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  1. Everyone has it all wrong, he is Roy's great great great great great great grandfather that time traveled to that period.
  2. Er... Roy ain't our boy HE IS OUR MAN.
  3. When you see porn for the first time as a kid
  4. Chrom almost married Maribelle in the same way on my first run, but I reseted and got Chrom X Olivia instead. I ain't having lol no Lucina.
  5. I have some questions How do I mark things as spoilers? How many warnings do I get before I get banned? Can you get perma banned? Thanks for your understanding and time.
  6. I lost my SSB3DS copy today...Now I see the universe tearing apart in front of me.

  7. Sometimes life sucks...BUT OH WEEELLLLLLL!

  8. Doing the final chapter with only mandatory Chrom, FeMU, and Inigo (married to the MU)
  9. Marriages: Deleted 1st/2nd(Practice): Chrom ???:Gaius ???:Lissa Completed: 1st:Cherche 2nd:Inigo (husbando) 3rd(current):Sully (waifu)
  10. *Tips top hat* *starts singing horribly* HAAAAAAAAA- *shot*

  11. So I got the rom for Vietnamese Crystal and started playing it and let me just say... SOI! DRUG BAG F**K
  12. I AM the overlord of Dankness *X-files theme plays in the background*
  13. Not really, no... Bhut im so lazy so I sometimes keep my units in one spot...
  14. Yay, first warning, Allll for a dumb reason!

  15. Oohhh... Maybe... But he doesn't join for so long...
  16. Head banging contest.

  17. Oh, BHUT MEIN HAZ TEH LENNY Buy one @ www.lolnobooty.com
  18. I AM, THAT'S WHO! (Im so sorry) Pingaspingaspingas
  19. Imma smoke all allll your chicken

  20. My FemMU (2nd play through) named Amber Current playthrough (3rd) Named "My dong" (Im so mature) My 1st playthrough (accidentally deleted) named "Im Batman" (sorry about the size)
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