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  1. Something like the original Final Fantasy, Etrian Odyssey series, DQ III, etc. Basically you customize your party and there's rarely ever (if any) dialogue spoken. In the even there is dialogue, it is very vague as to who said it. Personally I enjoy this type of set up because it allows me to visualize the party with my own imagination- any dialogue and personality within the party members is entirely headcanon. Not to say I dislike games with set personalities, I just have a special spot for these types. Anyone else feel the same?
  2. While I don't necessarily enjoy living with my parents, I do agree with this statement. Throughout history, most homes have been multi-generational and moving out when you turn 18 is a just a recent mentality adopted by the West. FWIW I have an uncle in his 40s, married, and he still lives with his mother, never having moved out. Living in a household with your wife and your mother is probably strange to most people living in the West.
  3. I am from the U.S. (live in California) and I still live with mine. I am a 21 yo University student who commuted to campus so I basically had no reason to move out (especially since this is a pretty costly state). I would love to move out asap but I am unemployed (being a commuter living in a Spanish speaking neighborhood made it hard to find work; COVID made it even harder). Luckily my parents aren't total dicks and I could bear to live with them for a few more years. Most of my friends still live with theirs and I only know less than a handful who officially moved out- I don't consider living in a dorm to be "moving out." It also helps that some of them are Hispanic and they tend to have strong cultural ties. What about you guys? I grew up with the mentality that parents kick their kids out ASAP but I guess my family doesn't subscribe to that idea. FWIW this concept is dying out due to the economy (I think half of millennial today still live with their parents?). Once I finish school and get employed, I plan on staying home for at least a year. I rather save up money for a decent apartment and not live check to check for the next few decades.
  4. 1. Corrin with Rod Knight talent 2. Maid Sakura 3. Spear Master Ryoma 4. Swordsmaster!Oboro 5.Blacksmith Rinkah!Midori 6.Onmyoji Sakura!Kana 7.Dreadfighter Hinata 8. Sniper!Hana 9. MoA!Setsuna 10.Basara!Hinoka 11.Merchant!Azama 12.Mechanist!Kagero Looks like I have to pair Corrin x Sakura, Ryoma X Oboro, Rinkah x Kaze, and Hana x Setsuna to get these classes. Looks fun! This is also surprisingly balanced.
  5. 1. Corrin with Rod Knight talent 2. Maid!Sakura 3. Spear Master! Ryoma 4. Swordmaster!Oboro 5. Sniper!Hana 6. MoA!Setsuna 7. Basara!Hinoka 8. Apothecary!Azama If IIRC, I'm gonna have to pair up Ryoma and Oboro and have them Partner Seal each other. Hana and Setsuna will Friendship seal one another (didn't realize they had supports). IDK what to promote Azama into so if anyone can decide, be my guest. EDIT: Is it against a PMU to reclass a unit for specific skills? Or should you reclass them ASAP and keep them that way for the rest of the game? Looking for at least 4 more people.
  6. C'mon guys it's been over a year. I still need 8 more units.
  7. I'm a senior at a CSU studying economics and I really only had two different jobs my entire life, with 0 internships. My first job is really an unpaid volunteer position at a clinic where I served as a receptionist though I worked at that location for 20 hours a week. The second job I had (several months after my first) was a seasonal position at retail which was incredibly easy but I got laid off because the company was "overstaffed" after Christmas. I commuted 20 miles throughout college and it was hard for me to get hired throughout these four years of school (especially since I had a 5 day class schedules). Didn't help that the location I lived in was primarily Spanish speaking. Beyond this, I have a bunch of community service experience from a club I joined though it usually revolves around helping disabled kids and picking up trash. I almost got hired this year but I was forced to reject the job because it had a 40 hour work week (no flexible hours) and at least three of my classes this semester are holding real time lectures. Is it worth lying on my resume? My outline is filled with info about my previous positions, classes I've taken, Excel experience, typing speed, etc. I was thinking of changing "volunteer" to "receptionist" for my first job and perhaps "stretching the truth" about certain skills. I wouldn't go as far as putting in companies I never set foot in nor falsifying skillsets I lack.
