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  1. I guess the definition of modern is kinda loose. I do agree that wo4, sw 5 and dw 9 kinda lack compared to the games that came berore them though. Especially the entries that occured literally right before them
  2. I still think DW 8, 8: Empires, SW 4, 4: Empires, Spirits of Sanada and WO3U are good modern musou games. And also didn't most people actually like SW 5 from a gameplay perspective?
  3. I honestly sometimes forget hero is even in 3H sometimes. It's so much less notable or worth it over other endgame classes and I think gender locking it when 13-14 heavily featured female heroes also hurt its popularity
  4. I actually like playing as Agitha. she's not nearly as bad or hard to use as people make her out to be. At least for me. I'm probably one of the few people who use her outside the missions shes forced
  5. I actually kinda liked that Hyrule Warriors incentivized you to use the whole roster. It made me appreciate every character on the roster for what made them unique and also made me feel closer to them0 outside the context of hw. Hell I played links awakening just because I really liked how Marin played. I know its not for everyone but I like using all the characters the game has to offer Another example would be the older Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games. In Samurai Warriors 2 for example, every character has a 5 part story mode, a gaiden chapter and 2 weapons that can be unlocked after beating their story mode which means you have to play each character a minimum of 8 times for 100% completion. Some people may find that annoying but... I like it. Lets you familiarize yourself with every character and their gimmicks
  6. I just had a theory but what if Cyril, Hanneman, Alois and Gilbert are kinda like the bonus characters from Samurai Warriors 5? In that they're playable but lack actual unique traits so are essentially just playable generics with unique designs? That could explain why they lack code for tacitcal abilities?
  7. Probably not gonna happen but I really hope some patch update removes the gender lock and adds master tier equivalent to other class movesets. At first it was cool that they derived moveset inspiration from 3H class system but now it just seems really needlessly limiting
  8. My main concern is just that there seem to be a couple movesets that dont have a master tier equivalent which would leave them in the dust
  9. Why do we think the advanced classes will be objectively weaker? Would it not be like 3H where a good portion are perfectly fine end game classes on their own?
  10. It's really telling how low the standards are when I was actually surprised to see them give the duscurian npcs the right skin tone in their portraits
  11. Alois, Hanneman and Cyril don't deserve to be left out just because they're less popular 😞 Cyril especially gets a lot of uneeded hate imo. He doesn't bring up Rhea nearly as much as people think he does. People did the same thing with Leonie idolizing Jeralt where they made it out to be her entire personality when she actually has a lot of really charming supports and I can bet they're going to do the same thing for Monica and Edelgard
  12. I don't know if its just me seeing things but after watching the Azure Gleam trailer again, I noticed that Felix has very different attack animations then that of the mercenary class. We can assume he's a swordmaster in this trailer so my guess is that swordmaster will actually have a seperate moveset from mercenary and that the mercenary upgrade will instead be hero
  13. I'm having a blast with Manuela's! it's really good for crowd control and it looks really pretty too. I'm glad they went through the effort of giving the non-student characters fun little gimmicks as well
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