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  1. There may be other places, but one that I know of is from Leo and Elise's support conversations. During it they mention how they both have different mothers and Elise is scared her siblings will start fighting just like their mothers did.
  2. I noticed people have been talking about the high-heels. Well the in-universe example is a bit silly, it's actually not that out of place. In the real world, high-heels were invented around the 10th century and were originally worn to help horse riders stay in the stirrups, especially during combat. They eventually became a symbol of power and were even fashionable for men to wear during the early 1700's. Over time, women began wearing them and eventually high-heels became viewed as feminine, leading to the fashion of today. Just your fun trivia of the day. :)
  3. I always ended Morgan as a Grandmaster, regardless of parentage and gender. Just because it feels right to me.
  4. Poor Lucina... Heh, I remember the last time you did this! :D So now that we've all had a chance to play it, let's see... 1. How much of the game were you able to complete? 2. What character was the most surprising addition to the cast? 3. Were there any supports you felt they missed? I was really hoping for Chrom/Cordelia as well as Camilla/Minerva supports. Maybe even Lucina/Linde talking about losing their fathers... 4. Favorite costume? 5. A more serious question: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is coming later this month; how much of an improvement do you think it will be over the Wii U version? I own the Wii U version and managed to complete the main Adventure map but gave up partway through the DLC ones as it felt like I needed to level grind which really took the fun out of it... And you don't have to enter me in the contest, for not only do I have the game but I've beaten the entire History mode including DLC.
  5. Like most, I was first introduced to the series through Smash Bros., but I had little interest in it at the time (especially since I heard it was difficult series and had permadeath, which scared off younger me, lol). Years later, during the time when the then-upcoming Smash 4 characters were gradually announced, I was awestruck by one particular trailer featuring a certain blue-haired princess and a magic user I've never even heard of. Did some quick googling to learn about the characters and left it at that, but the spark of interest was there. Months later Smash 4 came out and I loved the two additions (Robin in particular became my second main after Zelda). Sometime after I bought my first 3DS with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. While I love the game, I beat it within a week, which sitting on a bus two hours a day commuting to and from college, that didn't bold well for me. After a second playthrough and some research into Fire Emblem, I went to GameStop and bought Awakening. I knew I was hooked by the very first chapter! I seriously played it daily until Fates came out (which I also loved). Since then I bought all the 3DS releases (beaten them all) and managed to get my hands on physical copies of the Tellius games (still need to beat), as well as the spin-offs TMS and Warriors. I find it hilariously ironic that the first time I ever saw the guy who would one day be my favorite Fire Emblem character, he was face down in the dirt! Poor Chrom... XD
  6. First time that happened to me was with Chrom and Marth. I was support grinding with them, and since Chrom's my all-time favorite, I had him be the vanguard while Marth is in pair-up. I switched only a few time to see what they had to say during the Dual Specials, but somehow Marth was the MVP! I know another time I was mostly playing as Azura and assumed that she'll be the MVP, when lo and behold it ended up being Celica, who I haven't touched during the whole map! Guess she did a swell job of defending the base. I do know that experience does get leaked to the support character during pair-ups (which is probably a great way to level up drastically underleveled characters). I think the MVP is calculated on the relative experience they gained while on the map (I initially assumed it was KOs, which doesn't appear to be the case), as I notice Marth seems to get it easily probably thanks to his Paragon. However I CAN confirm that characters at max level can still be the MVP; I actually went out of my way to test this with Chrom when he reached level 99 before the cap expanded.
