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  1. Tanya is already 3-4* @Fire Emblem Fan, as is Rath
  2. Remember her VA changed~ Seems it's Sothis now~
  4. I'm pretty sure you can't get Orbs other than the guarenteed ones As for the presumed upcoming Feh Channel, I suspect a Book II Thanos and am otherwise certain we'll get the usual 4-5* demotes into the 3-4* pool~
  5. Congrats on getting him! You're nephew is stealing all the luck but nice that you were able to get him!
  6. CC is great and she always appreciates Guard. Hey hey, all Miwabe Sakura units are Lolis. Yeah, good thing Brammi's friends aren't quite as evil as him Thanks! I found that track the other day and I'm kind of addicted to it at the moment. Thanks! Sophia's been a great help so far and the Pulse Smoke came in super clutch, though I had to stall a bit, it was worth it when it worked out~ Sounds like a law Brammi would enforce. Officer Hilda is probably doing them a favor by not adding chip damage into the mix~ Glad you enjoyed! Yep, Sophia has been impressing me, too. The Elises always run into problems when it comes to tanking so it's good when their guest of the day can handle that for them. Yep, Sophia’s great! Really happy with the investment so far, even if it hasn’t been too much. She hasn’t disappointed yet~ An Anna solo, nice! The double Glacies nuke on the Blue Refrigerator was pretty nice! And OG!Azura got a tiny bit of nice action, too~ Well done! @LordFrigid - Guidance tricks to start it off, very nice. Celica handled this easier than I thought she would. I was surprised Thrasir couldn’t one shot the Thief, they have such annoying Res in these. Still nice work, fighting Panic with Panic. An Abyssal theme clear is really impressive! Almost seemed like the Laslow and frens show for a bit there, he is working wonders with that refine. All those movement shenanigans and Links looked like a lot of fun though, especially on the 2nd to last turn. Congrats to the Awakening Brigade and Daughter @Nowi's Husband - More Blazing Fun with Nowi! The Guidance swarm was pretty intimidating but Nowi tanked it out like a champ. Really awesome clear, all those Skills played a part in getting this done. @Vicious Sal - Don’t blame you, stalling can take a while. I wish there had been a faster way to get it done but I had to keep Elise behind Sophia so she was getting buffed in Spd to trigger his Prf. Nice job with the Whitewings! Lots of Flier and Movement shenanigans in this one. Valentian Catia’s and Est’s nuking and the Quad Galeforce to finish from OG!Catria made this fun clear to watch!
  7. Thanks! She's been working great for me so far, I was happy her Abyssal debut was a success~ Ah, I see it now~ Fliers are a great choice for this map. As is trapping in those annoying ranged units with Camilla while the others dispatch of the lower half of the map~ I was a bit worried when that huge wave of enemies backed you into a corner but you killed them faster than the armor could move, that was a pretty good strategy. Nice quad on the final kill!
  8. Brammi certainly lives up to his reputation, but still nothing a bunch of Lolis couldn’t handle He did make us work for it though and we ended up having to bust out the Sophia just to be able to 1 V 1 him. Elise uses her Brazen Atk/Spd 4 for the first time for some double Brazen rampaging which was quite necessary. S!Elise actually didn’t fight much but was easily the MVP for having the most valuable plays with her Pulse Smoke and knocking that Blue Fridge out of Panic Ploy range against Sophia. HS!Elise actually carried the Skill needed for victory, which was Chill Spd so we could get the final kill against that absurdly fast ninja. Fun fact: I was....soooo tempted to try to Summon and Bunny Narcian just so I didn't have to waste my Ylgr Manual (since Elise already has Spd Tactic) or buy a Panne. Figured buying Eir if I need Spd Tactic will be cheaper than buying another Panne, so RIP Ylgr. Sophia only needed to change her Warding Stance Seal to Steady Stance to fair slightly better against the Blue Fridge. Really had to go hard offensive with this one for the early battles because it’s super easy to get trapped with all the enemies and there’s so much Panic that needs to be sniped ASAP. Once I got more aggressive with it, all we had to do was out-stall Bramimond~ I’m curious how everyone else faired~
  9. Was gonna double up, wasted a ladder, and had to take a match with 3 losses~ Already emotionally checking out of this Season, see you in Astra~ Congrats!! Really happy for you!
  10. Press F for F!Byleth Also, how TF does Feh get a Lance Infantry Dimitri when mine is stuck on a horse. I demand Feh's game
  11. His art is super cool, and he's Colorless. Meaning he will eventually share with Lord Dormer, Alm, or Leif~ Free Pull on Colorless and saving until that time comes. Atk/Spd Push 4, I will have you another day~
  12. Went with a couple clears again~ Elises first~ Sakura got a kill for @SatsumaFSoysoy Then some Three Houses Just needed Drive Atk on Lysithea and Byleth to not buff Dimitri and trigger DK's NFU~ And some Miwabe Lolis~ Featuring our newest Miwabe Sakura unit, Sophia, making her debut~ Needed some tweaking of Mist's and Est's Seals, but otherwise pretty straightforward~ Bartre taking down Red units like it’s nothing. Peony eating Brave Bows like it’s nothing. Bunny Bartre devouring Death Knight like it’s nothing. What kind of otherworldly team is this? @Rezzy Ayyyee, we both used Est~ Funny seeing Titania take 0 damage from a Red Mage~
  13. Maybe if Alfonse was +10 it would be more legit
  14. My Defense was awful this week since I was basically memeing instead of using my real one~ Despite that, I somehow still managed T26, just barely. Just too many matches where I couldn't use Annette. T27 may have been possible if I could have used her more but I'll probably have to give up on that~ Bright side is, she did well in most of the matches where I did use her. And Sophia has a 100% success rate so far, too~ So nice in that regard~ Good luck, hope you can get that throne!
  15. I don't know why I forgot about DD3 Seal. Definitely can go with it, too and QR in the Seal. I'll edit to mention those, as well. I didn't know what was best for a complete CC build other than QR. What would you guys suggest?
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