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  1. I second this!! Thank you so much for all these supports you translated and shared, Fletch!! :D <3
  2. Thank you so much Fletch!!! It was adorable <3 <3 <3
  3. Would any translator here take Tsukuyomi/F!Kamui? I'm really curious about it and nobody seems to be doing it, pretty please!! Tsukuyomi's and Hisame's supports with F!Kamui are the only ones missing from the ones I really want to know about :c
  4. Thanks! I hope his supports with F!Kamui are translated soon... [spoiler=Tsukuyomi's S Support]I read on tumblr that his S support is super sweet!! He apparently gives Kamui a love letter with an adorable spell <3
  5. I hope I'm not being a bother...are there no Tsukuyomi/F!Kamui supports yet? Or more Tsukuyomi supports with other characters other than Nishiki, Oboro and Shara? It seems he's not very popular :c
  6. I was wondering...haven't seen any supports of Shara with her mother. Are there any translations of this yet?
  7. Hey everyone! Anyone knows if there are any new supports for Tsukuyomi and Nishiki?
  8. Thanks!! :D - - - Aah, also, are there any more Hisame supports besides the one with Kisaragi?
  9. Anyone knows if Oboro/Takumi supports are translated?
  10. Oh my gosh, you have a point!! Yes, yes, I can totally see this!! - - - Aaaah, but I think both Nohrian and Hoshidan characters are super interesting. Getting both games will be totally worth it. What I still can't decide is which one I should play first...
  11. Thank you so much for all these translations Fletch! :D Sperio, yes, Felicia/Leon supports are here: http://feifsupports.tumblr.com/tagged/leon :D
  12. Hello! Welcome :D Wow you'll be translating some supports? That's awesome!! Thanks :D Then, if you don't mind, may I request Tsukuyomi/F!Kamui? I still haven't seen their support and am really curious, hehe...
  13. Gosh, I love Kisaragi so much. His support with Midoriko was super cute!! And Fletch was also really kind to translate Kisaragi/F!Kamui, which I requested. Here it is: http://pastebin.com/sSGevN3L. I don't care what anyone thinks, in one of my playthroughs I'll totally marry Kisaragi aaaaahhhhh!! (#゚ロ゚#)
  14. Not yet, sadly :( I want to read it too... >__<
  15. Anyone knows if Tsukuyomi/F!Kamui's support has been translated yet? I've only seen Tsukuyomi's with Nishiki and Shara.
  16. Thank you so much for this! This support was really cute <3 Mitama's haikus are so beautiful...!
  17. Thanks for the link! I was really curious about Hisame.
  18. I agree! - - - By the way, is anyone translating F!Kamui/Kisaragi supports? I'm sorry if I'm insistent, I have so many Kisaragi feels right now ;w; Also, any Hisame supports? I haven't seen any from him, so far.
  19. Maybe dating would make the relationships less rushed but being a fact that they are at war I think the marriage is to make the characters have a deeper connection in the sense that they'll always be together. It'd certainly be interesting to see them dating but if that was added it would need a lot of supports in my opinion; thus, it'd take too long for the s-support between the characters to be achieved and use it to one's advantage in battles.
  20. Really? I didn't know, that's awesome! I'm glad she's getting love now :)
  21. Yes! Their support is fantastic and it was great to see Saizou teasing her <3 I don't get why Charlotte gets so much hate, I read all of her translated supports so far and I think she's a hella rad character!
  22. Glad your problem is fixed :D - - - By the way, I read Kisaragi's and Kinu's support. It's so great!! I loved it <3 It was awesome to see Kisaragi can also be serious sometimes. Gosh, I think Kisaragi's my favorite second gen character so far. I love how the supports show that he's innocent but NOT stupid. Also, his positivity and cheerfulness are so charming! Seriously, I love Kisaragi.
  23. Really? That's strange...Did you try logging out and logging in? Maybe that could fix your problem! :)
  24. Thanks! :D I know right? The S supports are good but since they only get to build the relationship through C-A it comes out as rushed. In many cases it feels like this to me: Another character: I discovered I'm in love with you after you did this for me! But you must be really surprised and don't share the same feelings I have for you... Kamui: Oh no, I love you as well because otherwise we would need another S-support and there is no such thing! xD Haha, I still love many supports despite the rushness. F!Kamui/Flannel was really cute! I loved how he wagged his tail xD I also loved F!Kamui's romantic supports with Nishiki, Leon, Hinata and Joker. And I agree, all the family supports are super heart-warming <3 Aaaaah, Kisaragi's and Shinonome's support is so adorable!!! BEST COUSINS EVER.
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