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  1. That's usually the case when the Lackey server itself is down.
  2. Playing a second Ike1 on your first turn costs you 1 dodge and probably saves you 3 or 4 orbs.
  3. I actually haven't tested it yet, and I also couldn't get anybody else to try it and see what they thought >.>
  4. "Unit you control" is basically the same as "ally unit", that's why some cards say "Other ally unit"
  5. Just list it as "Every non-playable character besides Tiki", which I think is accurate.
  6. Nintendo would probably not let somebody else publish their stuff. Nor is the market anywhere near big enough to be viable.
  7. The Auto-Update Plugin can download and overwrite files in the plugin, but also in LackeyCCG itself. Like how the plugin currently overwrites the default playmat.
  8. I'll look into it ASAP and discuss it with people, if we like it should I add it to the default plugin?
  9. Except for FE7, I think they tend to take out real-world name references when possible.
  10. Those are fairly slow decks, but when you start out, you have a tendency to play a slower game, especially if you're used to other TCGs. The more you play, the more you get a feel for tempo and aggression, and games should get much shorter. (I think on Lackey, our games tend to be 20~40 minutes depending on deck choices)
  11. In short, you can place any card on any card of the same character as a levelup, if the card on top is Promoted it ALSO counts as a Class Change. All Class Changes draw you a card.
  12. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuYRPGffwPWDiDMo01qlP1RT_nmh Again, uploaded the current plugin as-is for people who cannot get it off Dropbox. EDIT: Unpack it as-is in LackeyCCG/Plugins, so that the folder "FireEmblemCipher" is the only folder in it
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