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  1. I thiiink this is the last round of clears I was backed up on~ @Some Jerk - Jealous of some of the fodder on your W!Mirabilis. Would love to make mine that tanky~ I was wondering how your dancers would attack such an aggressive map. Looks like being more aggressive in return was the clear answer. Especially that Astra from Lolizura to kill F!Byleth. But your Larum was the scariest thing on this map. Or maybe the most brutal. Clearly Mirabilis had more enemies terrified to attack her for one reason or another. @MagicCanonBalls - That is a very interesting Arthur, don't get to see him too often. I wasn't expecting him to actually tank L!F!Byleth, really impressive! Yuri was clearly the MVP as one of the most annoying cheating units but the AOE build does get points for uniqueness. @BoaFerox - I'm guessing the cursed 69 Orbs is what possessed you to make Galeforce Arden. Truly the biggest terror in this game. Even that horrifying Palla does not compare to this Arden.
  2. @BoaFerox - All is forgiven because Est is just one of the cutest Fairies out there. I need more feathers so I can +10 her. Great work with the clear, too. Odd Tempest was perfect here. I was gonna ask if she had Even Tempest just in case, but that probably doesn't matter for one-turns anyway~ @System Error - Nice clear with the Taguels and guests. Funnily enough, I usually marry Gaius to Nowi~ Fortunately, they didn't have to fight each other in your clear.
  3. Not sure how I missed these two Altina clears, sorry about that! @GuiltyLove - Echoes Whitewings and Zeke. E!Catria ignoring the weapon triangle is even more terrifying when she's getting a few double attack. Zeke is such a tanky beast, I knew it was only going to get worse for the enemies when I saw Mystic Boost slowly healing him back up. Though he hardly needed it with all those 0X2s. @SatsumaFSoysoy - That was a great fight from the Celicas ft. Faye. F!Celica is clearly able to hold her own in the age of B!Celica's busted refine. Speaking of, the fact that B!Celica could tank Altina was unexpected, though from your Celica, I probably should have known she could do it. And Faye of course played her part, as well, but probably not enough to win Alm over. Nice work! @Some Jerk - Very brave way of tackling this map. I had no idea what you were going for on that second turn but it worked out in your favor from there until the end. That takes a lot of guts to even attempt, great work with the risky plays here!
  4. Relying to some clears I somehow never did~ @GuiltyLove - Nice work with all that Flyer maneuvering around you were able to do. Can't ever go wrong with Lynja but the other units were no less potent even if they're less broken. Hinoka was quite impressive, despite being one of the older units in the team. Galeforce Catria! I think you can make any build work on her. This was a total team effort, great making use of those doubles and Desperation to avoid too many tough battles. @SatsumaFSoysoy - 9 damage to 70 damage on the final hit was crazy. Also I totally expected Reginn to 1-round Eitri. She is so annoying but if anyone can chip her down, it's Reginn. A!Laegjarn is a lot stronger than I thought considering I don't see her too often, but it makes sense for an Ascended alt to be busted. Loved the Heroes theme team. @Diovani Bressan - Laevatein is a deplorable monster. The only real answer to the cheating skills. @NSSKG151 - Look at all those ninja weapons, looked like fun. I imagine NY!Anna has hers, too but Spendthrift is always good for tanking. She was awesome being able to get rid of both bosses with ease. And Phina with the Astra nuke was great, too!
  5. Realized that I forgot to comment on some old clears, so I'll be doing that now~ @GuiltyLove - Nice Ninja Shamir! She's pretty popular for a merge project. Always like seeing your Lena, too. @BoaFerox - Congrats on your +10 Tsubasa for a full Blue Ponytailed Flyer team. That was a perfect map for them since they could safely position pretty much wherever they wanted and not have to worry about terrain.
  6. Best girl VS the original best girl and best girl's daughter @GuiltyLove - Nice work! We had a similar strategy on the first turn. That was really impressive of Catria to tank the Bonfire from Nah~ @Diovani Bressan - Very brave letting the Marths tank the specials so they could get into WOM range and get the job done. Poor L!Marth not getting to play, though. He was probably proud of his other selves.
  7. @GuiltyLove - What an awesome Nino. She really surprised me being able to tank that whole first phase, let alone get the solo clear. Even cooler since she's not even Resplendent. @BoaFerox - Nice work! I love the Odd Tempest on Baby Tana making her not even need to warp in. And kudos to OG!Tana with the 1HP survival.
