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  1. I think I'm starting to get how the base stats work. Are there Any recommended classes for the pairings I suggested I was thinking of changing owain to a Mage due to his mothers and fathers high magic mods
  2. But the whole point of this playthrough is to NOT grind.So say if Frederick's strength stat is 15 but it is subtracted by 11 would that add 4 strength to Cynthia's base stats
  3. I've read that the children's base stats are determined by the parents base level and how far they grew from it. So say I married off a level 18 sumia to a level 3 Frederick, as you can see sumia grew drastically since I first recruited her but Frederick meh not so much, how would Cynthia's base stats turn out
  4. Can I fix it by reclassing to a more magic based class like a Mage or priest?
  5. I see, I also have a question regarding my avatar. You see I made his asset magic and flaw luck... But for some reason he only has mag stat of 14 but a strength stat of 19. Does his luck flaw contradict with his magic, can I reclass him to fix this?
  6. I generally prefer Henry to be brady's father because he passes down the dark Mage line and in my past playthroughs sorcerer Brady was almost always the most powerful unit only behind Morgan and Nah. Hell, in one playthroughs I married Henry!Brady and Morgan ended up with a 62 mag cap in the sage class. I heard stahl!Gerome is decent should I try that?
  7. Alright, these are the pairings I'm using Chrom x Olivia MMU x Nowi Maribelle x Henry Sully x Donnel Sumia x Frederick Cordelia x Lon'qu Panne x Gregor Tharja x Gaius Cherche x Vaike and Lissa x Ricken Are they any good? If so should I change the children's class lines or just leave them as they are
  8. Maribelle and lissa are at level 10 and I have a second seal lying around should I reclass one of them to the Pegasus knight line or should I just wait for a better time? Also is there anyway to grind supports outside story chapters WITHOUT levelling them up? Seeds of trust are very rare.
  9. I've managed to make room for cordelia, how are her growths I heard she has a higher strength and defence growth and that would be really helpful
  10. Thank you I also have a question regarding cordelia. Should I use her, sumia has: Str:17 Mag:6 skill:18 spd: 18+2 lck: 13 def:11 res:13 at level 13 Whil cordelia has Str:10 mag:3 skill:14 spd: 12+2 lck:9 def:8 res:9 at level 8 Thanks again in advance
  11. I'm doing a hard classic no grind playthrough and wanted to ask are children worth the effort? If they are could you recommend some pairings please. Thank you.(also miriel died and I forgot to reset so no Laurent.)
  12. I'm one of the boring players who ship for eugenics. I sacrificed donnel to tharja just so that noire could get galeforce. I'm my defence the children look like interesting characters with great designs and I just want them to be at least half usable
  13. Am I the only one who thinks most of them look constipated or am I just weird
  14. Yeah it's one of my favourite franchises, when I found out they released Lucas as DLC I immediately bought him XD
  15. So I'm new to the site and franchise I've played blazing sword, sacred stones and awakening but that's about it
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