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  1. Yeah I'm gonna sound like a broken record when I say fix pair ups a bit. Maybe like Fates where there's Attack Stance and Guard Stance, and removing the stat boosts that came with it. Also make it so that there are level caps, getting higher as you progress with the game (Starting at like level 6 when you get the ability to grind off of Reeking Boxes, removing the caps after the final chapter and maybe start being able to reclass only after the Gangrel arc)
  2. Hands down, the best wife is Sully. I tend to like girls that would kick my butt if they actually existed. She has nice stats and a great skill-pool for a first gen unit. As for my husbandos... Y'all know the main one is Inigo. He destroys everything in my playthroughs and is a fun character to watch (and torment). However, I also gave a vote for Gerome. He has one of the more unique character complexes in this game and his S-support conversations are just a riot.
  3. Laslow haha what the frig is wrong with me
  4. so, kinda like that meme of a cute thing having some fake angry eyebrows on the table, said cute thing slamming their head on the table, and having those fake angry eyebrows on them when they rise their head, but with inigo and contact lenses? a very interesting thought.
  5. So this is a kind of rant about him but i need sleep and i have to go to school tomorrow so *inhale* honestly, what the frick. In his official art, I think it's purple. In his portrait, it's a brown-ish purple. But in his confession and Yukata scene, it's a hazel-brown??? AND in some non-canon material (chiper, the smash bros. trophy, his card in the 25 anniversary card set) and his model it's grey???? In Fates, Laslow's constant eye color is purple. So what's going on here? I need to really go to bed.
  6. ; ____________________ ; the longer it is, the sadder.
  7. Woah!! that's such a coincidence, since I'm doing that in my current playthrough of the game. So, that means that Yarne will have to marry Kjelle (another pairing I'm doing right now), and we have our pairings! I'll add them post-haste!
  8. I think what makes me use a unit in the first place is how well they do in the chapter that you get them at. Let's take my favorite character in fiction, Inigo, for example. The paralogue you get him at is painfully difficult for that point in the game (for me, at least), so having a unit with high skill and comes with a Killing Edge, my favorite weapon, so that he's a crit lord automatically appeals to me. Now what SELLS me on a unit is usually either their personality, base class or my personal experience with them. Let's take a unit from that one time I emulated FE7, Sain. Already I like him because he has a similar personality to Inigo (flirty, fellow comrades are done with his crap, always smiling), he was in a well-rounded class that I liked to use (and several others of that class where already my favorites), and, despite having a constant crit rate of 2%, he was still (somehow) a crit lord. Another thing that makes me love a unit even more is when their looks. I find people, primarily females, with red hair and/or glasses hot (So Miriel and her son are A+'s for me), while I find males with a british/semi-deep voice or mono-colored (black, grey, white) hair attractive (Laslow, Shura, Lon'qu). Anyone with purple hair are automatically used a good deal (Donny, Erk, that mage mercenary dude from FE6, when I'm ever going to play it, also is going to be used a lot).
  9. While I'm not going to change it, I did marry them on my other file!! I'd love to change it, but a deal is a deal.
  10. Huh, all interesting pairings. The only one I know about and don't personally like is Lucina X Inigo, but where is the fun in that if I don't do a pairing per your request because I dislike it? All of them will be added!
  11. I was kinda dreading this part, but it ain't so bad. Added!
  12. ooo! Two pairings I wanted to use at some point! Added!
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