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  1. Brave Byleth will probably be a reference to Jeralt, IMO, which would be cool
  2. Complacency is exactly how Marth lost last year, everybody's already rallying against a CYL 3H Banner. Dimitri fans better not slack on voting for him because of that kind of mentality
  3. Pantless Marth is god-tier and we need it, that's the tea
  4. I feel like Brave Bernie should be her War Phase variant, it's a bit unfitting character-wise for her to happen before Time Skip~
  5. I have seen no less than like 4-5 topics of people wanting two CYL Banners in this day alone, I was not expecting this level of salt (and I'm someone actually voting for Marth).
  6. I think only females would be different. Males was pretty always gonna be Dimitri and Claude and Edelgard was always going to be first for females, but I think Byleth would be higher than Lysithea and Bernie if they were already in the game. But they'd still probably be Top 10, Hilda's in the game and still ranked high~
  7. The results are from two days of voting and up til now were people saying they're voting for Marth and Eirika and we see where they are. I have seen almost no one up until now be very vocal about Bernie, Lysithea, or Byleth and they're the top 4 contenders. I wouldn't put too much into just what you see online. Though, I think Dimitri and Claude fans won't get complacent, we see last year Alm was able to be at and stay at 1st, they know what can happen if they stop voting if Marth last year is any indication~ Their plan will be to just make the Banner with the winners. I strongly doubt IS is as concerned about what game the winners are from as the fans are~
  8. I find it really weird so many people on Reddit and Twitter are saying they want IS to make two CYL Banners because they want non-3H winners~ I just don't get that mentality, they didn't win~ Why should they get alts? By this logic, Marth should have got a Brave alt eons ago~ The game they're from doesn't matter, I don't see why now all of a sudden IS should change this~ Not as bad as people just going full petty mode saying 3H characters should have been excluded entirely but I really wasn't expecting this much 3H salt.
  9. And if that's the typa character you don't like, then it's understandable why that's the opinion you have~ Nothing wrong with that~ I'm just saying, that's really just looking at Dimitri from a surface level if all you got from him was "tyrant", but you're free to that opinion of him, either way~ Not really trying to persuade you one way or the other~
  10. Dimitri was acting as a paper-cut out FE Lord, but he was putting on a facade for much of his Academy time. Dimitri spent most of the entire story expecting to die and not giving any kind of value to his own life. He's not just killing people randomly, his sense of justice to extreme enough to the point that he doesn't think those who trample over the weak deserve to live. He doesn't want to destroy the empire to appease the dead, he wants to destroy the one he believes is responsible for unjustly taking innocent lives, as well as overtaking Faerghus. Like I said, maybe you did miss it, a lot of people just see Dimitri on the surface and miss the point of his character and arc~ I'm not saying you have to love him or even care about him, I'm just telling you why since you seem to have not gotten the gist of the route~
  11. Seems like you just likely missed the purpose of his character~ He's basically a deconstruction of the typical FE Lord archetype in his dislike of chivary, which conflicts with the ideas of his home country, and his immense amount of self-loathing to the extent that he doesn't care whether he lives or dies for the sake of giving the deceased peace. He is waaay more than just some feral hobo, he's an extremely interesting character, but it's easy to miss if you just reduce him to "edgy boi". I think the final classes should be their Legendary variants, Braves can be normal timeskip or, as usual, inspired by a relative~ I'm not sure what they would do for Lysithea, but Gremory would be cool~
  12. Also only moved up Rank once yesterday (T14)~ Changing some Skills for some Dual Rallies and giving Sothis her base kit's pushing me up to 760 for the upcoming Season~
  13. Petra's already in the game~ People are just trying to get 3H characters in at this point~
  14. Lysithea 2nd is neat but I guess I gotta go hard for F!Byleth now, she has a chance~ Sothis in top 20 is nice, too~ Glad Dimitri's in first~ Marth...depression...constantly...
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