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  1. We wait his incoming rampage. Nice~ If you were a true degenerate, you would have left her unmerged and had 4 Ophelias on your Def Team with 2 Dumas/Yunes~ There's a Rokkr Sieges Thread so people will probably talk more about it there~ +HP, -Res is essentially Neutral unless he has a superbane in one of those stats since the extra HP will offset the lower Res. Mine was probably pretty decent (+Def, -HP) but I fed him to my M!Kana since I didn't see myself taking advantage of his niche too much even if his art is pretty amazing~
  2. Fairly easy matches today against some interesting teamz~ One guy really liked Awakening and had a Chrom and the Lissas team with Tharja and for some reason Mae. The other team was slightly intimidating but most of the enemies were blue and red so it was pretty easy all things considered~
  3. WhileI don't have it, Firesweep, Null-C is pretty crazy~ I also don't have access to it yet but Broadleaf Fan with CC, Vantage, and Double Smoke Skills is oh so appetizing~
  4. On the bright side, F!Berkut can pitybreak you while you pull for Dimitri~
  5. Well, I already have Ophelia so you're slightly less cool~ +3 though, that's pretty impressive~ How many were pitybreaks?
  6. Tome Eirika also says "Lee-own", so I imagine that is the correct pronunciation. Equal chances of 0%, maybe~ I don't see either of them demoting being the new Lords of the upcoming game. I wouldn't get my hopes up on demotes. The only demotes we've had so far this year have been fairly obvious with lackluster or almost worthless base kits, which isn't the case with Claude or Dimitri.
  7. Edgelord has good art~ Dull Close being on something worth pulling is pretty cool~ Rouse Skills are looking pretty nice~ She basically always wants to be as far away from her allies as possible. Dimitri’s art is okay~ So his lance requires him and his foe to be on the same wavelength, as in, if he is at 100% HP but his foe is not, he doesn’t get the guarenteed follow up~ Lull Skill seems pretty underwhelming being only a -3, though. But DB4 is always nice~ Claude’s art’s alright, great voice! Nice we’re getting more Def Smoke, but still need that Res~ F!Byleth is broken and angry AF. Inbuilt Null-Follow Up is awesome and her other Skills are just scary~ Expecting some crazy stats on her and her art looks really good~ Will use my tickets for her~
  8. Wooooo congrats on finally getting your coveted Dual Seal Skill~ They're pretty underused but if it weren't for your use of them on Matt, I probably wouldn't have thought to use it to beat Abyssal Azura Good luck getting Lyn this month! So we both got stalked by F!Berkut trying for Lyn? Where is my Nailah and Kliff!
  9. Any improvement is better than no improvement~ Even if you can only change one thing at a time, it would be an improvement~
  10. Yes, hit the farthest right button and "Test Defenses". You can use your own AR teams and see how other people are likely beating you~ Then you can make changes if a unit is too easily baitable or the Skills aren't working as intended, etc.
  11. It's important to watch them to see how you're losing. You can make adjustments during the week and you may start seeing better results. Also, Test the team against yourself, too. If you can beat it, then chances are, other people can, too. Seeing for yourself how your team moves can make it easier to fix things that need tweaking~
  12. You keep saying OF a Movement type with 2 or less Movement. That is not what it says. You do not have to be OF any specific move type to use Tactics Buffs. ANY Movement Type can take advantage. The TEAM has to be that which only has 2 or less of ANY Movement Type. The sentence can be confusing, but when you watch your replays and see that the 3 Infantry units will not be receiving the buffs, it should be made more clear how the Skill works.
  13. IDK why I even tried with Eirika earlier this week because she scores like 2 points more, BAESALA is the way to go~ +10ing Silvia was one of my better decisions (at least for when I lose bad enough to fall to T19). OK but the Liliana team is adorbs, admit it~ Dagger Liliana really should have been Blue~ Congrats! The first crown is always great!
  14. Congrats on finishing her! Caeda finally!! Congrats!! Thanx! Thanx (2)!! Nice, congrats!!
  15. You are still misreading it. It does not say if an ally is OF a type with 2 or less movement is says vif that Ally's Movement Type on the team is 2 or less than 2. To put it blatantly: Team 1: Cav, Cav, Armor, Flier (All units receive buffs) Team 2: Armor, Flier, Flier, Flier (Only the Armor will receive buffs because they Flying Movement Type is not 2 or less) Team 3: Flier, Flier, Infantry, Infantry (All units receive buffs)
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