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  1. Awesome, thanks! Yes, I love them too <3 Oh, that's a pity. But no worries! They'll be translated eventually :D
  2. Today is Kisaragi's birthday! Any more supports translated for this cutie? I'm really curious about the ones with F!Kamui both as a romantic interest and as a mother.
  3. Yes, I also think people are blowing this way out of proportion. It might be a bit uncomfortable to read but I don't think the writers were planning to make as if Kamui was actually drugging Soleil; just help her feel more at ease with girls so that she didn't faint. So I assume Soleil must have fallen in love with him because he helped her with her problem, or something like that (I do think it's a bit unfair that she can't marry any of the girls though). Anyway, like Ghost Fart said, most S-supports are usually rushed so you shouldn't let the supports ruin the game for you since the game is so much more than just marrying the characters (but I admit I love the fact that we can marry them, hehe xD). And, besides, there are around 73 playable characters so every single support isn't going to be fantastic. Oh my gosh Lazward's and Mozume's support is so good! Unless there is any better for them I'll make them marry each other <3 Lazward is certainly having awesome supports! Is there any one between him and Odin? :D
  4. Yay, thank you for the link! :D Oh my gosh, it's wonderful <3
  5. I second this! <3 I haven't seen any from him or Hisame :(
  6. The lenght is no problem! I read somewhere that there were around 73 playable characters in Fire Emblem Fates so it's no surprise for it to be long, hehe. Thank you very much :D!
  7. Thanks! And yes, please, I want it too! *-* thank you! <3
  8. Are there any more translated romantic supports of F!Kamui with the second generation characters? I've only seen Foleo's and Shara's >__< I especially want to see her supports with Hisame and Kisaragi *^*
  9. Everyone, I have a warning for those of you who want to avoid story spoilers : If you are usually on youtube and don't want any story spoilers I suggest you avoid this website 'cause even if you search for non-related fe fates videos, some story cutscenes may appear; and even if you don't watch them the titles already spoil you in some cases (that's what happened to me). Beware of youtube story spoilers!
  10. Are there no F!Kamui and Tsukuyomi translations yet? I'm so curious about their support, hehe :P. I want to decide who I'm going to marry based on the supports ('cause I don't want to spoil myself with the story). Though I'll get both games so I have to decide from both sides.
  11. I know, right?! :D - - - Oh my gosh!!!! Takumi's and Kisaragi's support is SO GOOD. I think this may be one of my favorite Father/Son supports, so far. KISARAGI'S SUCH A SWEETHEART! <3
  12. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be translated eventually :D Thank you very much for the link!!! <3 Kamui's reaction to Hinata's confession is soooo cuuuuute *-*
  13. Does anyone know if Femui's romantic supports with Tsukuyomi, Hinata, Kisaragi and Hisame have been translated? I'm also looking for Femui's supports with Kinu and Velour as their mother ;w;
  14. Hi everyone!! I'm Karin, it's very nice to meet you all :) I've loved playing video games since I was small, especially Nintendo games. But now I'm playing playstation titles as well, hehe. As regards the Fire Emblem series, I only ever played Awakening but I really loved it and became a big fan!! Also, I'm super excited for Fire Emblem Fates!!! :D
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