  8. I'm trying to get that Shiny Charm and I am missing several trade based evos as well as certain Sword exclusives. I don't have much to offer except maybe the Shield counterparts. I am willing to trade back any pokemon after the entries are registered. Conkeldurr Flapple Swirlix + Slurpuff Aromatisse Corsola Cleffa line Rhyperior Gothita Escavalier Passimian Stonjourner Drampa Zacian
  9. Oof that's kinda rough. What did you do for 1.5 years if you don't mind me asking? Luckily I live in a traditional household where familial ties are emphasized so I don't have any fear of being kicked out soon, though it is a dream to move out for me.
  10. Full-time university student majoring in Economics at a CSU. I get decent grades in my classes but I only had one retail job before which was seasonal; would've had more but I was either lazy or my class schedule made it hard to have a part time job (didn't help that I have a 45 minute commute to campus). I do have a few months worth of volunteer experience though at either clinics or local community service orgs in my city so I'm not quite inexperienced. Still wished I had an internship but I am either unqualified, don't have the right major, or don't know the right people. Anybody else here feel the same? I've been searching for a job to get out of the house but the pandemic ruined my chances. I do have some friends that are interns (completely different field), have jobs at retail (likely got laid off), or had a kid with their high school sweetheart (lol).
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to post for some help but I did my best to conceal my private info. I am a bit lacking in terms of the internship department. My university has plenty of career fairs but I never found time to participate, mostly because it always interfered with my class schedule. Most of the internships I see online are STEM related or demand something that I am not qualified in; the few people who I know that have internships either got them through family or are MLMs. I had depression my first 2 years of university so I did next to nothing besides volunteering at this clinic and having a seasonal job at retail (where nearly everyone who got laid off after Christmas). Not looking for a job at the moment but I am worried if I am "behind" in a sense. I would've had a part time job (instead of seasonal) but every year I struggled to find one as a full-time student that works with my schedule. It doesn't help that I still live with my family who are financially stable, giving me even less incentive to look for one.
  12. Idk, I ran that with my Samurai Corrin and she went pretty well. I kinda regret it now considering how Ninja doesn't get any Proc Skills, but at least hit rates aren't an issue. Didn't realize the DLC Classes are underwhelming- only classes I actually used were Dark Flier and Witch which I found busted thanks to the skills. YMMV about the Chrom part; typically Lissa usually gets KO'd.
  13. Ok so in my second run of Lunatic, I decided to use Male Corrin (+Skill, -Luck) with a Ninja talent. This run is slightly easier than my first because I knew what to expect though I will admit I used different strats than the first time. I never broke all the pots in Ch.12 but I found myself having Azura DV while Silas shelters her. Also Jakob is far superior to Felicia. Idk if I could’ve gotten past my first time with a Male Corrin. Are the DLC classes from Before Awakening busted? I decided to be more lenient my second time and use this DLC to grind up any supports to ensure I get certain child characters? I don’t plan on using the EXP or Gold dlcs since that defeats the purpose of Conquest. Unrelated but who should my Ninja Corrin S Rank?
  14. I did cheese chapters 19-20. For the Kitsune map, I had Effie paired up with Xander with a tonic and a meal and just had her tank the rest of the map while keeping a healer or 2 closeby. The Eternal Stairway, I had my Swordmasters Corrin and Xander Paired Up together and dodge tank all of the golems. This was pretty RNG dependent so I don't recommend depending on who you married/ what talent you picked at the beginning. All the other chapters had to be reset a least a couple dozen tons. Fuga's Wild Ride gave me a literal headache because all the Kinshi Knights kept killing Kaze equipped with Hunter's Knife. I don't feel bad for turtling this chapter.
