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  1. That's such a cute lizard.

  2. I looked around at prices, but I don't know what they're actually selling at, you know? I'm not up to date on old game value at all so I was hoping someone here might have a better idea.
  3. Initially with the battle approaching, Kimiko, Elliot, and Valter had been hard pressed to figure out whether the rest of the group had arrived, and if so where they were. The small group's search had been fruitless up until Elliot decided to fly off on his own and spotted the wagon several streets down by the docks. That stunt earned him a scolding from Kimiko, abruptly cut off by the sound of canonfire. By the time the three rounded the last corner, Valter and Kimiko on horseback with Elliot flying behind, the dragoons had reached land and were making a right mess of the docks. Phyllis sped down a clear path straight towards the rear of the wagon. Elliot picked up speed and landed in the back as they neared it. --- Well everything was going straight to shit now, wasn't it? Perfect. What better time to sneak on a ship than in the middle of chaos? Especially if one wasn't above running straight up the loading ramp like your life depended on it. Which is what Kamal did. It didn't matter which one, as long as that group with the Rexians was on it.
  4. Nah, I didn't mean romantic tension as much as chemistry. There was no romantic tension, but there was definitely foundation for a potential something floating around ("He said Bucky and it was like I was a 16 year old kid in Brooklyn again", ect.) Basically what's going on is, if Bucky was a chick in the same comrade in arms/best friends/loyal to the last drop position, them becoming a thing would not surprise anyone. That happens all the time with male/female best buds.
  5. Why does being bi not fit Captain America? What does that change about his characterization or personality that clashes so much?
  6. No, they weren't asking for him specifically to be gay. The trending tag on twitter that the news decided to report on was #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend. He can have a boyfriend and still be into women, it's called being Bi. And I did see the first Cap movie which is why the entire time I have been saying Bi.
  7. I... what? You do know bisexuality exists, right? Being interested in women in the past doesn't mean a person can't also be interested in men. WRT the Captain America thing... have you seen Civil War. There is so much going on between Steve and Bucky even the actors talk about it. Also Cap being a Nazi has nothing to do with this, and is something idiotic decided by the people writing the new comic.
  8. I mean, you could totally avoid embarrassment for both parties by not assuming their gender if you can't tell and using neutral pronouns/ not calling them man or woman until you know. That's always an option.
  9. You don't ask if they're male or female. You ask what pronouns they use. "What prounons do you go by/prefer?" is way less awkward than asking what their sex is. Also note that the vast majority of people you'd be asking that question to are younger, so way, way less likely to be offended by it.
  10. Well in real life you could just ask. In the case you can't ask, you just use neutral pronouns or their name until you figure out otherwise. In a video game it literally doesn't matter.
  11. Just don't assume you know their gender until it's made obvious, bam problem solved. Treat them like strangers on the internet. Mistaking physical appearances in a video game doesn't say anything bad about you as a person. If it's possible to, it's best to just switch to the correct pronouns and move on.
  12. I see that about a year ago, the bird said we miss you. It's still true! Hi, roy. We miss you.

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