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  1. Yes, your art is really lovely!!! I especially love how you draw Takumi <3 I think you made me love Takumi even more ayyy And oh my gosh thank you so so much for the summary!!! I couldn't find it anywhere and was dying to know what it said ;w;
  2. Thanks so much for all of these!! Aah, are there any voice clips for Kamui customization? I'd love to listen the different possible voices we can choose *^*
  3. Thanks as always Fletch!! I've seen your drawings from your tumblr and they are all so beautiful!! <3 Aah, Fletch I wanted to ask something if you don't mind :'D May I request a summary for the marriage description that appears after the s support with Kamui? The one with the pictures of 2 lovers and then the baby one...I'm really curious to know what it says and can't find it anywhere :c
  4. Hope I'm not a bother but I asked this in 2 threads already and no one answered me... Hope I have better luck here ;w; I just wanted to know what the marriage description says after Kamui reaches s support with a character. It doesn't have to be a complete translation, a summary is perfectly ok. I've attached two pictures in case you don't know which description I mean: [spoiler=marriage description pictures]
  5. Haven't seen Takumi skinship videos. Anyone knows if there is one apart from the one from Pigeon Senpai?
  6. This is awesome, thanks!! I've used it a lot xD Does anyone know were to hear the different possibilities for Kamui's voice? It'd be awesome if there was an audio with all of them together ;w;
  7. Everyone, today is Nishiki's birthday!! July 12th <3
  8. Please, anyone knows if the marriage description that comes after s supports has been translated? I really want to know what it says :c
  9. I was wondering...does anyone know if the "marriage description" that appears after every S support with Kamui is already translated? I mean the one with these pictures:
  10. OH. MY. GOD!!! Thanks for translating this, it certainly is one of the best supports in the game!!
  11. Hisame would look awesome in many hair colors (red, blue and green would look awesome in my opinion) *__* I'll pair Hinata with Kazahana in at least one file cause' I really loved their supports. Don't worry, it was still super funny xDD Also, I hope the spiders go away ;A; I hate cockroaches aaghhh
  12. Yay, more Hisame!! Thanks Fletch!! Oh my god, this was so hilarious!! Hisame's laugh cracked me up xDDDD "Hahahahahaquickly!!" I CAN'T EVEN, I'M DYING xDDD Anyway, this support was very cute and funny. I'll definitely pair them up in one of my save files when I get the game ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́) yay!!
  13. Don't stay up too late and get a good night's sleep!! Or I'll call Tsubaki and tell him to put you to bed :P I'm sure it'll make you feel better to rest <3
  14. Thank you so much, Fletch!! I also read Foleo/Syalla, hehe. Gosh, I love Syalla so much!!! She's one of my favorite characters <3 What a pity that you're having an off day :c I hope you feel better soon, Fletch!! *sends a virtual hug*
  15. THIS a thousand times. Thank you so much dear translators!!!
  16. Of course!!! I'm gonna use it as well, hehe xD - - - By the way, I noticed that Kamui's speech changes a bit depending on the voice you choose for him/her (for instance, F!Kamui can say "desu", "masu", "desu wa", or something like that). Anyone knows were I can hear all the possible voices? Cause' the character customizations I've seen pass them too quickly...
  17. It's so cute!!! Thank you, Fletch!! :D Poor Felicia, I love her but from the supports I've read from her this is the only one I liked, sadly ;__; I also read Nishiki/Sakura and it's so adorable *-* I'll pair them up in a file where I'm not marrying Nishiki. Fletch, if you don't mind, may I request one more support for your to-do list? I wanted to see Hisame/F!Kamui uwu.
  18. Oh my gosh that was so cute!!! Thanks for the translation :D I think I'm going to pair them in one of my save files when I get the game in 2016 *-*
  19. Aaaah I'm sure it'll be adorable!!! The supports between fathers and their children in this game are really sweet <3 - - - Aah, by the way, does anyone know if Charlotte/Cyrus support is translated? It came to my mind, hehe. I love both characters so I'm curious how their support would turn like.
  20. How about Hisame? I've seen only his support with Kisaragi ;-; Is he hard to translate?
  21. Has anyone seen the skinship videos with english subtitles that Pigeon Senpai posted on youtube? They are SO GOOD. The only problem I have with them is that some characters move a bit too much, in my opinion. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1GrSKB5lTUaQILsRGsf8Q/videos
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