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  1. Yeah, I lucked into a Gullveig on a pretty low pity rate just to give it to HS!Elise. I figured it would be useful for these new maps to at least slow enemies down. Hope you can grab at some point! Wasn't expecting her to survive two hits from Alear, either, so that was pretty lucky!
  2. Yeah, it's surprisingly come in clutch in several recent LHBs with the ability to provide Guard without having to attack. Since Holy Pressure gives Gravity, Elise's Staff's main selling point can still be pulled off.
  3. Admittedly, this one was a little rough with just how much range these enemies have. Fortunately, they can be slowed down to some degree and Elincia really doesn't have an Enemy Phase to speak of. So as long as we kept our distance, the map wasn't super hard (though I did have to mess with almost all my Skills so thanks map). @Xenomata - Hope you enjoy your new games! It was fun having you around~ @GuiltyLove - Tanking Elincia right off the bat is both terrifying and impressive. R!Grima is no joke! Once she was out of the way, the rest of the map was pretty much a cake walk. I thought Elincia's own damage was scary, leave it to Catria to deal 125 damage without a special to her. She might be the actual Undaunted Queen here. @BoaFerox - So, I heard you liked Flared Sparrow. That clear looked a bit personal for Team Tana. Perhaps Elincia will think twice about warping shenanigans in the future!
  4. Quite an easy fight...somehow. I still don't know how I cleared this one so quickly, it was right after reset and everything. I was only goofing around seeing how far I could get before bed and it ended up being surprisingly straightforward. @GuiltyLove - Still amazing how Catria can just one shot Abyssal level enemies, her Prf is so strong. Speaking of strong, Spring Maria feels super slept on lately so it was nice to see her tankiness here! @Diovani Bressan - The Falchion boys not even needing their Falchions to take out the Green Dragon! Very impressive! @BoaFerox - Nice new Skill for Dagger Tana, Flared Sparrow is perfect for extra chip damage during these one turn clears! @Sasori - Flare Raigh! He's picked up a new skill, too, I see~ And with the SS4, his merciless massacre packs a major punch. Lucius is an adorable addition to the team, too. @Yggi - Even without too many of the brand new, busted skills, the Judgral team is still plenty capable against these new LHBs!
  5. Been doing a lot of work lately but I have time now to go back and tackle the recent LHB/MHB topics I haven't posted in. Wasn't a hard fight once Freyr couldn't make use of his buddies to reduce damage. @GuiltyLove - Rearmed Grima was good to have on this lineup. There wasn't much Freyr could do to her while the rest of the team chipped away at the remaining enemies. Nice to see the standard Whitewing lineup was still capable even without Grima's help with all the warping fun. Meanwhile the Dragon Lilith Grima combo team had little to worry about with their evil bodyguard. @BoaFerox - Always good to have a Dusk Uchiwa to take care of pesky Cavs like Freyr! @Diovani Bressan - Double Ninja Katana and a Shuriken Cleaver, that was a pretty brutal assault against Freyr and friends. @Some Jerk - A fresh face of some new lethal dancers! Larum tanking Freyr was admittedly not on my bingo board but I'm happy to see it was possible nonetheless!
  6. @Diovani Bressan - Wow, mostly Enemy Phase clear, those aren't common, but with all the trees, it was a smart decision! Good job, Marth team! @BoaFerox - Those trees were no problem for the Tanas! Super easy clear for them!
  7. I cleared this the day after the map came out after thinking it was going to be impossible. I expected her to have Hardy Bearing to shut down my Desperation strategy that I'd used up until the Abyssal stage. Turns out the solution was really simple: Pulse Smoke. In addition to Pulse Smoke, Seaside Parasol also helped us get the win and I didn't even realize it until I was recording since it prevented her from getting her Special back. I'd actually had it equipped for another enemy entirely but ended up not needing it for that one. Time for some late comments! @Diovani Bressan - Fellow Pulse Smoke strats! Duo Marth is shining in these clears lately. @Some Jerk - Woah on Silvia absolutely eating that Iceberg, much less clearing the whole thing by herself. Truly best girl, needed her Resplendent yesterday. @Sasori - The boys are super stonks with those Arcane Weapons and Seaside Parasol. Took a lot to take Guin down but she was defenseless at that point~ Nice work! @GuiltyLove - Valentian Catria and Palla dominated this map! Impressive given that their builds are relatively simple. @BoaFerox - Baby Tana getting the boss kill with Ninja Naginata! Love that Summer Tana set the scene up and got to get the final kill thanks to the Duo Dance!
  8. I could have cleared this a bit quicker if I wasn't so hell bent on trying to save my Shez Combat Manual. Soon as I foddered him, the map was beaten~ Fortunately, it was pretty easy to stay out of the way of Hinoka's Charge Shenanigans. And as long as everything died or was avoided, no WOM4 ruining our day either~ @GuiltyLove - You wouldn't have thought there were so many Archers on this map with how easy the Whitewings managed to clear it. Fortunately, Grima Gang doesn't have to worry about any Bow damage anyway. @Xenomata - That is a super spicy Nina. I wish I had that many Arcane Weapons for my Leif and Peri. @Some Jerk - That Silvia build should be written about in the history books.
