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  1. The original Gaiden had 16 characters per route 16+16=32 also we have a couple new characters now too :/ Edit: I am tired and dumb and just realized 26 pairs can equal about ~52 characters potentially. So some characters will have more than 1.
  2. Only 26 pairs? That doesn't even cover 1 support conversation per playable character then I hope these so called 'base conversations make up for it.
  3. Yeah we've seen her sprite a couple of times and she has blonde hair (probably to match her brother now) and a headpiece(don't know a word for the metal headband thing she is rocking) so I can't imagine who else that could be.
  4. Probably does not matter as much but you can see her battle model at least
  5. I'm fawning over how gorgeous Catria is she looks so good in the style.
  6. Well since this archer is blue haired I think it is safe to say this is the first look we've gotten at Python other than his sprite.
  7. I'll probably play the game twice and do a playthrough where I get each one. I like to try to get every unit in a Fire Emblem game at some point if I can.
  8. So this is the most interesting screenshot to me. Fatigue? Wasn't that a thing only in Thracia so far? Also apparently provisions can cure it?
  9. I think Boey's new design is the most dynamic personally also I like to make jokes because he looks like Archer from Fate/Stay night.
  10. I have pre-ordered so many games from Amazon and they have never once not come of the day of release. Same for all of my friends I do not personally know a single person who has had an issue with them. Day of release does mean all the way to 8pm though which I think throws a lot of people off but if I wanted the game the second it came out that badly I'd buy the digital copy. I'll still take the discount and the free shipping even if I don't get it until late afternoon.
  11. People will always find the dumbest reasons to complain or argue I doubt one game is going to stop that. The only thing that would truly end it is if people woke up and realized both the old and the new games have good and bad things about them anyway.
  12. Totally abused that sweet 20% off video games from amazon prime myself too.
  13. Why is everyone so pessimistic about the sales? Never underestimate a growing fanbase fire emblem is getting bigger than it's ever been. I am sure Fire Emblem Heroes sparked even more people's interest as well I have seen people who have played Heroes and then bought the actual games. I am of course not implying this will sell phenomenally but I do think the section of the fanbase that whines on forums about features they dislike are a smaller part of the fanbase than you think. I am personally just going to wait and see me and all my fire emblem friends already have ours pre-ordered but I think it will do fine.
  14. So my one question now is. If this is Kamui: Then who is this? Since everyone thought it was him and well he does not have a headband also his hair is too short to be Leon's. (sorry for blurry image) You know the second after I posted this I realized it might be Lukas and I am dumb.
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