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  1. Your Dew should be used to upgrade your Offensive Fortress
  2. I thought your Myrrh was on Light? Whtat voodoo magic are you using on her, Wards?
  3. Astra is just misunderstooodd~ I should probably hate Astra more because of the stupid stress inducing Thrasirs
  4. Light Season is ass. I only used one Ladder today but I keep losing like 2 units per battle~ I would prioritize your Offense over Defense if you don't have a built Defense Team. That said, I don't use Offensive Buildings, just make sure you have all the Buildings built for their Bonus Seasons
  5. You don't need a +10 unit to succeed in Aether Raids but at least one merge to remove the Bane is recommended~ Every stat point in AR matters~ It's fine to start building when you get the unit, but 3-4* should have as many merges as you can get~ DC will be available later this month on the DC Banner and on the upcoming Hector Revival Banner~ Idunn is Red (the worst color for tanking), an armor unit (bad move type in AR), and a 5* exclusive unit (very hard to obtain merges for). You don't need 5* exclusives to do well in AR~ 3-4* are much more recommended due to the fact that they can be merged~
  6. The more you play, the more you will get used to it~ Recommend reading this if you haven't~ https://gamepress.gg/feheroes/road-to-exos-aether-raids-general-guide Good job on your second match~ Yes, your best practice will come from playing higher tiered players' maps. A tank is one of the most reliable units you can build because they require minimal thought to actually use. Just Smite them in and watch everyone suicide into them. So I would recommend a tank, but I wouldn't build one without a considerable amount of merges. A -Res Nowi will not be optimal unless you can merge her to remove that Bane since Res is one of the most important stats in AR. How many Nowi copies do you have at the moment? As I said before, there is no need to rush into anything~ When you get more units and merges, you will be good to go~ I don't recommend starting to build a Galeforce unit without being able to build a team around the Galeforcer.
  7. This was an opponent where you would want to use your Tharja or Veronica. Every unit on that team has high Def, so a mage would have worked better~ I would have just broken the pot and flower bed and dance killed Cainhegis because he would be unable to transform due to being next to Wendy~ In fact, the entire team was boxed in so they could do nothing to get out and harm you from either side~
  8. Good gawd, why does Ross have so much HP? That dude is chonky. Amelia starts the map off well taking care of some of those ranged threats. Ewan and Lute each get a nice kill in~ But Ross ended up being the star of the show. I see you have already been feeding him well~ Great clear!
  9. Eliwood is a fantastic Galeforce choice, especially with his refined weapon. Ares is better for DC vantage, yeah~
  10. It would be better to use Cavalry or Infantry units, IMO. It can be a bit harder to set up Fliers for it.
  11. If they’re going to make these GHBs such a snooze, they could at least give reinforcements. Not much to say, didn’t even need to change Skills. I used Kumade just for fun~ Was gonna do a theme clear for a bonus but it would be a bit too easy for the team I had in mind, so I'll save it for a tougher map~ @Sasori Boey got to have a lot of fun here~ Gordin will have a better chance to showcase his refine in the future on a more deserving map~ Still nice seeing all these tanky ranged units together~ Aye, nice theme team! I actually didn’t know Ross was Oscar’s brother until someone pointed it out to me. People be sleeping on my man Leo, he did good work here~ So many fliers go down easily to the archers at the bottom of the map~ @DLNarshen Oooh Rauorserpent in action~ Which is what I would say if Julia didn’t eat the whole map first~ Still, Julius got a bit of fun in there~ Will love to see him taking on a worthy map~ @LordFrigid Cormag did some pretty big damage to Minerva, that was pretty impressive~ Still too easy for the Galeforce team~ I love how Peri just barely got into WOM range, it’s that easy of a map~ @Diovani Bressan Nice F2P strategy~ Guess you are ready to replace PM1, hmmm?
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