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  1. Hey sorry if I'm posting on a dead thread but I was wondering did any of you ever find a solution to this problem? I'm having the same issue right now
  2. I like his Japanese voice, it's cute, like him. and I like simple characters too, I think they're charming!
  3. They're all S rank in my heart. idk why so many people dislike Ignatz... he's just a sweet boy with a bad haircut who likes art, that's adorable.
  4. I don't really have anything to base this on but I kinda feel like Rhea could be this games gotoh! Like she could join in one of the last few chapters of the war phase as like the tier 4 version of the priest and bishop class with like really good spells and base stats
  5. I'm going Blue Lions! I'll probably get whoever the gay/bi male option is (cause all the boys in blue lions seem to be straight) and then Marianne. If I have room I'd like to get Bernadetta and then maybe one more boy? Either Caspar, Lindhart or Raphael? I'm kinda leaning towards Raphael cause I don't wanna spit up Caspar and Lindhart
  6. I'm planning an apotheosis run and just wanted to ask what are the best final classes and skill sets for these Children? Lon'qu!Brady!Female Morgan who's father has +def asset and -luck flaw (I'm using the gay hack) Sumia!Lucina Ricken!Owain Donnel!Kjelle Gregor!Laurent Chrom!Cynthia Lon'qu!Brady Kellam!Yarne Stahl!Severa Vaike!Nah Gaius!Noire Libra!Inigo Frederick!Gerome. I'm playing on lunatic diffuculty if that helps. Also all of the pairing has been done (except Avatar X Brady) so it's too late to change any of them
  7. Conquest: I heard that this game can be really difficult at times. Especially chapter 10. I've played Awakening, all 3 GBA games, PoR and Gaiden and am in the middle of RD and Genealogy. I'm not that confident in my FE skills as I struggle even in PoR hard (which I heard was supposed to be easy). Could I get some advice as to what Difficulty I should play, units I should pick etc. Please?
  8. I'm nearing the end of my PoR playthrough (I'm at chapter 28) and I love it and am very excited to start my RD playthrough. So before I do that could I ask for some help before I play it? I heard that unit balance is very bad in this game and that it's harder than most Fire Emblem games. Which units should I consider using? Is there anything I should know before I jump in? How hard is this game compared to others?
  9. Damn...that sucks. Still though, with the power of bias, Bexp and healing every minor scratch I see on the battlefield I won't give up on mist!
  10. Sorry, no can do. I have a magic bias.I mean I understand where you're coming from but I just really like mist and tormod and can't bring myself to bench them
  11. So I finally started my PoR playthrough and am on chapter 11 and have acquired my first skill scroll, counter (I missed the chance to get miracle in chapter 7 because I didn't know thieves didn't drop scrolls) When do I get my next scrolls and who should I give them too? Right now I'm using; Ike (duh), Titania, Oscar, Boyd, Rhys, Soren, Illyana, Mist and Marica and plan to make room for Kieran and Nephenee. Later I also plan to make some room for Jill, Astrid, Tormad and Haar. Which scrolls should I give to which units?
  12. I'm playing PoR on my laptop and was wondering how to create save states. I don't want to restart an entire chapter every time someone dies (why is everyone except for Titania and gatrie made out of glass -_-) I tried doing the shift + f1 things but everytime I do my files just open up.
  13. In conquest what is the average number of units you can bring with you on a chapter? I want to plan my team early in advance.
  14. I thought people forget this thread existed xD I'm finally getting my charger back on Friday, so before than I just wanted to ask how to improve these units: Illyana: I like her design and think she's kinda cute but heard she's inferior to Soren in every way. Elincia: I think her design is very majestic and like what I saw of her personality but heard she's also kinda bad. Janaff: once again really like the design and personality but I heard mixed things in terms of gameplay. Mist: I think she's absolutely adorable but being a late joining, underleved, staff-locked unit with swords as her main offence with a base STR of 1 and STR growth of 35% kinda rubs me the wrong way. I'm particularly worried about her. Tormad: heard he's kinda weak but good with some Bexp. I'm least worried about him.
  15. On the conquest route do you gain exp on the DLC maps? There are some re-classing items I'd like to get but I'm paranoid I might break the game.
  16. Probably 99% of the nohrian males (yes, even Gunther). I'm definitely gonna marry Niles on my first playthrough as a male. I also plan to make a female avatar just so I can marry Benny, Marx and Keaton. I don't like the hoshidan men as much but Kaden, Ryoma and Shinonome stand out to me.
  17. Because transforming units can promote now (i.e kitsune -> nine-tail) does that mean they cap their levels at 20 like everybody else or can they still make it to 30?
  18. that's all right. It's not really anyone's fault it just kinda happened lol. Besides it's interesting to see different takes on a unit.
  19. I have no idea how this topic turned into a Rolf vs Astrid thread XD Anyway thanks for the suggestions everyone! I have a follow up question while I'm at it. How good are the magic units in this game? I heard that Soren is good, Tormad is decent with some BeXP and I've heard mixed things about Ilyana.
  20. I finally got the dolphin emulator working on my laptop after a lot of frustration and would like to find out which units are the best? I like to plan my team early in advance. I heard a lot of good things about Ike, Haar and Titania so far.
  21. Oh I see. Just asking, what is the formula for children's growths and bases?
  22. So I heard from a lot of people that children are very underwhelming compared to awakening. Why is that? The formulas all look unchanged and some of the children actually seem to be very decent units (from what I've seen in the wiki at least).
  23. What would be a good skill set for Gregor!Laurent? From his parents he inherited dual support+ and axefaire.
  24. unfortunetly Frederick isn't fathering anyone and stahl is taken by inigo. Are there any first gen units that would be good for her like her parents or chrom?
  25. Thanks for the help you two :)I also wanted to who to pair Vaike!Severa with? The rest of the children I've already married off or are planned to marry someone else.
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