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  1. When getting the best ranking in FE4, isn't there some type of special thing that appears? I keep thinking there's some type of picture or something that shows up and the end of the game. If there is can someone show me what it is?
  2. I just read the part where Julius pretty much tells Alvis to shut up and go defend Chalpy. It was super well done.
  3. I'm finally getting around to playing this new patch. I'm so used to the names from the original that I read them as such. I do wish some of the dialogue from the original translation stayed the same though. Some of this new stuff sounds too "Nintendo of America". Still, it will be nice to see the ending credits haha.
  4. Sorry for the double post on my part but yes this is something I can fully support and is a great idea. The idea is so simple but makes so much sense. With that being said maybe they could have different castle taking over objectives for the main game too instead of just having your lord claim the castle. Once again sorry for the double post.
  5. If a FE4 remake was ever done I personally wouldn't want it to change too much. However, with that being said I wouldn't mind a few improvements in addition to what has been said above. 1. Something like weather conditions could be fun. FE7 did this and I thought it was a nice touch. 2. Make me care. I'm talking about the two brothers in chapter 6 and Hannibal. The two brothers aren't very good and ultimately I don't care who I have. I made a FE4 hack where one had elite and the other bargain. Something like this would allow the player to have to make a choice. As for Hannibal I always got the impression he was like a total badass general but he's not all that great as a unit and is kind of a hassle to get. In that same hack I did I made sure he was worth it. I made him a baron and gave him all the sword skills (sol, luna, abd astra). Now maybe they don't need to go to that extreme but something to make him stand out would be cool. 3. Don't nerf skills. Like don't make astra only do half damage for every hit. In FE4 it did full. 4. Personal skills like fates had would be ok. 5. Diedre should do more and have more of a chance to be played. Like maybe a side chapter or something? 7. Maybe Fin in generation 2 can have an additional skill. I mean it has been many years and I'm sure he continued to train. In my hack I was talking about I have him the life skill for gen 2 in addition to his others he had before. 8. Maybe enemies can have more skill options. 9. Please don't make certain pairings canon like FE5 did. For instance I never use Beowulf and I ways kept him in the castle and therefore can't be anyone's father. With that being said he can't be Delmunds dad. Maybe just nitpicking on my part but I thought some of the charm of FE4 was the different combination of pairings. Really I just hope that if this game was remade they wouldn't mess with it too much. I thought Echoes did a good job with keeping it fresh but not stepping on the toes of the original.
  6. You'll have to forgive me for my lack of knowledge on the subject. I know I have FE4 Nightmare modules (it has several item, class, and character editors) and the file I used was an smc (I'm not sure if that means anything or not). I was mostly curious if I could make the changes I made to my old FE4 to this newly translated one
  7. Sorry if this has been asked but does this work with nightmare?
  8. Messed up how? I much rather play with the old names but I would love a patch that had the ending and whatnot translated.
  9. I thought I'd give this new translation a try (I've been avoiding it because I like the original names more than the official names) but I just have some questions. 1. What does it mean by a clean rom? I have the old fe4 rom but I hard patched it with the original English translation. Do I need another? 2. Have all the non-translated areas been translated?
  10. I would be ok if characters had major holy blood but I liked how you didn't get all the holy weapons. I felt it gave some personality to the enemies. With that being said I really wouldn't want them to change anything. I like giant maps, op skills like Astra(Shooting Star) doing full damage and not half, having to have Pursuit, Charge or Continue to hit more than once, individual money, etc. I don't want this to be like any of FE game (not that it's a bad thing but just not FE4). But I do think there is room for improvement. I think weather conditions could be fun. Maybe small missions where you have units go inside the castles. I think some of the new skills in the newer games could help improve it. I think some characters should get new skills. Once again the game should stay roughly the same but I would welcome new additions to it. Most of all I think the guy below should still be the same portrait the whole game haha
  11. I'd be fine with FE4 and 5 art. I'm not much of a fan of the new art. It's not bad by any means but just not what I imagine FE to be. Also, I think the Black Knight looked cool.
  12. Some of the new names are so different than what I'm used to. I still call the characters by the names I'm used to.
  13. I totally forgot about the "In America" haha. Yeah it was odd but I laughed.
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