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  1. Figured I'd just post both Abyssals together~ Neither were all that hard~ The Nowi team is a reference to the fact that I always married Nowi and Gaius in Awakening. @GuiltyLove - Nice work on the Archanea clear. I'm not surprised at how good Camus is on maps like these with a lot of tanking. But everyone pretty much contributed equally here. Nice, giving Nowi the build she deserves! Yen'fay is such a durable unit, he took care of most of this map all on his own.
  2. Respect to Limstella for bringing Reinforcements~ @GuiltyLove - Nice work from the Spring Whitewings! Looks like they were more than capable of dealing with everything here by themselves with some help moving around from Minerva~ @BoaFerox - Limstella hit pretty hard even when there weren't any more allies. Fortunately, the Glacies wasn't enough to get rid of S!Tana.
  3. Pretty easy one~ @GuiltyLove - Nice job, Camus is pretty good with his refine and Silvia stands no chance against Yen'Fay. But Ashnard was the true terror. No one even approached him. @Diovani Bressan -.Love the double WoM plays from OG!Marth. Impressive seeing Mini Marth tank Erinys!
  4. @Diovani Bressan - L!Marth had his time to shine! The other Marths must be so proud of him~ @GuiltyLove - Nice job, no problem for the Whitewings! They're plenty speedy to deal with the enemies here. @Sasori - Nice work from the smol boys~ Boyd is pretty stonked with investment like that~ @BoaFerox - Just love the range S!Tana grants the other Tanas. It's always nice to have Tsubasa to take care of the Armors. @Yggi - Woah, that was pretty nice! Love the effort that went into it so much that I almost forgot this was a GHB clear, haha~ Glad you got Tine and Arthur for it. I was only able to pick up Tine.
  5. The mountain of fodder that was need for this was insane. And I would like to point out that if Elise had her Resplendent, the Joint Drive Atk would have been unneeded, as I was 2 HP off from killing the Green Mage Flier. I wasn't late on this, it legitimately took me a few days to get it done because of how we were getting overrun on the righthand side. We ended up getting ride of the Lance Fighter first, and from there it was just making sure S!Elise tanked the Green Manakete, and Elise killed the Green Flier. Mirabilis nuking the Thief wasn't the initial plan, but it sure worked out well that she was able to get that kill. But that's Trace on both Elises that can get it now so hope @SatsumaFSoysoy is proud of me. @Sasori - I see you got the new Roy and Eliwood~ Congrats! They were great in clearing this. Never thought I'd see Forrest tank an Armor as well as he did but everyone here is much thicc'er than expected. Siegbert really impressed, too~ @GuiltyLove - It honestly looked like you could have won even without the cheating unit. They didn't seem to have much trouble getting kills on their own. Nice Dragon Clear. Lilith is really a scary unit. Looks like Myrrh can't beat her OG self! @Some Jerk - I should have expected you'd go for Fallen Ninian and turn her into a beast. She isn't as bad of a damage dealer as people made her out to be. Larum still impresses with her Lethality kills, and although Silvia is always the star in my heart, I should stop sleeping on Puddles. She always does a lot of work. @Yggi - Your Seliph is awesome! I've wanted to build him since his Resplendent. Well, before that, too, but the new art boosted my morale in doing that. Your Jamke is a menace, too, damn, total overkill on Myrrh. @MagicCanonBalls - Nothing better to have on this map than some Dragon Slayers. OG!Chrom holds up pretty well when built properly and especially with Azura to support him~
  6. Noticed they didn't get a topic so here we go~
  7. So late I still had negative Orbs when I recorded this~ @GuiltyLove - Forma Catria is looking like she'll be hitting a lot harder in future clears! Nice that she got a Trace, too! @Sasori - Nice new skills on the boys! Forrest is ultra tanky now and we have more Tracers now, I see~ @Diovani Bressan - The Marths don't usually have to do much EPing, but they handled it like champs! Nice work! @Yggi - Nice work to team Jugdral~ I always like seeing Lex, he's a lot better than he gets credit for~ @BoaFerox - Always impressive when Tana has to tank a huge hit like that~ Great job, as always!
