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  1. BHBs are a little easier and we get to play with some other toys for once
  2. Honestly really only needed SS on S!Elise for 1 point of Atk to kill Claude but the extra Spd helped out, too. @NSSKG151– Jill and NY!Anna just kinda run through these maps. Jill is a player phase monster and NY!Anna can do both. It’s always nice to see OG!Anna getting some shots in, too, with those Wrath kills. Nice one turn, as well. I always like seeing Raven on the squad. That Deadeye kill from NY!Anna was wild. @Some Jerk – So Silvia had to break out the Lull. Not surprising, lots of Speedy enemies on this map. Very impressive seeing she took on most of the map by herself. She really just decided to rampage~ @Diovani Bressanr – I didn’t realize he had Threaten Def. Well that’s underwhelming. Why did you need to remove Freyja’s Prf, was she too strong? @Sasori– Boey and Mae taking out their new friends, including a new smol boy. He and Lex did pretty well. Looking forward to seeing them in more clears. Ayye Dimitri and Leif, that’s an easy way to deal with some of those more annoying enemies and Claude himself. Always nice to see Gordin with that visually appealing Skillset and Sieggy Smalls running all over the place. @SatsumaFSoysoy– A lot of +10 girlies on this one. Hana and Hilda are rocking some nice builds. Celica outspeeding Claude was pretty crazy, but then I look at all those in-combat buff and remember how stonked she is. @GuiltyLove– Can’t really go wrong with DC on your Catria with how busted she is. Good idea to use the Claude to kill the Claude and it makes sense since Brave is Barbarossa after all. Noticed Nino’s also running that new Prf, it’s super good, too. @Maakar– All those Quads were quite satisfying, as is killing a Fafnir with Ruptured Sky.
  3. Much weapon, very triangle @Diovani Bressan– This is abuse at this point, Altina comes with the Null-C and everything. Nice Galeforce on the Playerphase. @Sasori– Pretty easy for the smol boys especially with Raigh’s Null-C, I see Lugh’s gotten a new toy to play with. That'll go well since he's already so tanky. @Maaka– That 75 Atk on Dad Bartre is terrifying, but then I remember the other one has 71 Atk and these are essentially just two nuclear bombs flying all over the place.
  4. Nice work! Mia is just crazy with her damage reduction and Micaiah as well with her refine. Nice to see Zelgius since he's not super common these days. Well done! Yeah, Yune was a little honorary Elise, Miwabe Sakura units get this privilege.
  5. Had to use the IV Mangoes to make -Atk, +Def Micaiah into +Atk, -HP instead. Which kinda screwed me over because she kept getting one-shot on exact lethals from the Bow Cav after that, but we eventually found a solution to avoid him. @Diovani Bressan– I wasn’t expecting a one-turn for this one but you still pulled it off. Galeforce Neph is pretty cool and I didn’t know you had CC on your Soren. @GuiltyLove– Ashnard and Jill are terrifying for EP and PP, respectively. Elincia is also pretty potent with her Quads. Ashnard with the clutch 1 HP survival was really nice at the end. @Maaka – That was really nice, and you got to avoid being cockblocked by Fell Breath by killing everything on the first turn, great job~
  6. IDK why I didn't attack with Mirabilis at the end but no biggie @Sasori– Sharena has been replaced by her mom, it seems. Well she is just as stronk as her daughter. Not that this was the hardest map in the world but still nice to see Henriette in action~ @Diovani Bressan– The dancer was just there to Smite, how sad. But cool one-turn, you even managed to work around all the trees with ER Kaden Saizo is as ruthless as ever, just bringing Ephraim along so he can take his Duo Skill. @Maaka – Such a massacre, Bartre and Fir are a savage family.