  8. @MagicCanonBalls - Nice clear and that's a cool Sedgar. I totally forgot we had a Forma Shannan. I must not have gotten anything good on mine if I didn't pick him up. @Sasori - Well you can't lose with best son on your side. And obviously not with your Ultra Raigh. Pelleas has such good art, I'd build him if I knew more about him, but I never played Tellius. @GuiltyLove - I really try not to use Ninjorrin as much as I can, especially for simple GHBs/BHBs, but it was just quicker dealing with a Save Armor to throw her in and then just get her out afterwards so the Elises didn't get too cluttered with enemies. @Diovani Bressan - Very cool to see V!Alm warp halfway across the map not once, but twice. I see L!Lucina will be the new unit you abuse for these, which I can't fault with how nice her Prf is for her allies. @BoaFerox - I've got 2 more better boon Arturs, no need to worry~ L!Eirika will probably see some more spotlight in your one turns, I imagine, with how good her PRF is for it. You've got a good squad of Canto abusers for these. Oooh, Rennac, I feel like he'll be a rare sight so pretty cool that he got to join the gang to destroy Riev. Watersweep in itself is also pretty rare. Nicely orchestrated clear but I will have to remove points for Eirika forgetting her Fairy outfit at home.
  9. @NSSKG151 - Black Luna is still devastating even in 2022. Looked like an easy clear for your Micaiahs, as well. @SatsumaFSoysoy - L!Celica has NFU so unfortunately she would have killed L!Micaiah on the counterattack~ Fortunately, HS!Micaiah was there to eat through her damage with TA. Nice work with Mia, she's a great unit to have on a map like this with lots of ranged units that could counterattack her without having to worry about actual dying from the damage. Sanaki is a unit I like using often, but it's unfortunate her refine was so early that it isn't all that great. Not that it holds her back in this clear. @MagicCanonBalls - Cool Nailah, her refine has a lot of effects I didn't really realize it had. Made her dominate this map pretty heavily. @BoaFerox - Great job on the one turn! NY!Lyre is really fun, she shined here even at pretty low investment~ Fortunately Tellius has good units for Galeforcing and Dancing.
  10. I was going to say I wasn't the first person to probably have this idea~ Well, I guess I'll say I don't expect to be the only one~ Surprisingly didn't need anything except TA on HS!Micaiah. This is one of the few LHBs where I beat Abyssal in one go, as it played out exactly the same as Infernal. @GuiltyLove - Nuking Celica as soon as you were able to is one way to avoid dealing with that annoying Miracle. I figured we'd see your Ultra Ashnard, too. I rarely see Yune these days so it was nice to see her there, hoping she gets a nice refine soon.
  11. Finally, a GHB with reinforcements. And the one time I actually notice a Save Skill @GuiltyLove - Nice clear with a quirky team~ I always appreciate seeing H!Nowi. Your Nino and Shamir also did a lot of work here, too. Of course, Catria's performance was expected as usual.
  12. Somehow forgot to post yesterday~ @GuiltyLove - No real issues for your team. I thought it was funny to see Shinon do 0X2 against Nowi since I'm so used to him being extremely annoying in Arena. @Diovani Bressan - Gatrie having a Save Skill is news to me. I should probably look at the Skills more often. Very F2P BTW Marth, almost like you were flexing with the low tier Skills you ran~ @Sasori - That was a massive Glacies from Kurthnaga. I like his art, I want to try to get a copy of him whenever he reruns~ Though Nils was the big MVP here with the clutch 1 HP live.
  13. Not my favorite clear, way too much overuse of the cheating unit. Though, looking at some of my older clears, I also overuse certain non-Elises. This is one I will definitely try to redo when it comes back. Hardest thing was really just getting rid of F!Byelth herself, so F to a couple Combat Manuals that needed to sacrifice themselves. @Diovani Bressan - Nice one turn! Eitri is a great choice to start this off with her damage reduction while the rest of the team had no problems following up. @GuiltyLove - Nice first clear! B!Micaiah's one of the better choices when it comes to needing to take a hit from F!Byleth. Looks like the Whitewings were able to get it done. Having as much Galeforce as you can get is actually a great thing on maps like this. How are you feeling about Resplendent Est coming up soon? I think I'll be +10ing her, I only used her for Rokkr Sieges up until now and I think she deserves a full build. @SatsumaFSoysoy - Good work, B!Celica is still a menace and so are her busted teammates with their broken weapons and warping shenanigans. It was nice to see NY! Plumeria get a kill in there. @Sasori - Gatekeeper is a great babysitter keeping the boys safe from F!Byleth. It must have hurt him to have to get the kill on his Professor buddy, though. I think Chad was super impressive here with how well he was able to tank. Lugh's Ruse support is often overlooked and handy to have. I was thinking I'd need a Ruse myself but ended up not having to worry about it in the end.
  14. Adobe Premier gave me more issues than this map did~ It did cost me a M!Byleth from the Codes but I was planning on feeding him to Palla anyway. And yeah, I used the cheating unit, I honestly valued her warping over the doubles. @NSSKG151 - Nice on that finisher. Your Valentian team is far from weak now with all these good units. Hope you can get that last Palla merge! @Diovani Bressan - Ayye, it's your Lukas. There was no chance Altina was getting past him. He also gets a pretty good player phase with Catria's help. @BoaFerox - Impressive getting the one-turn done and only taking two units to do it! Palla's really is good for making those easier and it's nice to see another Lukas.
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