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  1. No one is arguing she doesn't look way younger. I'm just saying, there's a difference between an actual young Lucina and an art style that makes her look younger
  2. The art is gr8, sorry not sorry This is not "Baby Lucina", this is normal Lucina in a different outfit. The art style just makes her look young. Not comparable to The Start of it All Banner~
  3. 1. DC, Atrocity, Panic Smoke, and Spd/Res Solo is probably his most optimal non-Galeforce build. 2. He's a busted unit so you should keep at least one copy of him~ 3. Anima or Dark on your AR Def team (build an IP team if you don't have one already). Bonus: Arena Assault. I wouldn't waste AR Blessings on units that you will never use in the mode~
  4. Didn't mention it but my last ticket for the 3H Revival was another +HP Lys...why are they like this to my IP team units? Also got a free pull +Atk H!Nowi, so that was awesome~ Still a long ways away from +10 but it was good to get a merge after having to skip last year
  5. This whole month seems like BAIT. Well, I have a Say'ri chilling in the back, so hopefully that Repel Banner doesn't tempt me~ But Close Foil could be a problem. New Heroes is likely Elibe so should be an easy skip if it is~ For now, not expecting to have to Summon~
  6. Her Summer art was awful but this one I think takes the cake~ It just looks awful IMO~
  7. It's kinda crazy how the art for Laev gets worse with every alt. We free pull on Blue tho~
  8. Ended up with T26 because Defense was super lacking this week. But Xane was hella fun. I will miss the 82 HP meta
  9. SHOW ME THE ELISE REFINE, COWARDS Or the New Heroes, I guess
  10. That's why you gotta have both Inherited on~ IDK what they'll do with the refine~ Do we think they'll keep the Staff as Gravity+ and just give it another effect? I'll refine it, regardless, but I hope it's as good as Palm Staff. I don't expect it, but I imagine they'll have to make it worth using over the other inheritable Staves
  11. @GuiltyLove - I don’t think Staves are effected by Deflect Magic~ I believe it’s just Tomes. A Whitewing-esque clear with our Leader Myrrh, as always. Being able to warp around is really good to get around all the walls on this map. Est tanking that Red Mage was pretty scary. Nice setting up for the final kill on Dimitri, too. @NSSKG151 - Interesting way to start off the map by getting rid of all the actual threats and leaving the Armors to sit there. Jill is certainly the offensive presence needed to kill Dimitri. Looked pretty easy considering how good at tanking the Annas are, they never really seemed like they were in any real danger. Good work!
  12. This one was surprisingly not that hard~ Did need some Skill Inheritance, though~ Screw that Guard Axe Armor with Svalinn Shield BTW~
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