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  1. Yeah I'm gonna sound like a broken record when I say fix pair ups a bit. Maybe like Fates where there's Attack Stance and Guard Stance, and removing the stat boosts that came with it.

    Also make it so that there are level caps, getting higher as you progress with the game (Starting at like level 6 when you get the ability to grind off of Reeking Boxes, removing the caps after the final chapter and maybe start being able to reclass only after the Gangrel arc)

  2. Hands down, the best wife is Sully. I tend to like girls that would kick my butt if they actually existed. She has nice stats and a great skill-pool for a first gen unit.
    As for my husbandos... Y'all know the main one is Inigo. He destroys everything in my playthroughs and is a fun character to watch (and torment). However, I also gave a vote for Gerome. He has one of the more unique character complexes in this game and his S-support conversations are just a riot.

  3. Colored contact lenses! Or maybe a lot of miscommunication. But I prefer the theory of a relatively modern cosmetic accessory! :P:

    so, kinda like that meme of a cute thing having some fake angry eyebrows on the table, said cute thing slamming their head on the table, and having those fake angry eyebrows on them when they rise their head, but with inigo and contact lenses? a very interesting thought.

  4. So this is a kind of rant about him but i need sleep and i have to go to school tomorrow so


    honestly, what the frick.

    In his official art, I think it's purple. In his portrait, it's a brown-ish purple. But in his confession and Yukata scene, it's a hazel-brown??? AND in some non-canon material (chiper, the smash bros. trophy, his card in the 25 anniversary card set) and his model it's grey???? In Fates, Laslow's constant eye color is purple. So what's going on here?

    I need to really go to bed.

  5. Noticing that you haven't paired Severa up yet, so how about Brady X Severa?

    Woah!! that's such a coincidence, since I'm doing that in my current playthrough of the game.

    So, that means that Yarne will have to marry Kjelle (another pairing I'm doing right now), and we have our pairings! I'll add them post-haste!

  6. I think what makes me use a unit in the first place is how well they do in the chapter that you get them at. Let's take my favorite character in fiction, Inigo, for example. The paralogue you get him at is painfully difficult for that point in the game (for me, at least), so having a unit with high skill and comes with a Killing Edge, my favorite weapon, so that he's a crit lord automatically appeals to me. Now what SELLS me on a unit is usually either their personality, base class or my personal experience with them. Let's take a unit from that one time I emulated FE7, Sain. Already I like him because he has a similar personality to Inigo (flirty, fellow comrades are done with his crap, always smiling), he was in a well-rounded class that I liked to use (and several others of that class where already my favorites), and, despite having a constant crit rate of 2%, he was still (somehow) a crit lord.

    Another thing that makes me love a unit even more is when their looks. I find people, primarily females, with red hair and/or glasses hot (So Miriel and her son are A+'s for me), while I find males with a british/semi-deep voice or mono-colored (black, grey, white) hair attractive (Laslow, Shura, Lon'qu). Anyone with purple hair are automatically used a good deal (Donny, Erk, that mage mercenary dude from FE6, when I'm ever going to play it, also is going to be used a lot).

  7. Well if you're not sure about Lucina x Inigo, Brady x Lucina is a better one! Actually I was going to switch that before hehe

    Brady x Lucina is fun because of their VA who are also married IRL so yeah I'll change my pick for this one!

    While I'm not going to change it, I did marry them on my other file!! I'd love to change it, but a deal is a deal.

  8. NOTICE: All the pairings have been added, so respond to this post with what you think of this idea.

    Recently, I learnt about a thing called PMU, or Pick my Units. And while that's cool and all, I kinda want to add to that.

    You have to pick (most of) my pairings. The only pairing you cannot choose is the Avatar's, since I'm going to be marrying her to Gerome no matter what. However, the rest of the units are yours.

    Hot Mommas what do you mean chrom isn't a hot momma

    Chrom X Sumia

    Lissa X Vaike

    Sully X Libra

    Miriel X Stahl

    Sumia X Chrom

    Maribelle X Gaius

    Panne X Lon'qu

    Cordelia X Gregor

    Nowi X Henry

    Tharja X Kellam

    Olivia X Frederick

    Cherche X Donny


    Owain X Noire

    Inigo X Lucina

    Brady X Severa

    M!Morgan X Nah

    Yarne X Kjelle

    Laurent X Cynthia

  9. No.

    I like more characters in Awakening than in Fates. That being said, the ones I like in Fates I tend to like more, while the ones I dislike I outright can't stand. The best supports in Fates tend to be better, while the worst ones tend to be far, far worse than those in Awakening.

