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  1. @Unknown Gamer11 - The music is VS Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I have it linked in the Description of the video~ S!Elise did get V!Alfonse’s Tome but I held off on P!Tharja’s. It’s good but a bit too situational to be spending Orbs on. Alfonse being a 4* Focus was more lenient. Nice work with your Ewan! He’s really enjoying his own Valentine’s Tome, I see. Very impressive work! @Diovani Bressan - Good choice with Petrine and the Slaying Hammer on V!Alm. Much easier to get rid of Sigurd by attacking his Res.
  2. Late posting, was a bit busy to leave all my comments yesterday. A bit of tinkering needed but relatively easy one~ I actually had to remove Odd Recovery so I could bypass Sigurd's buffs with HS!Elise. @Some Jerk - Looks like I will have to continue vicariously living through your Silvia since I couldn’t get a single Zihark in over 100 Orbs on the DSH Banner. Very impressed with Eldigan just tanking Sigurd immediately. Azura has also been enjoying a lot more of an offensive role lately. Loving that Lull on her. That Repel abuse at the end was insanely hilarious. @Alexmender - Tsubasa makes this a breeze with how many Horses were on the map, including nuking Sigurd himself so quickly. Those Galeforces made this way too easy. The Altina clear was amusing to say the least, though Dominance does help reduce the need for broken Skills. Nice! @BoaFerox - Triple Tana! Baby Tana makes those movement Shenanigans much easier to pull off, very nice! Hope we’ll be seeing more of her!~ @GuiltyLove - Impressive how easily Sigurd went down. Your OG!Catria is such a powerhouse. Heavy Blade 4 is awesome on her. V!Catria also impresses as usual with her nuking potential. @NSSKG151 - Nice one turn clear with the Annas! They are incredibly resilient, I didn’t think it would be so smooth! Nice job! @Sasori - A new smol boy has joined the battle. Lyon’s a great addition to complete our smol boy weapon triangle. Plus they have great coverage. I was honestly scared with how backed up they got on Turn 5, but after that, well Chad clearly had it all under control.
  3. Dedue is a god, nothing more to say. Missed a couple of these last time, sorry for the late replies. @SatsumaFSoysoy - Julia is pretty scary on the Res tank end (and offensively), as is Altena for Def. Ayra’s refine has really made her a beast again. @BoaFerox - Nice work on the one-turn, I wasn’t expecting Leif to be able to one-round Roy on the EP. Great work! Now for the current clears: @Some Jerk - Well…now I’m upset I didn’t try this out. @Diovani Bressan - Seiros for the one-turn, she is highly deplorable. I see you picked up a couple of the 3H Formas. @NSSKG151 - Double Sothis was what I originally wanted to run so I’m glad someone did it, though yours have much more power than mine. That’s an awesome Felix you’ve got, too and Flayn is always useful to have on the team. @GuiltyLove - Impressive that Claude was able to tank that first phase so well. Everyone took a good bit of a beating here, but they managed to pull through.
  4. Forgot to post the other day~ Just a sweet boi @Diovani Bressan - I see you’re back on your Saizo the 5th grind with some Claude for good measure. I C U grabbed his Forma~ @Sasori - Forrest surviving on 1 HP was terrifying and impressive at the same time. Good on Ninos boys for getting revenge for her.
  5. Waiting for Melee Elise so I could have known the Armor had a Save Skill in the first place. A few things had to die for this clear, mainly F!M!Corrin, our new Bunny Horse Man, and a Triandra, whose sacrifice meant nothing in the end. Press F. Honestly had to just screw with the AI to finish the last turn. I could have killed Dagr with OG!Elise but the game really wanted Mirabilis in on the action. @Alexmender - Can’t really blame you for going with the cheese on this one with how annoying Dagr can be, Santina is super busted~ @SatsumaFSoysoy - The ladies powered through this one with player phase, I see. Not a bad choice considering how tricky some of these foes can be to tank. @Sasori - A full redhead clear. Nice, we do love to see Dagr getting nuked with an Astra. I also love how Minerva didn’t even need a C Slot. Azelle is a really nice unit, good to see you’re enjoying him. @Some Jerk - Awesome work, Lolizura really ended up as the MVP this time with those Bladetome nukes. Just a Sweet Boi @Diovanni - Leif really bullied Dagr to death. I didn’t realize how good he was on this map. I was gonna bully you for using 2 Dancers but Triandra is just barely a Dancer anyway. @BoaFerox - Don’t blame you for using Eph with how annoying this map can be, I’m impressed Celica could just one-round Dagr! @GuiltyLove - Est is an amazing nuke, I think she killed most of the map. Myrrh also still impresses with how well of a tank she still is. @Maakar - L&D 4 Bartre is still one of the scariest things in this game, very smooth one-turn!
  6. Meant to post this with the LHB the other day @Diovani Bressan - Heavy Blade: The Clear. Getting the order right must have been tricky, nice work! @BoaFerox - FAIRIES! Mirabilis’ Japanese voice is so cute. It’s great when a theme team works so well. Now we just need Galeforce Mira @Maaka - Taking out Seliph first is one way to easily enter WOM range. Easy easy for the Bartre fam. @Sasori - Very nice of Henriette to keep all these sons safe. Ronan is seriously on steroids with his Res being able to tank Dierdre.
