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  1. How should I go about asking this? I never asked out a girl before. This is someone who happens to be occupied a lot. I don't want to ruin my friendship.
  2. So basically I had suffered from low testosterone and I didn't experience much interest in sex or romance my entire youth. I have been taking some medication for my health issues and lately I have an interest in women. These past few weeks, my semester for university started and I joined up with this org focusing on community service. I was one of the newer members and the vice-president was really friendly with me and inviting whenever she saw me alone (I am usually a loner). We became friends after this but ever since I met her, I cannot help but feel attracted to her. The org participates in activities several times a week and I don't know if it is a good idea to ask her out given her position in the group. I've only known her for about two weeks but I feel overwhelmed since I have rarely dealt with crushes my entire life. FWIW, she's a second year and I'm a third year with different majors. EDIT: Given her position in the group, she is always active with activities. Plus she is a STEM major. I can't help but feel even if she was interested in me, she has to say no due to a lack of time.
  3. Is the Heirs of Fate DLC worth getting for 8 bucks? I mostly care about gameplay.
  4. 1. Corrin with Rod Knight talent 2. Maid Sakura 3. Spear Master Ryoma 4. Oboro 5.Blacksmith Rinkah!Midori 6.Onmyoji Sakura!Kana 7.Dreadfighter Hinata 8 more guys. What should Oboro be?
  5. 1. Corrin with Rod Knight talent 2. Maid!Sakura 3. Spear Master! Ryoma 4. Oboro (not sure what her final class should be)
  6. Never done a PMU before and wanted to do it on Lunatic!Birthright since I liked it more than Conquest. I will lay out a few rules however: - 15 Units max - I intend on using a Male Corrin with either a Speed or Magic asset. Pick out a wife and talent for him. Don't give me Selkie since I married her in my previous file. - No awful units please unless it can be effectively used in an unorthodox fashion. - I don't intend on using captured units or Corrinsexuals. - Second Gen Units are fair game. - DLC classes are allowed - Ryoma is allowed but give me a reclass option (I don't want to steamroll the game)
  7. That's amazing. What made you wanna replay those games that much?
  8. I typically play each FE game twice, once on the default difficulty (or "Hard" for the 3DS games) and the second time for a higher difficulty. I replayed Awakening multiple times back mainly because I loved the Plegia arc. I stopped replaying it after I tried out FE7- didn't know Awakening's maps were lame. Only played FE4, 5, and 15 once each. They weren't bad games but the gameplay was really outdated (especially FE4) and they didn't have enough QoL features compared to the 3DS titles (though the Turnwheel mechanic was a great addition).
  9. Where does it improve over Birthright? I found Lunatic!Birthright to be a good challenge up until lategame where everything OHKO's my units. I am aware of the fates of certain characters but beyond this, I don't know much about the story.
  10. I bought Conquest 2-3 years ago and I loved it and done multiple playthroughs of it, though I never had enough interest to finish a Lunatic run. Got bored and downloaded Birthright last week and actually enjoyed the roster, story, and music much more. I initially played this on Lunatic though I had to lower the difficulty by Chapter 26 because my units had the defense of a wet cookie- also I handicapped myself by retiring Ryoma. I am aware that Revelation has a lot of "gimmicks" to it and is mainly catered to PvP. Is a playthrough worth it despite these flaws? Or am I better off watching a run off YouTube?
  11. Does anyone happen to have any ideas of anachronisms existing within the Fire Emblem games? I have been replaying Awakening and Fates and for whatever reason, I like to think of the cast living in a modern world except that the military and politics remain stagnant in medieval times. The supports seem to reference bathrooms, showers, and even modern-day candy (just look at Gaius's artwork and supports). The Outrealms from the DLC chapters even have tomes that work function as cameras and intercoms. I do know that early civilizations had indoor plumbing, though I really doubt they were able to have steamy showers inside a tent.
  12. I decided to try out Birthright on Lunatic mode after only having Conquest for two years. I had just finished the game and I personally found Lunatic!Birthright to be quite difficult contrary to what most people have said. The game was fairly challenging up until the late-game. The reinforcements and their Silver weapons made a very obnoxious design choice. I was struggling so hard to the point where I had relied on grinding and DLC to flow through. By Chapter 26, I had to lower the difficulty down to Hard since my units kept on getting killed. I had played through Hard mode Conquest before and I didn't find it to be that difficult aside from Chapter 10. I never bothered grinding unless I wanted a unit to S rank another ASAP.
  13. Anyone here into weightlifting? How'd you get into it and what program/routine do you run? I used to be a 160+ lbs as a 5'5 guy. Decided to do some cardio but ended up too thin at a weight of 120 lbs. I tried bulking up and lifting weights but it turns out that I have trouble getting stronger thanks to a pituitary tumor messing up my hormones. Been taking medication for this but I still continue to struggle. I still weight lift because I find it fun and more engaging than cardio. I am now 155 lbs (not that far away from my old weight) though I am much more leaner than I was back then even though I barely built any muscle. Most of the weight I gained was body fat but nonetheless I have no regrets starting this activity.
  14. https://imgur.com/a/bzxapDR I happened to find this ball lying around on the street years ago but kept it. Never thought of its significance until now.
  15. Damn I would have preferred that over Ambipom. Clefable may be better overall, but Aipom could be found before the second badge. Plus dat Technician.
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