  15. I know that most of the series takes place in a Medieval European world but with elements of fantasy to it. It wouldn't be unreasonable to assume a significant portion of the cast (besides the characters from Fates) must smell like sweat and iron due to their long campaigns across the games, lacking the time to bathe- heck it's canon the Cynthia bathes once a week (read her supports with Nah). Female Robin and Chrom's supports from Awakening mention steam in the bathing tents so Ylisse likely has developed indoor plumbing (magical or not) since Marth's time though so I suppose people would smell just fine during times of peace. HOWEVER, Clarine apparently shampoos her hair multiple times daily- a product that wasn't introduced in Europe until the 18th century. It's probably a case of anachronism within Elibe.
  16. Ok so that was a lie... Imma play Conquest Lunatic mode again- THIS TIME WITH DLC classes. I seldom used them even on easier difficulties. Here we go again.
  17. Thanks, i don't feel bad about using my units as meatshields on the final chapter. Hell, I found myself doing this on Normal mode alone. IDK what the devs were on when they were designing Endgame. Conquest had my favorite maps in the series- if the royals were less busted and the story had been decent it'd probably be my dream FE game.
  18. Reclassed him into a Great Knight immediately and he was great Early game. I eventually benched him though for Peri and Xander.
  19. Never again. The difficulty of the Campaign was fair up until the last few chapters. I don't understand why the devs ruin perfectly good map design with enemies holding NPC exclusive skills. Still have PTSD from Ryoma's Ninja Hell. I felt tempted to use my DLC items just to make it even but I enjoyed the (painful) challenge. I literally reset a few dozen times on Chapter 10, 12, 20, and everything past 24. The game got significantly easier when I had Xander use a Partner Seal to reclass into my Fem!Corrin's Swordmaster class. He dodgetanked just about everything and received minimal damage in the event he got hit. The only 2nd Gen characters I managed to recruit were Kana, Siegbert, Midori, Forrest, Soleil and Nina. I just about benched everyone beisdes Nina (who was excellent with her Shining Bow) due to the parents being superior in stats/levels even with the Offspring Seal used. I don't know how a no-grind run of Lunatic can be done without Corrin having Ninja or Samurai as his/her talent. Had to turtle my way through Chapter 25 because I made the mistake of benching Niles and not using a single Captured enemy. Having Rallyman would have definitely saved me a dozen times over late-game.
  20. Whenever I play through any video game I enjoy, I often daydream of characters and mechanics I would create/implement if I had the ability to create my "dream game." As embarrassing as it sounds, I have a collection of character designs saved on pinterest full of illustrations I would love to have in my dream FE game. Some of these designs are eerily similar to Dimitri and Mercedes from Three Houses- I say this because I have found these images before the game was ever officially revealed. I don't have any skill, talent, or the time to create hacks but I often think about map designs and growth rates for units. I have no desire to actually make an FE game but I find it fun to fantasize.
  21. How should I go about asking this? I never asked out a girl before. This is someone who happens to be occupied a lot. I don't want to ruin my friendship.
  22. So basically I had suffered from low testosterone and I didn't experience much interest in sex or romance my entire youth. I have been taking some medication for my health issues and lately I have an interest in women. These past few weeks, my semester for university started and I joined up with this org focusing on community service. I was one of the newer members and the vice-president was really friendly with me and inviting whenever she saw me alone (I am usually a loner). We became friends after this but ever since I met her, I cannot help but feel attracted to her. The org participates in activities several times a week and I don't know if it is a good idea to ask her out given her position in the group. I've only known her for about two weeks but I feel overwhelmed since I have rarely dealt with crushes my entire life. FWIW, she's a second year and I'm a third year with different majors. EDIT: Given her position in the group, she is always active with activities. Plus she is a STEM major. I can't help but feel even if she was interested in me, she has to say no due to a lack of time.
  23. Is the Heirs of Fate DLC worth getting for 8 bucks? I mostly care about gameplay.
  24. 1. Corrin with Rod Knight talent 2. Maid Sakura 3. Spear Master Ryoma 4. Oboro 5.Blacksmith Rinkah!Midori 6.Onmyoji Sakura!Kana 7.Dreadfighter Hinata 8 more guys. What should Oboro be?
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