  8. Given that my Orb balance is still negative, I think I got the most based free summon of all time~ I still think she should have been Green but being Red worked out here better than Green would have~ Tried to keep use of the cheating unit to just giving us doubles. I had been using W!Fae but her lack of speed started to become too cumbersome~ @GuiltyLove - Nice near Igrene solo. She's not seen as often as when she was added, but she can still shred through maps like this without much issue. I assumed Idunn was going to be here to Save or something but looks like that wasn't necessary.
  9. I am no longer asking, but demanding Freyr. @GuiltyLove - I didn't know Reginn got damage reduction, that's pretty useful~ The whole team having Canto made it pretty easy to just hit and run until they got close enough to you. @Diovani Bressan - Very nice use of the cheating unit. Nott took out Mila pretty easily.
  10. @Diovani Bressan - So you got Forma Baby Marth. I didn't think your Baby Marth needed any more Skills. Especially since he nuked Medeus with Brashperation. That was pretty impressive~ @GuiltyLove - Palm Staff is only there to outspeed the Green Mage. Still wouldn't have gotten it if I hadn't ascended her Spd stat, too. The main reason I decided against Ninjorrin is because she'd hardly help with the trench problem. And the negative Orbs was because of a refund. You'll go negative if the Orbs have been spent.
  11. You know what would have been great? If IS would have given me some kind of Melee Elise at this point. Ignore the Negative Orbs After a day of being able to get through most of this map but just getting totally walled by Medeus at the end, I was very tempted to replace Mirabilis with a cheating unit. But I gave it a few more goes, changed some Skills, gave Elise a needed extra boon, and made some questionable fodder decisions before finally making something happen here. The Savage Blow stacking may look pointless on the surface, but I need to have that chip damage on Medeus to keep his harem from attacking us on the first turn. The Clerics were easily the worst part about this map, someone at IS should be fired for making Clerics this annoyingly tanky. @BoaFerox - Edelgard was a perfect choice for this map with how easily she eliminates dragons. Abusing the chip damage on turn one makes this battle just that much easier. @SatsumaFSoysoy - L!Lucina is so good that it doesn't even matter if she's one of the one that can't kill Dragons. Besides, that role is best left for Marth anyway. Perfect for him to be the one to get the final kill on Medeus. I see you also picked up Forma Kris. My usual build is a tank one, so I grabbed a Player Phase build for her Forma. @Sasori - The orphans and Roy were pretty good here, actually. They were a lot more resilient against all of those annoying Clerics than I thought they'd be. No shame in turtling Medeus, mans has way too much bulk. @Some Jerk - I'm beyond impressed that Larum was able to tear through Medeus without having to eliminate all of his maidens first. The Clerics not being able to scratch even the most offensive of Silvias is also incredibly amusing. I'd kill for Lethality on HS!Elise. @GuiltyLove - A team of cheating units. But this map is so annoying, it can't be helped. L!Marth gets a free pass, anyway, since he is the Medeus slayer. Proud of your Whitewings for pulling it off, too. I was worried on that enemy phase where Catria and Thea would have to EP the two Manaketes but color advantage paid off. The kill on Medeus was impressive, too. I forget how much free damage Catria gets sometimes. Congrats!!
  12. Hilda packs a punch with her Dominance~
  13. Literally noticed a few hours ago that we had another Abyssal to get to so here we go~ My OG!Lyn could only service up until Lunatic, I think. Had to grab Brave Lyn after that. Would have preferred to show off my new Raven build and not use the Cheating Unit but, my Blazing Blade units are pretty meh. I'm honestly surprised the little SI I needed here was enough. @Some Jerk - Can't really lose with B!Hector and Super Nino~ @GuiltyLove - Another B!Hector and Super Nino + The Cheating Unit. Though you hardly needed to rely on Ninja as it is, which is quite impressive in itself~
  14. I wasn't expecting our Abyssal map to show up so early in the lineup (I don't read them beforehand so I can be surprised). Either way, pretty sure this was almost the same lineup for Limited Julia other than replacing Daddy Duessel. @GuiltyLove - Freest map of all time when you have B!Eirika and A!Joshua~ @Diovani Bressan - Nice Astra to kill Brammi. L!Ephraim is just as dominant as B!Eirika is.
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