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  1. Mythic Freyr WHEN @Some Jerk - It's hard to struggle against this map when you have Duo Lif, Nifl, and a never dying Hel. I forgot what Lif's Duo Skill even did considering I see him way more often on the other side of the map than in the player's hand. Nice Smite plays on Nifl. @Diovani Bressan - Triandra effortlessly nuking that Thief on EP was probably the most impressive thing here. I see you've found Laev's refine handy for this one! @NSSKG151 - Figured this would be easy since NY!Anna's allowed. But the Speedy build was nice to see! It's crazy how good Goonthra is with her refine~
  2. @Sasori - Chad really dominated that first turn. Raigh was super useful given how many horses are on this map. Close call for Roy but that was a pretty brave handling of that 4th turn. Sometimes it pays to play a little more risky. @Alexmender - Ayyye a new Eirika to the Abyssal clearing roster. Looks like the baby Eirika may have surpassed the master, really impressive one-turn! @Some Jerk - I always love seeing that speedy yet tanky Eldigan of yours. Would really like to give him Wyvern Flight but I’m not nearly hitting those kind of speed numbers on him. Frenzy Silvia is really what she deserves. It’s honestly insane how versatile she can be with these new skills. @GuiltyLove - Perfect time for B!Micaiah’s refine. Looks like she is already enjoying it. She’s particularly good to use against all the Cavs on the map, including Otr himself. Those Goads sure did come in useful for some clutch kills. Well, if you have Bridal Catria, who can blame you for using her? She just makes chopping through these huge HP bars with her Triangle Attacks a breeze. I find it cute this team technically has 2 of each of the sisters + Thea. @Xenomata - Nice +10 Brave Marth!! Flayn is a really good partner for him. Though, at +10, he does more than fine clearing the bulk of the map. I've been enjoying him in AR. Gatekeeper was a nice choice in case some off those cavs became problematic~ @SatsumaFSoysoy - I’d love some Traces, I’ve just never really had a need for them yet, though they’d certainly be helpful. I don’t think I’ve pulled a unit with Trace yet, but the Elises are certainly at the top of the list to get them. There he is, the man, the myth, the legend: Near Save Arden. Otr is certainly no match for him if he can get those quads off. Nice to see L!Lyn showing off her new refine, too. I would honestly like to +10 V!Veronica. I need more feathers more so than Grails. @NSSKG151 - Impressive seeing OG!Anna leading the charge this time considering that she tends to be on clean up. And beautiful finish with all the Annas lined up!
  3. I see Dimitri was the last +10 I posted~ I have a few updates to make~ As soon as her Resplendent was announced, I decked her out and +9'd her in anticipation for the free 10th copy~ She had been at +1 from the time when she was a 4-5* unit and I'm happy that now she's meta viable. Still need a nice C Slot for her. Then I decided to do Peri on a whim~ I just have way too much Lull Spd/Def fodder and no one to really give it to. I figure Peri will be due a Resplendent at some point so why not. I needed a +10 Lance Cav anyway. I do think I'll change her over to +Spd, though. Finally, just some build updates to some previous +10s. Now rocking double Fort Def/Res. We already know she gets all the things~ Mans finally has been seeing some use. Thanks to his Resplendent and Refine, I've finally given him some noteworthy Skills. I think his Skills are probably unchanged (so updating with that nice Resplendent Art) but hopefully I can give him Frenzy down the line. Got him Atk/Def Menace like I mentioned in my last post. And finally best girl with the build she deserves. I have really held back on giving Nowi premium fodder simply because she's never really needed any to get the job done. But that is no longer, thanks to the Steady Breath Seal. I'm proud to have finally decked her out.
  4. Odd that no one's posted this yet~ Wasn't too hard of a map, all things considered.
  5. Please be someone good with Sothis
  6. He had been the whole time until I changed something with my build (can't quite remember off the top of my head). It was almost a bit of a hinderance because I wanted him to attack her, but we made it work.
  7. @Some Jerk - Looks like you lucked out on those Formas, I think we grabbed a lot of the same skills on Myrrh~ Galeforce on Daddy Duessel was pretty cool! @GuiltyLove - Lots of us went the Duessel route! He is a stupid tank so it's unsurprising he worked well on this map, but your B!Eirika really put in the most work here. Even without a Galeforce build, she's insanely good~ @NSSKG151 - Your SS roster is pretty stacked. That's an awesome Baby Innes and Marisa! Looks like H!L'Arachel was a popular forma choice, and Menace Skills, too. I think mine also had a Menace Skill. @Diovani Bressan - L!Ephraim's kind of immortal now I guess. His refine has made him so much better. @Sasori - That's a nicely built Ross, I like it! Good thing you still got to use some good smol bois for this clear! @BoaFerox - Quick and easy clear! Your Tanas have gotten much stronger since this map initially debuted. @SatsumaFSoysoy - Nice clear, I can see why so many people are using Brave Eirika. This map becomes a ton easier when you don't have to dance around Julia lurking in the background.
