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  1. This one was not too hard in hindsight, my issue was forgetting what I did and having to keep resetting (sure the time at the top of the recording gave that away) @Some Jerk - Impressive as always from the dancers. Puddles is putting in so much work with these clears, I'd say she's on Silvia's level by now. @Sasori - Boey is the best boy when it comes to having to tank Ullr. Actually a lot of the archers, TBH. It's also nice seeing how good Ashe is since I wasn't able to get him. His mobility was really good for this map. @Alexmender - Powercreep doesn't matter to the W!Altina cheese, I shouldn't be surprised at how these maps still fall so easily against her. @NSSKG151 - Pretty sexy one turn, everything fell into place nicely~ @GuiltyLove - Nice one, I'm surprised you found the ranged Fliers more optimal with so many ranged threats but it worked out well. With Bride Catria, you can't really go wrong with any team. @Diovani Bressan - Nice clear, Ayra's new to these one turns~ Always love seeing H!Nowi!~
  2. So easy it was almost an Elise solo, I had to force the others in for some fun @Diovani Bressan - I approve of the Dökkálfr clear with offensive Dancers~ Nice job on the one-turn and reminding me that I still don't have L!Ephraim~ I bet he's doing to be stupid when he gets his Remix~
  3. Usually don't record these but Freyr and Freyja just had way too much fun on this one. Mythic Freyr when?
  4. @Sasori - Nice run! Ashe and Caspar are awesome! Your Lex makes me kinda want to build one, he's really cool~ @BoaFerox - Nice work, V!Palla fits well with the Tanas! Would be nice to see her with a DC Vantage build~
  5. If you're giving me Awakening, it's pretty free for the Nowis~ Believe it or not, I didn't have Gerome until now. I bought him because his refine looked cool and decided to take him for a spin here with best evil son. Nowi actually couldn't tank Eliwood's Special so I had to give her 10 Dragonflowers and SS for her to survive the hit~ He was pretty much the toughest thing here. @Some Jerk - I wasn't surprised you went for an F!Grima solo. I WAS surprised she auto-battled her way to victory. That remix did wonders for her. @NSSKG151 - Nice one turn! I figured you wouldn't have trouble with A!Anna being allowed on this map~ @GuiltyLove - More Grima refine fun, I need more dew to feed it to mine. Also happy to see Nowi, too! Not as many in combat numbers as Grima, but still a great tank for this one. @Diovani Bressan - Best evil son and Nowi, amazing taste as always~ Except your lack of accessories, this is a crime.
  6. Slightly late, had uploaded but forgot to post it here~ Only real trouble was making sure the Red Mage Flier went right so Byleth didn't leap down to nuke anyone. Now I got more clears to respond to, tho~ @Some Jerk - That's a nice looking Larum~ She fits well into the dancer squad on her debut with a proper build. @NSSKG151 - NY!Anna is really a beast, can't believe how easily she dealt with not only Byleth, but pretty much the whole map. @Alexmender - Poor Byleth didn't see it coming, being set up by his own former student. Galeforce really does make these Abyssals a lot easier to deal with. Nice to see Eirika back in action. She's a strong as ever, just like we're used to seeing~ @GuiltyLove - Byleth getting attacked not only by his former student, but also his female self. Though it seems Lilith was the most impressive one here being able to kill Byelth through the Weapon Triangle. Well Bridal Catria does make everything free. I always find it funny that V!Palla plays pretty much the same way as you've built your V!Catria with the usual DC-Vantage. @Sasori - I do love seeing my boy, M!Morgan amongst the other good bois~ Chad is honestly the most appropriate name for him with how well he tanks everything. The amount of healing sustain the boys are able to get really helps during these drawn out matches. @Diovani Bressan - Bridal Catria really makes these a lot easier but she hits super hard on her own, anyway. You guys really want Byleth to suffer at the hands of his own students, SMH~ L!Claude is really good on this map, though, with his damage reduction and the Gravity slowing these mobs down. Byleth must have raised him well. I will ignore the fact that you decided to use two dancers to do this. @Unknown Gamer11 - Very nice work from Super Saiyan Ewan!