  9. I never ended up posting my Yuri clear because I always like to do all my comments at the same time as my post and I was pretty busy recently without much time to sit down and go through all the clears, so I'll be taking care of that right now~ It's been a while, so I don't remember if I had any trouble dealing with Yuri. I think the map was a bit tricky with his movement, but IIRC, I cut down on the original clear time with some changes to the AI in my recorded attempt. @Some Jerk - That's a monstruous debut from Quan. Busted build and he ends up doing most of the heavy lifting, too. Awesome to see just how strong he is with the Arcane Bow and such a busted build. @Diovani Bressan - Far Save on Duo Marth to get that final kill was a nice surprise! That might come in really handy for some of these one-turns! @GuiltyLove - Lots of Grima tanking, but fortunately nothing hit them too hard while the Liliths took care of the player phasing. Maria is quite the bulky beast. Impressive flyer shenanigans to get Catria over to Yuri just in time for the kill. @Sasori - Ashe on the squad! His color palette is so nice on this alt, I can't get over it~ And he got some nice skills! Love seeing Xane get some use, too! Still one of the most fun characters to play with. Didn't realize Alfred was that tanky. Hope I can eventually get him on his rerun~ @BoaFerox - Sorry to hear about such terrible Tana luck. At the very least, she now has all the colors covered and she can make moving around on these maps a lot easier thanks to her warping. Very stellar use of the Tomato Tome on Summer Tana, I must say.
  10. Pretty easy one, only took a couple tries and the strat barely changed from Lunatic until Abyssal. The Keen Gronnwolf was actually for the Red Mage Cav, not Nerþuz~ @Some Jerk - Ninian already having Alarm is insane but I expected nothing less from you. Not only does Ninian kill Nerþuz with her own skill, but Olivia basically rampages all by herself on the other side. Nothing here that can stop an Olivia that stacked.
  11. Not late on this because I forgot, but because I've been mass clearing every LHB/MHB with the 4 Elise team. So I've been rendering a bunch of videos lately and haven't had time to actually post them. But I don't want to be too late on this one before the new map comes out. @Yggi - Jamke is always great in these. I was worried towards the end that Robin would cause some trouble, but looks like Seliph only needed one round before Jamke came to clean up. @BoaFerox - Impressive that Tana and Peony were able to take a counterattack from Robin. It's a lot easier to deal with him before he has a chance to active any of his annoying debuff skills. @Some Jerk - Looks like all you're missing is an Arcane Dagger. Not only getting the trap on Robin and chipping away at him but leaving Olivia to tank a blue refrigerator was really impressive! @GuiltyLove - That actually looked pretty easy for the Whitewings. No one really posed a threat thanks to the Cheating Skill. Which I think is justified on this map. Nice work from the Lilith, team. Didn't seem that bad, either. And it's always fun to see how much damage they do. @Sasori - Woo, Kiragi's finally here! Forrest has been snacking on some nice food, too! He packs just as much of a punch as his princely brethren. @Diovanni - Nice work, Robin may be annoying but Seliph is more annoying! Claude's prf in action looks really fun!
  12. Le finally~ Surely they will put it on another Healer not named Elise Right?
  13. Kinda wished there had been some reinforcements~ @Diovani Bressan - Nice to see Duo Marth in one of these! His refine was pretty good~ @GuiltyLove - Nice clear! I haven't gotten a single copy of Shez yet, kinda jealous of everyone building her up. @BoaFerox - Easy job for the Tanas, especially with the Arcane Lance. Did you end up getting Ophelia for Summer Tana? @Yggi - Good job on the clear! Especially with such a simple build on Ike~
  14. Terribly late because I forgot to check for the new thread! @Diovani Bressan - Lunge strats! And a rare occasion of L!Marth getting to play with the other Marths. @GuiltyLove - Poor Abel having to run into an awkward situation on the battlefield. And congrats on the Lilith merge! @BoaFerox - Who needs to worry about Canto Control when the other Tanas can fly in right where they need to be? Nice work!
  15. I realized I totally forgot to post the last round of Limiteds~ So I have some backed up comments to get through~ @Diovani Bressan - Nice match against Ullr~ Royliwood and Igrene really carried most of the map. Ursula was pretty straightforward, almost solo'd by Holst. I don't see Male Shez enough so it was nice he got to join in~ Altina and Edelgard ran through most of the map, but Yune and Ashera still played their parts. I wonder what three Edeltinas could have done~ Nice Nah solo! I'm jealous how good yours is~ We got some similar skills from the HoF. Oooh a one-turn against Fae, pretty good! Especially with Seliph and Leif on the team~ Ayra holds up pretty nicely, too~ @Some Jerk - I was wondering about the length of that video before I saw it was an Olivia solo~ It's insanely impressive that she was able to pull that off. That's a build I would slap on my Lene if I had the resources. @GuiltyLove - Nice almost Grima Emblem. I almost forgot we have three girl Grimas now. They're all incredible tanks so this one was pretty easy for the team. Michalis isn't too tough against these new units, especially with L!Eliwood's buffs. Looks like Fae was still tricky to deal with, but Seliph being immortal comes in extremely handy in taking her down~ We used a pretty similar team! @BoaFerox - Ayyye, so Tana got a nice new Arcane weapon! Can't wait to see her use it in the Abyssals since it's making her a lot more tanky (even though she'll clear it in a single turn anyway).
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