  8. This one was actually kinda fun with the tricky layout @Diovani Bressan - B!Marianne looks like she'll be really useful for one turn clears! I'm still jelly of your Forma Dimitri~ @GuiltyLove - Looks like Altina hasn't been upstaged too much by her Christmas variant, she can still sweep newer GHBs! @BoaFerox - Nice work for the Tana gang and Marisa~ But Tana's not a Fairy anymore, sadge 😞 @Sasori - Woah, Distant Pressure on Kana! Very nice and works well with his refine! Also nice to see Roy able to run DC and Steady Breath now with the Seal~
  9. Not bad once we got the right positioning down~ Julia must have been itching to nuke all of these Dragons. Nice clear from your Pegasisters, I knew when Corrin went down early this map wouldn't be that hard for you
  10. @GuiltyLove - Nice work. Est and OG!Catria did some nice work here. Harmonic Catria is always clutch giving everyone doubles. @SatsumaFSoysoy - I like Maribelle's refine, actually. Though it'd be hard to slot her into the team without something like Rescue or Return. Nyx is really great~ Veronica was actually quite useful to actual be a healer this time, Celica and Nyx managed several rounds of combat just fine
  11. Not that hard of a map once we got a strategy down, just was coming up short of being able to have my Special 1 Charge away when it was time to hit Micaiah. Kept wasting it on the Damage Reduction hit. But that was the only really hiccup~ I also needed Odd Recovery 1 so HS!Elise would stay in Desperation range (would have been easier if I just had Even Recovery). @Some Jerk - Frenzy Silvia, another addition to your Silvia's Skill Roster for me to be jealous of. Getting rid of Micaiah on Turn 1 is certainly one way to do it. Leanne really gobbled up those Mages while Silvia ran wild on everyone else. @NSSKG151 - Nice 1 Turn, those Quads really made the difference. @Alexmender - The newest Eirika is the Offensive to OG!Eirika's Defensive Solos. She really tore through that map. Canto and Galeforce is a devastating combo to get her around the map. @Sasori - Well if anyone's gonna end Micaiah by tanking, Guinivere's a great Res tank to do it. I see Chad has been munching on some Gatekeepers, too. He's actually a good choice for Close Reversal. I'll never not be impressed by your orphan trio. @SatsumaFSoysoy - Well that was fast. Guess if you can rampage the map that quickly, why not? I expected Eirika to participate in the Galeforcing fun but it was pretty much just Celica time. @Diovani Bressan - Didn't really expect Lyon to destroy Micaiah as easily as he did. Also wasn't expecting Baby Innes to destroy the entire rest of the map as easily as he did, either. I see that Brave Celica is just the premium choice to One-Turn this map.
  12. @Diovani Bressan - Your Saizo is speedier than I thought even on his own~ Nice one-turn, too!! @Sasori - Your orphans showed that orphan who's superior between them.
  13. The Elises would have been boring, so we went with the Wolfskins @Diovani Bressan - Should have expected we'd see a Saizo solo. Look how far you've come being able to one-turn this one~ @SatsumaFSoysoy - Ooooh Nyx, she looks super fun~ Especially with the Miracle build to insta-nuke Sothis. @GuiltyLove - That was a super impressive first turn with Ryoma the way he almost solo'd it. He has come quite a long way with that refine
  14. This one was not too hard in hindsight, my issue was forgetting what I did and having to keep resetting (sure the time at the top of the recording gave that away) @Some Jerk - Impressive as always from the dancers. Puddles is putting in so much work with these clears, I'd say she's on Silvia's level by now. @Sasori - Boey is the best boy when it comes to having to tank Ullr. Actually a lot of the archers, TBH. It's also nice seeing how good Ashe is since I wasn't able to get him. His mobility was really good for this map. @Alexmender - Powercreep doesn't matter to the W!Altina cheese, I shouldn't be surprised at how these maps still fall so easily against her. @NSSKG151 - Pretty sexy one turn, everything fell into place nicely~ @GuiltyLove - Nice one, I'm surprised you found the ranged Fliers more optimal with so many ranged threats but it worked out well. With Bride Catria, you can't really go wrong with any team. @Diovani Bressan - Nice clear, Ayra's new to these one turns~ Always love seeing H!Nowi!~
  15. So easy it was almost an Elise solo, I had to force the others in for some fun @Diovani Bressan - I approve of the Dökkálfr clear with offensive Dancers~ Nice job on the one-turn and reminding me that I still don't have L!Ephraim~ I bet he's doing to be stupid when he gets his Remix~
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