  7. Sorry for the delay in posting and comments~ Actually wasn't too hard once I got a strategy rolling, despite my lack of well built units from FE6. @Some Jerk - Not everyday we see a dancer from you that isn't disgusting~ But didn't really matter much since Klein and L!Lilina are gross enough on their own to make up for it. Zephiel's always nice to see, even if he wasn't as active as the other two. @GuiltyLove - Larum seems more popular than I expected, given how rare she is~ This video also having me in my feelings that I have never been able to Summon a L!Roy. But Igrene and Catria/Thea pretty much stole the show. Didn't expect you to have much trouble given how busted they are and it seems they were as monstrous as you'd expect~ @Diovani Bressan - Kind of despicable how perfect that clear ended up being, even on the Enemy Phase kill~ I'm impressed, nice work!~ @SatsumaFSoysoy - Surprised this is the first Brunnya I'm seeing, considering how popular of a project she is. Still, all these are some rarely seen units, besides Lilina. Cecilia has gotten so much better with her refine. Literally never see Dieck used so he was nice to see here~
  8. Sorry for the late replies~ @SatsumaFSoysoy - Interesting team, I do love V!Veronica~ F!F!Morgan is a great easy answer to Ashera~ Of course, F!Celica was the main champion of the map, nice job! @BoaFerox - How nice of Ross to use his Anime Protagonist powers to open the way for the Tanas. Baby Tana being the one to slay the goddess was a great finish~ @Diovani Bressan - Nowi is pretty much a cheat code at this point~ That sixth turn was pretty well played to chip away at those Fridges and finally kill Ashera~ 1 HP live on Celica into a perfect lethal kill was very nice and spicy~ Knowing you have the EVIL Edelgard, I cannot call you a Sweet Boi anymore. @Sasori - Having Guinivere here is a good decision with how scary Ashera is. Chad never fails to impress me with that super tank-heal build he has. Fun to watch the little Orphans on this map, nice!
  9. This one was actually kind of annoying to the point that I had to bring Nowi back~ @GuiltyLove - That's a really nice Lena!~ Catria straight nuking Ike was very unexpected but did spark much joy and I'm jelly of Shamir's Prf making Julia that much of a breeze to face. @BoaFerox - That was fun to watch, Amelia was a nice addition to the Tana Squad!~ @Diovani Bressan - Very thicc Eldigan and I like that Bignis on him~ Also nice that Lif got that nuke on Evil Julia~ Something of a Whitewings team but they were an afterthought to the Deft Harpoon which carried this One-Turn~
  10. Decided to post all my recent clears at once~ @Diovani Bressan - Very nice Julia solo other than the evil Nifl sister stealing her kills~ Pretty nice one turn, I always forget Petrine is kinda evil~ @Sasori - Fernand doing no damage to Boey is pretty hilarious for how much his huge Atk stat was hyped up. Also nice Ross with the candle~ @BoaFerox - Nice job with the Tana Squad! Baby Tana always looks the most fun with all of the warping around she can do~
  11. Didn't realize I completely forgot to post this one~ @SatsumaFSoysoy - I'm liking that merged up V!Veronica, I wish we had more Grails because I'd merge her up if I didn't already have so many projects. @BoaFerox - Lots of flying around on this one. It must be crazy fun to use Tana and H!Nowi together, plus your other WOM shenanigans~ @Sasori - Nice build on Tobin! It's always nice to see him since I feel like people forget he's even in the game. Great work on this clear~
  12. Sorry for the late reply, I should have watched sooner seeing you made the massive SI sacrifice of Warding Blow. That's just huge IQ. And late congrats on L!Lucy!
  13. Sorry for the suuuuuper late reply. I think I have used Minty Cane on some GHB/BHBs but not a LHB/MHB before so it was pretty fun using it on this one. Also I would really like a Lance Flier Elise to cover the need for Blue and a Flier on the Squad. I used to be against Armor Elise but given how squishy they all are, at this point, I wouldn't really mind one, either. I love how there are so many well built Lughs. He did really well in this one. Save Idunn is pretty untouchable, isn't she. Perfect way to keep all your ranged units safe. Cav team was super cool, no The Reinhardt needed. I love seeing Wolt since he's so rare, and super Res tanky Jagens. I have to imagine a Jagen and a daddy Duessel on the same team would be an insane Cav wall.
  14. Sorry for the late reply~ Kinda terrified of that HIlda for one-rounding Sigurd like that. That was kinda wild. Also Micaiah effortlessly spending most of this map on like no HP and just one-shotting everything she has to fight. Nice!
  15. Late reply but nice work on this clear! It is always more fun to use the units you like the most and most satisfying when they work out for you~ Pretty nice play to trap the Troubadour so she wouldn't cause any trouble.
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