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  1. Congrats for all your good pulls! I decided that I'd like to have another axe infantry, and since I really like Adult Tiki, I tried summoning for her Summer version with roughly 25 orbs. I didn't get her, but a Summer!Robin and Summer!Gaius instead! Both are +Spd, -Def. I'm really happy, two good 5 Stars with just that few orbs.
  2. Congrats on all the good pulls. Always happy to see people being lucky in FEH lol. I wasn't too unlucky either. I only wanted NY!NinjaHríd, because Ice types are underrated, he'd fit well into my flier team. I got Leliwood on my second circle, neutral IVs, that's nice, but then I got two pity breakers in HS!Hinoka and L!Ephraim, but I didn't have them yet, so I'll gladly take them. After doing some TT I was back to 7 orbs and decided to go for the yolo pull against my better judgement, and I got the icy boi, +HP, -Res, but I don't care, I'm just glad I got him.
  3. Hey there, welcome to this site. I made an acc back in 2015 but was never active, I just kinda remembered I had an acc just now lol. Hope you have fun around here.
  4. I haven't done any pairings for the sake of stats, because egh :D Some OTPs: Frederick x Panne (poor Frederick is scared of animals lol) Vaike x Lissa (it kinda would explain Owain's character) Kellam x Miriel (I didn't like both at the beginning but their support is hilarious) Lon'qu x Olivia (they're both so shy) Libra x Sully (they're basically the opposite of each other) Lucina x Laurent Severa x Brady
  5. How can Leon and Takumi support? :I I thought they were in different versions.
  6. I really hope they'll give you a DLC to grind in Nohr. I at least want to get all my units to max. level after the main game T_T
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