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  1. I "fell for it" the first time in that I was expecting it but wanted to see what would happen. Actually followed her advice all three times expecting a backstab. Was getting rather disappointed, but nothing like a huge explosion and all but one of my units to 1HP to have a good time. Wasn't expecting it to be THAT bad. And as my last move I had opened the door... Restart Level. Again- was expecting something, wanted a challenge, but even I was suprised by how brutal it was. In an era where lots of stuff can be cheesed, IT. WAS. AWESOME. Felt like trying to recruit Amelia or Joshua for the first time. Edit- Ephraim route Amelia of course.
  2. Married Camilla. First I wanted Camilla. Then I met Felicia. Then I decided I wanted all kids. Then I A-Ranked Camilla, Selkie, and like 7 other Women. Then I tried to make a decision. Then I said I will marry Camilla. It was between her and Flora. Now I regret my decision. I don't care for Ignis, but it will mean one map I didn't do. Will have to get it in another route.
  3. What exactly are the perks of Merchant? I did it for her and am trying to for Keaton's kid (aka Holo as I will call her for RP). I honestly chose it as it sounded cool...
  4. Some people like her as an axe tank, but by and large most people just bench her.
  5. I agree. I'm holding out a small hope that it will come with the beach DLC, but I doubt it.
  6. I... Honestly don't know. I don't even know If English and Japanese copies can mingle/connect.
  7. Japanese because Camilla doesn't sound like my grandmother there, and Hinoka does sound like she's a chain smoker. Then again, I find the Japanese language beautiful (though I can't write it and barely know any words). Far more appealing to the ear than English IMO, though despite its harsh tones I like German most.
  8. It's a reward for visit or battle points in My Castle. Can't remember which...Edit- you get it quick. I got it by level 10-15ish.
  9. Kindof. Not as an accessory, but if you have disrobing gale, you see people in their underwear. NOTE: Carry a tome besides Disrobing Gale. When you fight a bunch of Berzerkers you will know why...
  10. Yay. Now I can grind up people. Question: once I use eternal seals do level 21-98s gain XP as if they were 19 or 20's? Because just five levels ahead leads to such SLOW XP growth -.-
  11. Thanks! Was scared of this, but was hopeful.
  12. Okay I want an opinion, not an objective question. After raising Flora to A, I really like her. Like as much as Xamilla. Who do you all think is a better wife/spouse: Camilla or Flora? I detest the S support with Flora, how she wants to bend over backwards to be a maid-wife... But she really grew on me in C-A. Meanwhile, wanted to marry Camilla since I saw here. Also/: I married both of them and saved over on after another in a seperate slot. Is there anyway to save all the "S" conversations for the record hall?
  13. Can I get children I don't have this way (example Ignis is I marry Camilla) and if so, do they have any supports?
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