of a weapon, go to the weapon database, and change the DEX+ box to the desired hit rate. 3. When making the sprite sheet for the animation, there should be one separate sprite sheet for every weapon type. For example, a Paladin with swords, lances, and axes would require four sheets: one for the paladin sword animation, one for the paladin lance animation, one for the ax animation, and one for the dodge frames. Note the attack animations go into the Animations folder, and dodge frames into the Battlers folder. If you are referring to if you have to separate each animation in the animations database for attacks, hit, return, and critical animations, then yes, you have to separate it. 4. To change growth rates for characters, go to MaxSP. Each level of MaxSP refers to a specific growth. It goes: Level 1 - HP Growth Level 2 - STR Growth Level 3 – SKL Growth Level 4 – SPD Growth Level 5 – LUK Growth Level 6 – DEF Growth Level 7 – RES Growth Level 8 - Gender/Alternate battle sheets Level 9 - Affinity (0 = Thunder 1 = Dark, 2 = Anima, 3 = Earth, 4 = Fire, 5 = Water, 6 = Ice, 7 = Light, 8 = Wind, and 9 = None.) To change their starter stats, go the the Parameters for the character in the Actor database, and change the values in the boxes: Max HP = Base Hit Points MAx SP - See Above STR = Base Power (STR or MAG) DEX = Base Skill AGI - Base Speed INT = Base Luck Remember when changing the values, you must multiply the desired value by 10. For example, if you wanted to give a character a 50% HP growth, you would need to change the MAX HP value to 500. Then go to Starting Equipment, and change Shield, Helmet, and Body to change the characters base constitution, defense, and resistance. 5. Yes, the sprites have to be a PNG. 6. To give each character their own music, first go into Fire Emblem General, and go to line 1888, which should be right under the function play_battle_theme. Type in: def get_battle_theme(id) return @battle_themes[id] if @battle_themes.keys.include?(id) return BATTLE_THEMES[id] if BATTLE_THEMES.keys.include?(id) return '' end After you type in these lines, go to Unit Info and type underneath the Death Quotes section: BATTLE_THEMES = { 6 => 'Title of Music' } The 6 in this case refers to actor 6, which is the unit that gets the boss music. Note that you can indeed give anyone their own theme. If you have any other questions or wish for further explanation on a particular question, then feel free to ask.
  6. The reason why when someone speaks, the face is broken, is due to two reasons. First of all, all mouth and eye frames must be 16 x 16 pixels each. If they are not 16 x 16 pixels each, FEXP will assume the empty space as blank, which can create blank spaces near where the mouth frames are. Secondly, you need to use Cedar Nyx's FEXP Mug Formatter to get the correct coordinates for the face sprites. All you have to do is click and drag the mouth and eye frames in the top picture to the proper place, and copy the Code. If you are having difficulty dragging it into the proper place, remember there is a zoom button. You then go into the FEXP Scripts in the Face Sprite Data section, and paste said code into the FACE_OFFSETS section of the Face Sprite Data Section. To help you out, I not only fixed the face sprite sheets for you, but also got you the nesassary codes for both of the face sprites. So you would paste the following into the FACE_OFFSETS section. Assume the red headed fellow's sprite sheet is named Eliwood and the guy in monochrome's sprite sheet is named Ephriam: 'Eliwood' => [[23, 27], [23, 43], [-10, 13], 0], 'Ephriam' => [[24, 30], [15, 45], [-112, 60], 0], After that, in the Face Sprite Data, you must also copy and paste the following code into the EMOTION_LIST section of the Face Sprite Data: 'Eliwood' => 2, 'Ephriam' => 3, In case you want to know what the number for each actually means, the number refers to how many different face sprites each sheet has. For example, Eliwood has two different faces, so the value at the end would be 2. If you try and insert any portrait without these two pieces of information in, they the face will look weird and messed up. If you need more information about how this process works, I would recommend looking at Klokinator's Ultimate FEXP Guide. You can find it in the resource section in Fan Projects in Serenes Forest, in the topic labelled FEXP ULTIMATE GUIDE. If you have any further question, feel free to ask.
  7. Spacecat