  7. I love when the Bartres fly in back to back, like the ultimate protective father
  8. Not too hard, just a couple Dragonflowers on Ishtar and one on Silvia were needed, as well as a couple Drive Attacks because their other skills weren't doing much there. @Maaka - Nice all Cav team, Lex makes a nice addition to the one-turn lineup @Some Jerk - I knew your Silvia would shine here, always nice to see your dancers doing the heavy lifting. And I always love seeing the good boi Ares. Those in-combat numbers against Roy were very satisfying. @NSSKG151 - Ah, we got at least one Rein Emblem. Bignis on Swordhardt is very sexy. Nice work wit Ayra, too, her refine is really nice. @Diovani Bressan - Osian got right to work with some close calls, but he managed until Julia could handle the Res tanking. Desperation Evil Julia is super scary. @GuiltyLove - Mareeta is still such a good unit, the fact that she can handle so much of the map on her own is super good.
  9. Oho nice, the placement lined up really nicely for some WOM shenanigans
  10. I was starting to think these were getting boring just having the Elises curbstomp these things but BLESS, reinforcements @Diovani Bressan – The Fairies have a pretty easy time since they can fly over the middle of the map. I was surprised how well Peony tanked Solon and that you made Mirabilis pretty speedy. Triandra is just naturally a nuke, she might as well not even be a Dancer. Oooh you have Nowi her refine! That range is great for the WOM set ups~ @BoaFerox – So everyone is using Nowi except me, the Nowi enthusiast, a shame. But her refine is super fun, love that huge jump at the end. And nice Odd Tempest on Tana! Though killing a Dimitri…tsk. @NSSKG151 – I love that this was mostly an EP one turn by Anna. NY!Anna never ceases to impress. @Sasori – Impressive work from your Archer Cav bois. That is also probably the hardest hitting Saias I’ve ever seen. You don’t see him too often so he was nice to see here.
  11. BHBs are a little easier and we get to play with some other toys for once
  12. Honestly really only needed SS on S!Elise for 1 point of Atk to kill Claude but the extra Spd helped out, too. @NSSKG151– Jill and NY!Anna just kinda run through these maps. Jill is a player phase monster and NY!Anna can do both. It’s always nice to see OG!Anna getting some shots in, too, with those Wrath kills. Nice one turn, as well. I always like seeing Raven on the squad. That Deadeye kill from NY!Anna was wild. @Some Jerk – So Silvia had to break out the Lull. Not surprising, lots of Speedy enemies on this map. Very impressive seeing she took on most of the map by herself. She really just decided to rampage~ @Diovani Bressanr – I didn’t realize he had Threaten Def. Well that’s underwhelming. Why did you need to remove Freyja’s Prf, was she too strong? @Sasori– Boey and Mae taking out their new friends, including a new smol boy. He and Lex did pretty well. Looking forward to seeing them in more clears. Ayye Dimitri and Leif, that’s an easy way to deal with some of those more annoying enemies and Claude himself. Always nice to see Gordin with that visually appealing Skillset and Sieggy Smalls running all over the place. @SatsumaFSoysoy– A lot of +10 girlies on this one. Hana and Hilda are rocking some nice builds. Celica outspeeding Claude was pretty crazy, but then I look at all those in-combat buff and remember how stonked she is. @GuiltyLove– Can’t really go wrong with DC on your Catria with how busted she is. Good idea to use the Claude to kill the Claude and it makes sense since Brave is Barbarossa after all. Noticed Nino’s also running that new Prf, it’s super good, too. @Maakar– All those Quads were quite satisfying, as is killing a Fafnir with Ruptured Sky.
  13. Much weapon, very triangle @Diovani Bressan– This is abuse at this point, Altina comes with the Null-C and everything. Nice Galeforce on the Playerphase. @Sasori– Pretty easy for the smol boys especially with Raigh’s Null-C, I see Lugh’s gotten a new toy to play with. That'll go well since he's already so tanky. @Maaka– That 75 Atk on Dad Bartre is terrifying, but then I remember the other one has 71 Atk and these are essentially just two nuclear bombs flying all over the place.
  14. Nice work! Mia is just crazy with her damage reduction and Micaiah as well with her refine. Nice to see Zelgius since he's not super common these days. Well done! Yeah, Yune was a little honorary Elise, Miwabe Sakura units get this privilege.
  15. Had to use the IV Mangoes to make -Atk, +Def Micaiah into +Atk, -HP instead. Which kinda screwed me over because she kept getting one-shot on exact lethals from the Bow Cav after that, but we eventually found a solution to avoid him. @Diovani Bressan– I wasn’t expecting a one-turn for this one but you still pulled it off. Galeforce Neph is pretty cool and I didn’t know you had CC on your Soren. @GuiltyLove– Ashnard and Jill are terrifying for EP and PP, respectively. Elincia is also pretty potent with her Quads. Ashnard with the clutch 1 HP survival was really nice at the end. @Maaka – That was really nice, and you got to avoid being cockblocked by Fell Breath by killing everything on the first turn, great job~
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