    I'll take more Kellams over more Camillas and Xanders any day though.

    Yeah, this is how I feel as well. I love some characters from Fates and there are more to name compared to Awakening, but some other characters (not naming names because I don't want a mob of angry, salty people for my heads) I almost loath while in Awakening I like everyone. I guess it's just middle ground in this game.

  10. I mean, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I can relate to most of the characters more than I can in Fates. Maybe because all the flawed things in Awakening flows into the characters themselves, most characters being mostly ok but having a few memorable moments that just make me love them. Or heck, maybe it's the fact that the dialogue (In the localisation, at least; I'm not sure about the Japanese original) is much more colorful than in Fates, making the cast stand out more. I don't have a clear clue.

    Not saying I don't like Fates cast, but the story and how many of the characters there are in the first place in Awakening just feel.. better. Like a large family. I think it's also that most of the characters in Awakening are all diverse in whence they came from and how they interacted to each other with their conflicting cultures. You can't do much with only two kingdoms, some weird fever dream land that has next to no reason of being in a Fire Emblem game, and some subtribes that have only one or two people from it.

    I'm just thinking outloud, and should probably stop here before this becomes too long.

  11. On Conquest, I have Camilla's Axe named "boob joke", a Steel Axe named "the base" on my Axe side.

    Lances have A Steel Lance named "nice meme", and a Javelin named "Stabby Pewpew" (my personal favorite).

    For swords, I have Laslow's Blade named "m'lady", and a bottle named "t h i r s t".

    For daggers, we have a Sacrificial Knife named "utensil ritual", and an Iron one named "die pls" that I usually give to Dwyer.

    And on the tome side, I have a very powerful Fimbulvetr named "Magic Missile", and Odin's Grimoire. But instead of Grimoire, it's "Heckie".

    My friend also named a Bow "Gheto blasta" and instructed me to give it to Niles. So I did that.

    and dear gods,

    I don't want to name the rest. They make me cringe to this day.

  12. For me, most of my units are all of my favorites. I didn't put Chrom or the Avatar on my list because I just see that as cheating.

    Inigo - On my first playthrough, he, My Avatar, and maybe Donnel where my power houses. Eventually, I've grown to really love this character and all that he stands for, his dad's usually Chrom.

    Olivia - Being the mother of Inigo, I felt inclined to use her a lot as well. As a Dancer, she was really helpful to my team (even though I have her as a Swordmaster for most of the game). I eventually started dance-grinding her on the chapter you get her at just so that she can be above everyone else.

    Morgan - Dude, on my second playthrough, he was a skill lord. Female Morgan's first mother was Cherche, while Male Morgan's was Inigo.

    Sully - My excuse for this character is that I really love her, and it helps that she has a good skill pool. That's all.

    Miriel - Again, I love this character, and it's something weird about the first mage that joins me in FE games being the most powerful one.
    Owain - I have no explanation. I just liked how speedy he was and his character.

    Donny boy - Due to how broken Aptitude was in Awakening, Donnel easily became one of my most powerful units mid-game.

    Lissa - Bro I turned her into a Sage and she destroyed house, BIG time.

  13. If I was in your shoes, I wouldn't go for the same exact pairings that you did in your Birthright and Conquest files, if you want to unlock all of the supports. I would also keep in mind that the support options for the partners might affect the A+ support classes.

    Anyways, I would do this,

    Azura and Saizo

    Kaze and Kamui/Corrin/whatever she's called by the fandom

    Ryoma and Mozu

    Odin and Orochi

    Laslow and Peri (I know that wasn't an option, but it doesn't sound too bad, otherwise I'd pair him up with Hana)

    Subaki and Selena (also, you won't get Ninja as a class and no other class for Selena, so that kind sucks)

    and Benny and Beruka.

    I hope I helped you out a bit.

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