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  1. Sorry I’m late, was a bit busy today so I held off on posting until I could watch everyone’s clears~ Don't know who invited this many beasts and dragons to the Battle of Eagle and Lion~ Not too difficult. Ishtar needed Brazen Atk/Def to have enough Atk to kill the Panic Troubadour (of all the Staves, OFC you have Panic). Dancing Is Everything needed Darting Stance to make the Pony hit Ishtar instead of him. Wanted to get Swordthardt a kill so we gave him WOM (he could have killed the Pony but I needed her alive so Mufasa would revert)~ That’s about it~ Comments time! @SatsumaFSoysoy - Oooh, Galeforce Hilda. Nice 1 HP live on Byleth. Even better is he almost one shots in return. Edelgard tanking Mufasa is really impressive. Nice clear! Though how did Byleth recruit Hilda on Edelgard’s path? @Ginko - LMAO, that complete one shot from Siegbert was amazing. He is defs enjoying that SS3. Azura getting in on the combat is fun, as well. Shiro always impresses, 0 damage from Mufasa is wild! Kaze gets to shine with those fun buckets. He just Res tanks everyone and kills Mufasa. I was worried who was going to kill him and he’s just blown away. Totally awesome clear! Love seeing my by Kaze get to shine. @DLNarshen - Nice music! Perfect map for the Res tank twins. The Dragons can’t do much of anything to them. Julius tanking Mufasa was quite the sight! Nice! @Sasori - Nice to see Boey and Mae again. Shiro tanking a Manakete and Tibarn was really brave, not to mention Mufasa afterward. Boey ate up that Special. Rally Atk to get the final kill, great way to finish! The girlies did just as well. Nothing can scratch Caeda’s Res. Tibarn is down before he even realizes what hit him. Sigurn able to tank on 1 HP was nice! @Diovani Bressan - Saizo the 5th Strikes is always the most fun (even though you CHEAT and use Eir to heal)~ But Infantry Team was cool, too because you somehow have fed your Nowi better than me and have Blue Flame LOL. Your Lucius is gr8 to see, too~ 96 damage Laev is WILDT LOL. @daisy jane - Yaaayy Bravecaiah~ Has Bravemilla been out and about with FlySquad yet? @LordFrigid - WOM 1 on Tibarn, the disrespect. Not as disrespectful as how easily Caeda dealt with Mufasa AND Tibarn by herself. Tibarn did well on his debut, didn’t expect him to kill a Blue Manakete with such ease~ @Alexmender - Marianne’s MOM, I DIE. Petra gets to flex that Hunting Blade on all these subhumans. Her Ground Orders was pretty useful, too. Byleth barely needed to step in for his students (and their mom) he should be proud~
  2. Dark Knight is fairly good, but Holy Knight is awful. Go Gremory or Bishop for White Magic. Only go Dark Knight for the guys~
  3. I know they weren't normally born humans, I'm saying the intent was still that they would become vessels. I'd argue against "Rhea did nothing wrong outside of CF", though. She still did wrong things, but as I said, nothing I'd chalk up to inherently evil.
  4. I saw Dimitri in BL, which was great because I didn't talk to Gatekeeper-kun~ Everyone else, I chose manually~ GD - Claude BE - Edelgard Church - Petra
  5. Edelgard is in the wrong and irredeemable for me. She is simply too self-righteous in believing that she is right and her way is the best way for everyone and anyone who doesn't agree gets the axe. Just because you have a tragic backstory doesn't give you the excuse to do all of the things she did. Trying to kill of Dimitri and Claude, Flayn's kidnapping, turning innocent students and people into Demonic Beasts, literally invading other innocent territories in a 5 year long war, and working with TWSITD in general leave me with very little to no sympathy for her. She comes across as having a dictator complex and the fact that she's actually wrong about a lot of the things she accuses the church of doesn't make it any better. She may think she has good intentions but her execution is horrible and I cannot see justification in her actions. Rhea is clearly wrong about lying about the history of Crests and Relics and her attempts to revive her mother by using people as vessels, but as a whole, Rhea does relatively little that I'd classify as evil. She lied to prevent another tragedy and protect her family's remains.. The Western Church members threatened her life, so while it clearly brutal to execute them as she did, it's not like she had no reason for it. IIRC, we have not seen Rhea kill anyone blindly (outside of CF), it was always someone who presented a threat to the Church. As for the Crests and Nobility mess itself, that was largely the fault of the Nobility and not Rhea herself. Could she have done more to stop it? Debatable. Maybe, maybe not. But is she directly responsible for people living shitty lives because of greedy nobles? Hardly, IMO. Rhea definitely is not innocent or perfect but I wouldn't chalk up anything she does as inherently evil. And at the very end of the day, she tells the truth and acknowledges what she did was wrong.
  6. ...I'm really missing what the issue is? Yes, Byleth has to be the professor. Jeralt is a knight, he doesn't have the time or the interest in dealing with the bunch of brats, as he calls them. Honestly, if Byleth was just a student, it would make the game much worse because there'd be no logical reason for the students to place that much trust in a normal student enough to TURN THEIR BLADES ON THEIR HOMELANDS. It makes sense for a professor to have that kind of influence. As well as to be making the tactical decisions they do in SS and VW. Edelgard has so much respect for Byleth with the whole "my teacher" thing, like I really don't see how you can say that nothing of significance would have been changed if Byleth wasn't the professor.
  7. F!Byleth overall~ Though I can only ever picture M!Byleth teaching Black Eagles so I basically F!Byleth for GD and BL and M!Byleth for BE~
  8. Ah, Tiki’s Abyssal. One of the most cancerous Abyssals we have. Good gosh it starts off hard on Matt right away. It was clutch for him to get the kill on the EP and that’s after tanking a Bonfire! Matt almost made this look like Infernal with how little he struggled after Tiki was gone. I would have thought you’d just plop him on the Defense tile but this was much more climactic. Next turn though, it was basically over. No one can hurt him on that tile. Everyone else goes down with little fuss
  9. Another domination by Matthew pretty much through and through. Turn 4 really started to look scary with all those reinforcements, but he was able to mow them down with some help from Ayra and Inigo. Some close calls in the beginning but no real struggle for him with Genny there to heal him. A great clear for the OG team~ I was impressed Morgan went in quite as ham as Matthew did. Thought Morgan was being a bit of a risk taker there leaving that Blue Mage alive but he was so scared, he went for Ninian. Amelia soloing the bottom half of the map was awesome. Also nice to see Priscilla and Ninian getting some action. All that maneuvering and warping cleaned the field up for those last foes to drop pretty easily. Another puzzle solved~ 9 damage from Roy. Serra really showed off her thickness in this one. As did Fae, as usual. She an Amelia must eat the same vitamins to be tanking all these Reds so easily. But Serra got to be super offensive here and dominated on both defense and offense. Awesome work!
  10. Keaton needs another Banner, him and Velouria are chilling at +3~ Need an Adrift F!Corrin to pitybreak me plz~
  11. Woah, using Naga in Astra Season when you could be using Dormer in Astra Season? This guy has the big brain plays~
  12. Had a pretty free match against a M!Robin and Morgan theme team~ 2nd match was easy, as well~ Kana being +10 now is already working wonders~ Congrats to you both!! Guess he forgot to equip DC~
  13. Using a team of S!Ishtar, Ishtar, S!Reinhardt, and Swordhardt~ Was able to S Support S!Reinhardt and S!Ishtar thanks to some grinding~ Still need more SP on them~
  14. Nothing here is really leaping out at me, should still be fine to save for October~
  15. THANX! For Grails, not sure~ Maybe Baesala~ I still need a +10 Flier~
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