  7. I was thinking on getting S!Veronica with my Forma but I can't get a Rein that isn't Atk/Def for the life of me.
  8. @Sasori– Machine gun Gordin is a beast and Forrest is quite a thicc boi with the Palm Staff and Mystic Boost. That was a nice chokepoint strat. Oh boy, Seteth taking his shounen students for a walk. Those Dragons were no match for Roy. Asbel is an awesome nuke, as well. Distant Ward on Seteth is an interesting build, seems it’s working well for him. @Some Jerk – Well this was Leanne’s time to shine against so many mages and Dragons. Y!Azura is pretty slept on as a combat unit, still one of my favorite offensive dancers. Silvia went a little wild towards the end, cleaning up the latter half of the map. Seiros hit harder than I thought she would but Leanne still managed to hold her off for Smolzura to save the day~ @Maaka – These Bartres are gonna enjoy the new L&D Seal, won’t they~ Should be illegal for them to get that fast. It’s crazy how tanky and fast S!Bartre is, he such a monster~ @GuiltyLove – I see Bownoka has joined with her new refine. Those are some big numbers on her. Hit and Run was a pretty good idea on this map so you didn’t get overrun. Nice seeing Galeforce on V!Catria, I figured she’d need it for this one. Playing around the wall against Seiros was pretty funny. @SatsumaFSoysoy– I actually had Mirror Impact on her for a while, the Codes were for NFU. I had been waiting for a F!Mareeta to pitybreak me at some point, but it was pretty necessary to get rid of Serios as fast as possible. M!Marth is really a timeless unit, it’s nice to see she still holds up today. And quite well considering she took on most of the map by herself. I wasn’t expecting that much power from her. Of course Shamir with Deadeye easily deletes Seiros off the map. @Unknown Gamer11 – Lots of people picked up Asbel, it seems. He’s a cutie so I hope he pitybreaks me at some point. Dancer Ethlyn getting some shots in was quite nice. An AOE special was a good idea to chip down the enemies. It was nice having Ethlyn and Quan help get the final kill.
  9. I'm early for once, too. This one thankfully didn't take too many sacrifices...just a couple and some toilet paper~ @NSSKG151 – Ruptured Sky and Mystic Boost, NY!Anna just said screw the Dragons. And half this map, really. I’m impressed at how well she handled most of the enemies on her own. Serios also went down quite easily to OG!Anna. Nice job! @Diovani Bressan – That was noice, your Baby Palla is pretty thicc for being -Def @Alexmender – Lots of Nagas today, very useful for dealing with the abundance of Dragons. Especially if Altina will be soloing it on her own. Nice solo clear! That was a lot of enemies to deal with as they all started getting choke-pointed, but you played well keeping your distance. And clumping them together worked out with Eirika’s AOE. You cleared everyone out pretty smoothly, nice work!
  10. As long as Marth fans don't fumble the ball for the 69th time and F!Byleth stays in Top 2, I'm content~
  11. Today's Grails allowed me to finish Hana~
  12. I am waaaaay late on the replies with this one. I knew there was something I was forgetting, sorry about that. @Alexmender – Officer Hilda’s Galeforce Gals zipped and zoomed all over the place as usual. They made great use of the cramped space that they had, even when it felt clustered, it never felt like they were in danger because of how fast they were deleting enemies. BD Nowi, I’m super jealous already. Those are some insane numbers on her, she has the power to excel in both PP and EP like this. Even with -Atk, L!Celica is a monster. @Unknown Gamer11 – Oooh, I haven’t seen a Melady in action yet. Guinivere destroying all of those mages on the first turn was super wild. Your Lugh is really cool, too, he is stacked with some spicy skills. @SatsumaFSoysoy– Late answer but I usually use my Summoner Supports for AR, I only switch them around to the Elises when I need them for these Abyssal clears. Thankfully for this clear they didn’t need them.
  13. Alright, looks like voting has started~ I'll just alternate my votes daily~
  14. I have the Seal on him, though I'd prefer to sack Eir to throw it in his B Slot. But he's not fully built as it is so I'm not in any rush to kit him out.
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