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  1. I committed the grave sin of forgetting to not use Dance on Mirabilis for the Elise clear, so to right my wrong, I did a second clear with the husbando-daughter double duo. Honestly don't even know if I could have done it without dancing as it is, maybe if I killed half my Barracks and it was easier to make Mirabilis have the lowest HP. No real issues for the furries~ @Maaka - Odd Tempest was pretty useful to one-turn this since the enemies are so spaced out. I was wondering if it was even possible but nothing is impossible with Dad Bartre. @Diovani Bressan - Very straightforward EP one-turn. That was too easy for Nowi and frens. I feel like the AI forgot how to play the game on this map, LOL. Or maybe they don’t have the heart to kill the Fairies. They are quite intimidating.
  2. Baby Girl came home in less than 100 Orbs! +Spd, -HP so she's perfect! She also brought some nice food with her. -Atk so won't feel bad about sacking her to someone. I didn't post these Christmas Summons but I got: from a ticket and spent WAY too many Orbs for: Ended up getting 2 5* copies while going for the guarenteed Elise food
  3. FREE KEATON, SOTHIS BLESS No Mira is good for my Orbs, but my daughter, Peondra, and Plumeria are bad for my Orbs
  4. Actually a bit tricky since Lyon stops OG!Elise from being able to Res tank. But nothing HS!Elise couldn't handle once Eirika's Special was gone. @Maakar - Everyone gets a ninja weapon! It must be hard making GOD Bartre take enough damage to get into WOM range. @BoaFerox - Who knew Summer Tana was that much of a horrible monster. Very appropriate for her to slap Lyon and Erika in the faces. Why is Ross’s Japanese voice so good, he sounds like an anime protagonist. Cool that so many Sacred Stones units are such good Galeforcers.
  5. Was a bit tougher for the Elises, but we were able to bring in a reserve team member for some help. OG!Elise's new toy did come in handy but it came at the cost of not finishing his last 2K feathers, RIP.
  6. Poor Hrid, can’t beat a couple of kids. @NSSKG151 - Baby Merric is such a good unit, his healing is so clutch for the whole team. Norne and Baby Caeda are pretty busted so they pretty easily helped him tear this map down. @Some Jerk - Offensive Phina is the best Phina. Especially when she’s killing Hrid. And everyone else, I guess. Phina way too stronk honestly. @GuiltyLove - Hard to go wrong with Caeda against horses and magic. The fliers had no trouble here, even if they got a little low on health. Nice work! @Maaka - Very easy with some very busted kids and Caeda’s future self. Funny that the baby had to save her older version. @Diovani Bressan - OK that one turn was pretty high IQ. Any only using three units, very insane. I guess if you HIDE NInian I can pretend you also used all babies. But I will accept it just this one time since Baby Caeda nuked Hrid and it's what he deserves.
  7. HELL YES https://imgur.com/a/osxjpQf#qRtYyDI His art is good, that's all that matters If I don't get a Colorless, I'm tapping Blue for at least one Hilda She's a great +10 Project tho
  8. @Diovani Bressan - FAIRIESSSS! I could only do this on Lunatic with the Fairies, you mock me 😧 Triandra and Plumeria are such beasts, I love using them offensively. I need more Orbs for January but I’ll try to get a couple copies since I skipped her this year. @Unknown Gamer11 - Lugh really said he’ll just handle it by himself, I guess, LOL, what a savage.
  9. A bit late on comments but here I am~ Blame my old ass computer having to go to the shop for a few days~
  10. Two clears this time~ Elise as usual~ And the Fairies~ Youtube chose the thumbnail, don't judge me~ Neither was too hard with some Skill swapping and positioning. Time to catch up~ @SatsumaFSoysoy - Shamir with Deadeye is just evil. She and Reginn are just actual machine guns ft. Freyja’s laser beam horn. @Diovani Bressan - I thought this would be hard to one-turn on player phase but I guess not if you just use Leif~ Also yaaass Nowi's refine!! @Sasori - Poor Ewan took such a beating, but good choice of tome to stay healed up. He ended up taking down most of the map. Good work!
  11. I'M IN LOVE https://fehpass.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/00003002000148/
  12. Haven't posted my pulls as of late, but I've been a bit too lucky recently. Double Special Heroes is the time where I'm supposed to get utterly destroyed, but this was my best session yet, didn't even go up to 10% Then I got a +Atk F!Kris in the second circle on her Banner. Given all this luck, I expected to be destroyed on the Mythic Banner. And I was originally. Spent close to 200 or so Orbs at reset for a 2nd Hel and... Wasted a ton of Orbs on Colorless when I should have just sniped Green. Summoned again in the morning and in less than 50 Orbs, I got: Leif immediately, Hel immediately after, a bit later was a second Triandra. Followed by... One of the targets I wanted most in Colorless. Then a THIRD Triandra, and finally... I was worried the lady of the hour wouldn't show up but as I was down to 50 Orbs left, she made her appearance. And to top it all off, free Summon on the VG Banner was: Now, I really wanted Jaffar because I still don't have him, but of course the better fodder came home instead. I'm not sure how long this luck will last. It'll probably end when we get Christmas or NY!Elise or something.
  13. It took longer to upload this than to actually beat the map. Also Healers were a mistake [2]. As you can see, double SS was needed. Almost put it on S!Elise, too, before I realized she wasn’t running Glimmer for one of the kills. I originally had a cleaner last two Phases, but I accidentally put Mirabilis in the wrong place and had to improvise a bit. Still worked out so good enough for me~ @LordFrigid - Knock Back is the new meta, clearly. I still can't even grasp how you come up with these plays. Nice work~ @Some Jerk - Deadeye Midori, it’s what she deserves. Heavy Blade 4 is great so she can actually proc it. Frejya doing no damage without her Special is kind wild. Actually no one doing any damage is completely terrifying. More Dancer Emblem, I support! Demon Leanne really has no business bullying those mages with her Res stat and Glacies nukes. Eldigan is stupidly thicc. I was wondering who would kill Freyja, good move deactivating her Solo buffs. @Maakar - Fir got her own pink axe now. I loved Florina’s “shh” line like this whole one-turn was a sneak attack. @Nowi's Husband - Huh, I only just realized Triandra was running Miracle. Nice way to deal with it on your end. Love your H!Nowi build, I want to give her a Rein, too but of course the Res ones are all on the Faries. @GuiltyLove - Movement skills are super useful on this map considering all the awkward places the enemies can spawn in from. And those we some huge numbers on Palla and Catria, that was really cool. @Diovani Bressan - Ultra Marth did not solo the map, I am very disappointed and my day is ruined. But Seteth and Altina managed to carry the team on their backs so it was still fun to watch.
  14. @NSSKG151 - Well, that was certainly a smackdown. Considering this used to be one of the hardest Abyssals, it’s crazy how the Annas ft. Jill tore the map apart so easily. @GuiltyLove - Nice when we get a bit more from Camilla, she’s usually giving more buffs than getting kills. A good team effort from everyone here in this one. Nice job!
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