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  1. If I was in your shoes, I wouldn't go for the same exact pairings that you did in your Birthright and Conquest files, if you want to unlock all of the supports. I would also keep in mind that the support options for the partners might affect the A+ support classes. Anyways, I would do this, Azura and Saizo Kaze and Kamui/Corrin/whatever she's called by the fandom Ryoma and Mozu Odin and Orochi Laslow and Peri (I know that wasn't an option, but it doesn't sound too bad, otherwise I'd pair him up with Hana) Subaki and Selena (also, you won't get Ninja as a class and no other class for Selena, so that kind sucks) and Benny and Beruka. I hope I helped you out a bit.
  2. Well, I mean she has blue hair, she's in the story more than most, plays an important role, and more than one Lord in a FE game has happened before...
  3. Alright, update on the situation. There is a due date now (June 12th), since this is when I'll probably start playing Revelations. Any votes after this date will be disregarded. Anyways, thank you all for voting over something that seems a bit narcissistic and self centered.
  4. While I like Kaze, he isn't on the "To Marry" list. Maybe another time.
  5. Welp. Haven't you already seen this from me? You know the drill. I'm going to be doing Revelations soon, and I need help choosing my groom. I have valid reasons for the four options considered; - Dwyer will not only give everyone a spouse, it'll also give me a pretty good magic Kana (due to the fact that he's going to be a Elise fathered Dwyer). - Odin and Saizo are both my favorites (besides Laslow and Takumi, whom I've already married), and I have backup wives for the both of them. - Shura has a similar ordeal as Dwyer, except that it'll only cover the first generation, instead of everyone. Besides, I have a thing for Probably-homeless-middle-aged-men apparently. Anyways, here is the link to vote, http://www.strawpoll.me/10389921 (comments on more reasons why to choose one is much appreciated, but don't vote in responses and not the poll). And now, I bid you adeiu.
  6. For me, I'd only play them if you want to either marry someone off, or you're stuck on a chapter (even then, I'd wouldn't go for it unless you've been stuck on it for too long and want to continue the game).
  7. For my Birthright playthrough, I paired Saizo up with Rinkah, Azama with Azura and Jakob with Orochi (But since the only mother left will be Felicia, pair him up with her.)
  8. Alright, thank you all. (It kinda sucks that Saizo can only get Sky Knight from Subaki but oh well)
  9. I'm going to be completing Birthright very soon, and I need some help with this. When I played Conquest, I had very little clue who to A+ support each other with. As such, I ended up with Niles getting the support with Odin, thinking that I'll get the Samurai classes due to the fact that Niles already had the Dark Mage class as an option (turns out that I just got the Dark Mage class instead) and missing out on Arthur's Fighter line. I don't want that to happen again. Now, I don't need "U hav 2 put (so and so) w/ (so and so) if ur doing tankkkk azamah!!!! *rawr* xd!!!", I just need A+ supports that'll give me repeats, and (maybe) alternate classes, if they have the same base class. Thank you for reading my dumb topic, and I'm also 99.9% sure someone made something like this already.
  10. For me (keep in mind that I've only completed Conquest on Normal/Casual at the time of making this comment) was Chapter 21. And even then, it wasn't so hard for me (only took the strategy of "Get the fuck out of there while you still have your skin and best units"). And it felt so satisfying when I, "Conquered", it. Another honorable mention was Chapter 26 of, once again, Conquest. I have a funny story with this one, [spoiler=My story]So, since I was very bad at FE, I had only one unit left, Leo, before I went to the last room. I took the left path, so I had a bunch of Generals waiting for me. Due to Leo's fantastic magic, they where no problem, but I had to use some healing items. Then, after getting past Hans, I fought Iago. It was extremely close, but I won. I completed the chapter, using only Leo for part of it.
  11. I'd just train all the units, if I where you. It's easier if you have EXPodental Growth, but if you're playing on normal and don't have the DLC, Reeking Boxes will work just as well. Bonus Units you can get from Streetpass/Spotpass can be duable, if neither of these are available to you. You just need patience. And lots of it.
  12. eh, I guess I'm back.

  13. I'd say he was dessent. He made the the leaders of other countries like him, and he seemed like a good person. But, ya know, revenge and shizz. War-war makes boom-boom. dead people. ~FIN~
  14. AA-GOO-GAA GAA! ~Me, compared to everyone else

  15. AA-GOO-GAA GAA! ~Me, compared to everyone else

  16. While I'm no longer on, welcome anyways!
  17. It's kinda sad that you can't have stuff like End Game Sonic Kent, but I want all my characters to be max dang it.
  18. Please let this be not Cory In The House... Please let this be not Cory In The House... Please let this be not Cory In The House... ... IT'S CORY IN THE GODDAMN HOUSE.
  19. So, sometime in my past, I made a post on here asking who to marry on my next female playthrough and it's happening again. http://strawpoll.me/5888031 (Oh look a link to vote so that I can keep track of you all unlike last time) I'm kinda leaning more towards Lon'qu and Priam, but it's your call. (Voting ends on November 17th or sooner.) Annndd.. I spell Priam wrong. Wonderful. MODEDIT: lol dog use edit
  20. Happy one day anniversary here! And welcome! Did you like it so far?
  21. Is at the top? (I don't know, I can't be bothered to check)
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    Welcome to the forest full of nerds! We are legion! Anyways, enjoy your stay.
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    Hey hey!

    Welcome to the Forest, you can't leave once you come here for the first month or so. Anyways, enjoy!
  24. *The Avatar dies on the prologue* Me: "Welp, that was fast." And then I deleted the file.
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