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  1. I see, thanks for the info! It also allows you to access the eshop, right? I remember I once needed to access it and it only let me after I updated...so, here's a bit of a difficult question: suppose I'm able to patch Birthright and it works great; if I update the 3ds after playing it patched (in order to buy other games), does that mean I won't be able to use the patch again?
  2. Yes, you're right. I'll be extra careful from now on :) I've got a question though. What do updates to the 3ds usually do? Allow you to buy DLC or...?
  3. I think so. I'm in your same situation :( updated firmware and game bought from the eshop.
  4. I had no idea that you were also translating Great Ace Attorney. That's great news! Anyway, I don't know what I'll do yet. I'll just stick to the english version for now. Hopefully, a solution will come up for the downloaded version and if it doesn't it's ok too. I just had a bit of bad luck :P
  5. I don't mind paying a bit more for the japanese 3ds. I'm learning japanese and could actually buy other games that haven't been localized like Dai Gyakuten Saiban. Besides, even if I buy Birthright again, I don't know if it'll work with my 10.6 update, and I don't have the other things others were mentioning (something about Ocarina of Time, I think) to be able to use the patch with a different method.
  6. But will it work with my 3ds updated to 10.6? I don't want to buy the same game if I'm not sure it'll work with that update.
  7. Aww, that's such sad news...well, I guess I'll have to buy a japanese 3ds when I save some money. Thanks for the reply!
  8. Hello! First of all thank you so much to the team doing this!! It's great to know that japanese voices and amie will be available with this patch. Now, on to the questions...Sorry if I'm being annoying, I don't have the slightest clue about coding and, well, haha. Here's my situation: I have an old 3ds and recently bought a new 32 gb sd card because my other 2 were already full with other games. I bought Fire Emblem Fates Birthright on nintendo eshop and it's the only game I currently have on this 32gb sd card. Also, I accidentally upgraded my 3ds to 10.6...With all this info, is it hopeless for me to use the patch? Is there any way I can still use it? Or should I swallow my tears and buy a japanese 3ds? Any help is appreciated. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks!!
  9. I guess that's true. When people follow the original version closely, they tend to get disappointed when there are too many changes. True that. Not telling isn't always a good selling strategy. Btw, I also heard the ruckus of the petting game started with a tumblr post, not sure though. But I think the petting game issue was resolved pretty well, the animated scenes are still there and the relationship is improved too.
  10. This is just a guess but maybe it's because many more people were looking forward to the game (with there being new fans and all). And the fact that the game isn't cheap (and most are probably buying the three paths to enjoy the whole story) might had fueled their outcry.
  11. That's just my opinion, you don't have to agree with it. But it's a fact that many people complained about not knowing these stuff beforehand. This isn't about who's right or who's wrong. It's about debating. Also, there are overreactions from both sides. I've seen comments like "f*ck NoA" but I've also seen comments like "you're a f*cking weeb".
  12. That's not cool either. I can understand getting angry at NOA as a first reaction when you just receive the news (because they don't know the actual reason yet). But yeah, not good to put the blame on them. They should at least inform themselves of what might have happened. What I would tell NOA, though, is that these changes should be shared beforehand and not less than a month before release.
  13. I second this. Also, I get that the problem lies within licensing. But what's the problem of people being disappointed with the game not having dual audio? It's true that some complain about every little thing but not everyone's like that. Besides, in this case, the info came out not even a month before release. And there's nothing wrong with liking japanese dub over english dub, it's a matter of preference (I always prefer to play the game with the original voices). So calling people a 'weeb' because of this is not very nice.
  14. This is so disappointing, I'm not even from North America (my native language is spanish) and am a HUGE fan of japanese voice actors so not being given the option to choose the language of the audio sucks. Just as some of you guys said, it's disrespectful to be learning of these stuff not even a month before the game releases. And the game is not getting any cheaper for these changes. If I had known this beforehand, I would have considered getting the japanese version.
  15. Aghhhh, no dual audio??? That's awful news, I was really looking forward to Yuki Kaji's voice acting since he's my favorite voice actor from Japan...I hope they release it later as DLC or something. Can't believe this is because of a single song. Is it wrong to hope that maybe only the special edition game didn't have dual audio but the individual copies will? Haaaah, well, at least I like Takumi's english voice so there's something...
  16. Whew, I'm glad I still have time. Just saw this today. I'll be participating with a story. I want to write something :).
  17. Woah, I can't believe it sold out so quickly. I'm from Latin America but I'll be travelling to Miami in February (around the 16th). There are no chances that Amazon will restock the Special Edition that close to the release, right...? I really wanted the artbook, what a shame...
  18. Thanks!! ♡ Yes!! It's awesome that he's getting so many fans. All he had to put through and how he evolves makes him really likeable; specially how he is so hard on himself but slowly overcomes this ^^. It's really cool when you have a character you can relate to, in my opinion. Takumi feels more human being more 'imperfect' than other characters and his constant effort to keep trying is quite admirable. Also, yes please!! Show your Takumi drawing when you finish it *^* I'd love to see it :D Thane, do so many people really hate Kamui? D:
  19. I made a Takumi drawing and thought about sharing it here ^w^ (still need to shade him though): Takumi drawing!
  20. Anyone knows if there's a DLC map in Fates where you can talk with certain spouses like in Awakening (in Summer Scramble with Chrom, Gaius, Cordelia & Tharja and in Hot Spring Scramble with Owain, Inigo, Lucina & Severa)?
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