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  1. eh, I guess I'm back.

  2. AA-GOO-GAA GAA! ~Me, compared to everyone else

  3. AA-GOO-GAA GAA! ~Me, compared to everyone else

  4. String cheese is best waifu

  5. Happy anniversary of when you were created, Integ!

    1. Integrity


      i suppose that would depend on your stance on abortion but thanks anyway! :D

  6. omg im such a yardere

  7. I lost my SSB3DS copy today...Now I see the universe tearing apart in front of me.

  8. Sometimes life sucks...BUT OH WEEELLLLLLL!

  9. *Tips top hat* *starts singing horribly* HAAAAAAAAA- *shot*

  10. Yay, first warning, Allll for a dumb reason!

  11. Head banging contest.

  12. Imma smoke all allll your chicken

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