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  1. Just clinched the T27~ Missed two pots on day one so I was paranoid the entire week about not having enough Aether by the end. Then I kept getting nuked by Brammis today, but thankfully managed to get it~
  2. Time to bring in the horse killers~ @Diovani Bressan - Nice one turn, Dio! I didn’t know you were quite so big brained. I did know you were cruel and unusual to use Saizo the fifth, though~ @Maakar - 29 Spd +Spd Dad Bartre, insane IQ. Fir finally joins as a 5*. Now I await the day both Firs and Bartres get to do a map~ @NSSKG151 - Jill’s hair’s a bit closer to the Annas, she fits in Phina’s place. We don’t get to see the OG!Anna as the main tank very often, that was a nice surprise.
  3. Fates means we just get the Elises, nothing special here, but I uploaded anyway~
  4. I couldn't stand having this Banner constantly hanging over my head for the rest of the month Went from +3 to +10 in a day. Took every Orb I had but I guess I can say I have another +10 Green unit besides Raven now. I was pretty lucky that about 4 of them were 5* copies to save me some feathers. The Brazen's just a placeholder. I hope to get Fort Def/Res on her final build.
  5. Noice double Xander clear! I ended up using his son, he did a pretty good job
  6. Haven't used any yet. Honestly not too crazy about the Mangoes, I don't see myself clamoring to get these. But I may give my H!Nowi +Atk or +Spd
  7. IDK a single person on this Banner so they're all some nice food if I get any
  8. But you don't really get anything compared to VW. Like I finished AM wondering "What was up with that opening cutscene again?". AM is really the story of Dimitri and to a lesser note, Edelgard. The lore bits are left out for the most part other than what everyone gets in White Clouds.
  9. Cons: - Gameplay-wise, I guess Dimitri and Dedue being MIA or unable to be instructed is the main thing. Also, your student selection, off the bat, are all pretty similar in that they're mostly Lance focused. You really need to do some recruiting for some good mage/healer potential. Annette and Mercie are good, but they're no Lysithea. - Story-wise, nothing about the Lore here. Which, from an overall standpoint is fine, not every route has to be centered around the Lore. But it may be confusing if it's your first route and you get basically nothing about Rhea, Nemesis, or the church's backstory. - No Dimitri-Claude power hour Pros: Everything else, for the most part.
  10. I'd personally just go with a Ranged unit so as to not waste DC fodder, I don't know that she's the best frontliner for that. If you go melee, I'd do a CC/Repel/Spurn tank. But it's up to you~
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