  7. Hmm, I don't remember having difficulty on that arena. Probably because I primarily use Chrom and Robin during arena matches (although I switch out Robin for Azura after the DLC release), and Robin is usually carrying a tome with Wingslayer on it. However I do remember being on the OTHER end of Takumi's bow: I was doing the In The White Light on the Fates history mode map, playing as Camilla and trying to take out all the enemies in my base except Ryoma (thus why Camilla, because of weapons triangle disadvantage; probably not the best planning). I think I was trying to get Anna to show up while keeping the base from falling. I was wary of Takumi, but he got a hit in and killed Camilla in one shot! My reaction was pretty much "wow, the bows are no joke!" and I restarted the map. One of my favorite moments was how proud I was when I S-Ranked my first Anna map, Invisible Ties. Chrom, my best unit, had just reached level 80, with the other used characters being somewhere in the 60-70's range. The first time I did that map I got an A simply because I took almost half-an-hour. After a few runs, I memorized where the targets spawn and came up with an elaborate plan: I had Chrom paired with Robin, Lucina with Cordelia, with Lissa and Lianna back in the base in case it needed defending or the ally Chrom needed healing. What I did was while I was playing as one pair-up team, I would command the other to head to the next target so I can switch between them and get all the targets back-to-back. It was nerve-wracking but extremely fun! That S-Rank was a moment of "think smarter, not harder" and of true Fire Emblem strategy. :)
  8. Ok, I got something that I'm not sure is going on... For Christmas, my sister gave me a Chrom amiibo (she knows me well!), and of course what do you do with it? Scan it in Warriors and get Chrom's Training Sword! But here's the kicker: all the sites sources and YouTube videos I found of it says it has a might of 40, which I'm not questioning. However mine, for some unexplainable reason, has a might of 125. At first I thought maybe it had to do with level correlation, since I scanned mine with a file where I've beaten Story on all difficulties (including Lunatic). So I started a new game, beat chapter 2, scanned the amiibo, and guess what? It's still 125!!! The only thing I can come up with is that they upped the weapon might during an update, but I honestly don't know. I can't say if it's the same with Tiki's Tear since I don't have a Tiki amiibo. This was also my first time using the sword. Good gods, Chrom is fast with it! And the DLC units? Usable from the start of the game! >:D Azura ended up being the MVP on two of the levels, and she along with the retainers appear to be usable on both sides of the chapter split. You unlock the all the DLC History maps (including Hero Challenge) upon completing chapter 5. I've decided to stop documenting all the requirement on the History mode maps until all the DLC is out, because I don't want to keep starting a new game for each wave, and I want to have fun with the challenges the first time around on my main file. However I did noticed that the Archer on the Hero Challenge map said you needed to beat Chapter 13 first. So on a hunch, I went to yet another file (where I was recording weapon drops and currently at chapter 16), did the Archer challenge and got the Fates princes to arrive afterwards. So turns out you just need to defeat the Archer to have Ryoma and Xander arrive, not any two outer corners.
  9. Is that what it was? I'm sorry then. One of the downsides of the internet, I suppose... But yes, when I first tried it, I thought of being clever and tried to take the Samurai out before he reached Oboro, but that ended up preventing Anna from showing up. The second time I was the samurai had almost reached Oboro before I defeated her (not my intention), but Anna to showed up. It was a rather close call! So overall I would say the in game hint is correct but missing the specifics.
  10. Alright, I'll admit you upset me earlier, because I was trying to be helpful and it felt I was just brushed off. I just know there were times the Samurai was on his way before I even REACHED Oboro, and the guide makes it sound like you must be this impossibly fast, high-leveled character in order to even have a prayer of getting the memento. I didn't want that sort of misinformation to spread.
  11. I was putting the level numbering into my personal spreadsheet, and I noticed that there isn't a Targeted Elimination 2 listed on the site. You might want to fix that asap! Edit: There are also TWO Fort Defense 6, the one in Noble Lady of Caelin should be 8 (which already has a page). Apparently that messed up the number on the following pages as well... Oh, and remember that Anna's second memento on Chapter 7? I found a YouTube video showing the messenger already on his way before Oboro is defeated, just like how I got it. Care to explain how the game's description is inaccurate?
  12. You get to choose Level, Carnage, Skills, Maps, and Items each individually. How the game basically does it is that it presents the option then asks if you want to "import" it or not. Items and money are treated as one option. Stage Ranks (had to look it up myself) falls under Skills. I actually just found a New Game+ speedrun video with the player going through the options at the beginning if you want to see for yourself:
  13. I'll admit it's been a while since I've played the game myself, but I have started a New Game Plus some time ago. Still need to finish it. So I just pulled up the game with (luckily!) a file waiting for me to start a New Game Plus. It first asked what you want the difficulty to be (with Lunatic now available, I believe?). It will then ask which of the following data you want to transfer over and which to reset: Level, Carnage (weapon making), Skills, Maps (for Idolspheres), and Money and Items. You will keep, as the game tells me: Play records and rewards, items available in the shops, costumes, artwork, analysis information, and Urahara Arena titles. You also get to unlock a few more costumes (Itsuki's Marth), a movie gallery, and there is a super powerful Medeus waiting in the arena. And I mean REALLY powerful!! There's also a few more challenging Mirages scattered throughout the Idolspheres if I recall. Fun note: when I did it, I kept the characters' skills but resetted their levels. It ended up making them these powerful EP eaters that required me to stop by the vending machines often. XD I was reaching the point where it wasn't such a problem anymore last I played however.
  14. To your own units when they ask to give them a present on their own birthdays (like Jakob a few days ago), not to other players. Ugh, it seems I created a post full of misunderstandings... orz EDIT: Anyway I checked all my saves on my Fates cartidage (my default Revelation, my male Corrin Revelation, my Birthright, my Conquest, and even my brother's file that he hasn't touched in nearly a year) and no Dark Crown or Hoshido Crown in sight. But I am nearing 9999 visit points! :D Don't know if it's related, but excited regardless.
  15. No, I meant that I GIVE everyone Tiki's crown on their birthday (that I got from Marth amiibo). Sorry for the misunderstanding. orz
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