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  1. I was just stating my opinion. You don't have to agree with everything I say. I certainly know that Fire Emblem is and RPG; if I wanted to play a game with dating elements I would play an otome game. And YES, to tell you the truth, it certainly does seem that you are hating on those who do enjoy those aspects of the game. And as regards Fire Emblem Awakening, yes it WAS almost the last game in the series HAD IT NOT sold as well as it did. This interview proves my point: http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/3ds/fire-emblem-fates/0/3 I have nothing else to say on the matter.
  2. *wipes drool* Yes, me too oh my god. I'm going to try drawing him with his hair down, hehe.
  3. Oh yes please do!! I'm going to try drawing him myself, hehe. True, some of his features can be a bit confusing. Though I think the dlc suggests he's slim and he even says in one of his audios (I think it was one of his my room audios) that he isn't very muscular.
  4. Is Takumi's hair really silver? I see it as a very light brown...
  5. Don't worry Thor Odinson, the game was released less than a month ago so I'm sure more Ryoma art will appear :) One of my best friends, for instance, loved Ryoma and she draws awesome art so maybe she'll draw him sometime. As regards Takumi's bow, yeah it's definitely awesome and Kisaragi's supports with Takumi suggest that it's quite difficult to use it. So the fact that Takumi can makes him even more awesome ♡
  6. Great, just great <3 I can't wait to play the game and use him.
  7. Hahaha xD Awesome!! So is the rumor about "CritKumi" true? I heard he gets lots of critical hits!! That's super cool!!!
  8. Haha yeah!! I check pixiv everyday to see if there is more fanart of him (specially of TakuKamu). I also hope he can be one of the most popular characters eventually in the popularity polls, it'd be awesome. Takumi's not only a great character because of his personality and role in the story but also because of his radness as an archer *___* he's mega strong. It's definitely surprising how it all changed from pre-release to post-release. I remember many were really hooked with Leon at first but now I see many people captivated by Takumi and Marx.
  9. Yes, this makes me so happy!! And the fanart of Kamui and Takumi as a pairing (aka TakuKamu) is really good <3
  10. You don't know how happy it makes me to know someone has the same opinion as me and is also planning to marry him. I'm honestly tired of hearing that marriage with the Hoshido siblings is incest cause' it's not. And if they are uncomfortable they can always marry another character.
  11. I checked on the pastebin compilation but it seems they haven't been translated yet >__< Well, as regards the marriage stuff and all that, people will always have different opinions. Everyone won't always agree with everything. But I think feedback and reviews are good ways to voice your opinions on games so that the game developers can see them and analyze the possibilities for the next one to be even better.
  12. Aah, I understand. Yeah, it would be better with some supports for the characters to become lovers and not marry right away. But I suppose (this is just speculation) the game writers were inclined towards marriage because there's a war and they want the characters to be close to each other with the strongest bond possible in case something were to happen and they didn't survive. This is just my interpretation but who knows, it could also mean they didn't think about it xD. But yup, lovers would be cool too :D.
  13. I agree that some supports may seem rushed but, in my opinion, as MajorMajora said, I think you'd need an A+ support before the S one so that it's less forced and there's more development (And if it's still forced then the problem lies within the writing cause' there are many good supports with the same amount of lenght and they aren't forced). Same sex relationships were just introduced in this game. We have to take into account that gay marriage is not legal yet in Japan. I'm optimistic to think they may add some more options in later games. As regards children, I agree that in this case it seemed a bit forced but they might have added it because it was popular in Awakening. I'm ok with them, though. Lots of the children characters are quite endearing to me, hehe. Also, from what I've read, it seems the creator wanted to focus more on the story in Fates. Make the player actually choose and for those choices to affect the story (not like in Awakening where you had little choices and they didn't really affect the story). He said his goal was to make people cry with this game, if I'm not mistaken.
  14. I don't understand why some fans hate the marriage option so much...In Awakening it was one of the most popular features and it brought many new fans. If there hadn't been that many fans, Fire Emblem Fates wouldn't even exist. You know, because Awakening was suppossed to be the last game of the series. I understand that some supports aren't very good but there's no perfect game, right? The story is quite good, in my opinion, the characters have great design, the gameplay is very entertaining and you have a combo of 3 games to boot! Game developers always try to improve their games based on feedback from the ones who played them.
  15. Me too ;A; I hope someone posts the opposite gender yelling at you when you enter the bath as well... Sadly, the only hot spring footage I've spoted from livestreams is the one from Himynameismaurice with Kamui and Leon. I really want to see the ones with Takumi, Nishiki and Flannel...
  16. Hoho, I know right? I'm really happy about the hot spring option. Hope they don't tone it down too much in the localization... As regards Matoi/Grey supports, it seems they haven't been translated yet. I'm waiting for Hisame/F!Kamui supports myself *__* Now that I think about it...Kamui is missing very few romantic supports to be translated, wow!!! *0* Seriously, to all the translators, thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3
  17. I don't know if anyone shared this already but here are the "bath lines" (aka onsen/hot spring), translated by Leoppi, from all the characters when they are married to Kamui: http://pastebin.com/uxXA4uYU Does anyone know if the lines from when they AREN'T married to Kamui are translated too? I also want to see some onsen videos ;A; haven't found any yet...
  18. How does the onsen/hot spring work? Do you randomly meet characters or...? Are there any compilations of the characters dialogues available?
  19. How many voices do F!Kamui and M!Kamui have? I don't understand what the voice customization options stand for in the videos I've seen :c Also, if somebody has an audio with all of them would you mind sharing it? I'd love to hear them clearly ;w;
  20. She can but only C-A supports. The only characters who can be married to same sex Kamui are Zero (if Kamui is male) and Shara (if Kamui is female). And of course, Zero and Shara can also support with opposite sex Kamui.
  21. Lazwald/Kazahana was cute but Lazwald/Orochi is definitely a winner for me!! I think I'll be pairing them on the 3rd path *___*
  22. Thanks so much, this is really helpful!!! Hmm I see, so in the third route the characters can support with others from their own kingdom and then 2 from the other kingdom (uuhh, I was curious about Charlotte/Takumi and Leon/Oboro but I guess it'll be impossible).
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