    1. I honestly do not know how to have boss convos, but I know that it is indeed possible. 2. The preperation screen in FEXP has the nessassary assets already, but is nonfunctional to my understanding. 3. To explain how reinforcement events work, lets look at TestMap Battle in an unedited version of FEXP. This map has one reinforcement event in which a squad of Pegasus Knights comes in on the end of turn 12 and ends on turn 14. This is done through the use of two separate events. The first event (event ID:024 for TestMap Battle) is the data of the unit that will be deployed during the reinforcement event. You set up this unit as any other, but in the unit's name type "Unit Data". This will tell FEXP that this unit is only data for other events to use, and not an actual unit that will be fielded at the start of the battle. You will be referencing this unit data as the unit to be fielded for the reinforcement. The other event is the event that handles the actual reinforcement. It should be event ID:025 for TestMap Battle. Go to tab 2. The first line should say "Conditional Branch: Script: $game_map.turn >=12" This determines what turn the reinforcement will occur. For example, if you wanted to have the reinforcement happen right after the first turn, you would change the 12 to a 0. The next three lines handle the movement of a player unit if they are in the way of the reinforcement. To change where the player will be moved to, go to the 2nd line, and change the values in the parenthesis to the desired values. (By the way, the first value is the X coordinate on the map while the second is the Y coordinate) You can delete these three lines of code if you want player units to be able to block enemy reinforcement spawn points. The next lines are the most important. They look something like this: $game_map.add_unit_from_event( 24, 1, -1, 5) id = $game_map.last_added_event event = $game_map.events[id] event.evented_move_close_to(0, 5) This is the code that actually places the unit on the map. The first two lines spawn the unit onto the map. What matter to us though, are the numbers in the parenthesis. The first value is the event ID for the unit to be reinforced. It is important that this unit is Unit Data and not a normal unit, because if said unit is killed during play before or during the event, then the game will crash. Do not change the second value, unless you want the game to crash. The third and forth values determine the coordinates where the unit will be spawned. In the example, the unit will spawn 6 units down from the top and 1 unit to the left. Leave the next two lines unedited. The final line determines where the unit will move to from their spawn point. To determine where the unit will move to, change the two numbers in the parenthesis to the desired x and y map coordinates. Remember that these coordinates must be valid coordinates on the map, and cannot be negative.In the case of the Pegasus Knight unit, it will move from its spawn point (-1,5) to the point (0, 5) You can just set these values to be equal if you want the unit to just appear, but to get the effect of the unit moving from outside the screen to the map, look at the Pegasus Knight for an example. The unit moves from the left side of the screen to the map. This is done by setting the x coordinate to a negative one and then placing the unit at a positive coordinate. This gives the effect of the unit moving from the side of the screen to the map itself. To have more than one unit appear during reinforcement, simply copy theses lines as many times as needed and edit each one just as you did with the first one. Just make sure that the end coordinates do not equal each other, unless you want to have a crash. Do not edit the next two lines. The next conditional branch determines how many turns the event will happen. In this case, the reinforcements will end after turn 14. To change this, simply edit the number in the conditional to the turn you wish the reinforcement event to end. The next two lines are both control switches that is used by the scripts to end the actual reinforcement event, and the last line in the conditional branch tells the event to move to tab 3, where the event is deleted. Do not edit these. Hopefully this should be of some use, and if you have any more questions, do not be afraid to ask.
  8. Spacecat


    1. In regards to death quotes, make sure that they are formatted correctly. They should look like this: DEATH_QUOTES = { 6 => # Laverton '\f[1|Laverton]\s[1]I died? But how? I am Invincible!', } 2. To add boss music, first go into Fire Emblem General, and go to line 1888, which should be right under the function play_battle_theme. Type in: def get_battle_theme(id) return @battle_themes[id] if @battle_themes.keys.include?(id) return BATTLE_THEMES[id] if BATTLE_THEMES.keys.include?(id) return '' end After you type in these lines, go to Unit Info and type underneath the Death Quotes section: BATTLE_THEMES = { 6 => 'Title of Music' } - The 6 in this case refers to actor 6, which is the unit that gets the boss music. Note that you can indeed give anyone their own theme, not just bosses! I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions, do not be afraid to ask.
  9. Spacecat


    To change the weapon icon, go into the Database/Weapons, and find Nosferatu. Then you should find on the page PDEF. This select which weapon icon will be used for the item. The first item is icon is PDEF 0, and to get an item down the list, simply increase the number below PDEF.
  10. Spacecat


    I downloaded and looked through your game, and found answers to both of your questions. 1. Klokinator's ultimate tutorial is actually incorrect on what level you have to change in the MP tab. It is level 8 you have to change to either 0 for male, 1 for female, not level 9 as the tutorial states. 2. You not only have to set Hector's weapon level in Unit Info, but also have to give a max weapon level for axes for generals as a class in the Max Weapon Levels tab in the Configuration section of the script editor. I hope this helped. If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask.
  11. In regards to inserting the Weiss animation, it is important to note that FEXP only allows for three frame dodge animations. The animation also needs a dodge without any weapons if you want to insert the animation into FEXP, unless you want the repeat the same dodge frames for unarmed.
  12. No. RMXP scripts are incompatible with RMVXAce scripts. You are indeed required to to use RMXP to use FEXP.
  13. Eclipse also got its weight dropped from 12 to 10. And of course it's uses has been increased to 10.
  14. The best ROM hack in my opinion is Midinight Sun. I would recommend playing it.
  15. Is it okay to submit mugs that are formatted for FEXP? Or do they have to be in GBA format?
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