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  1. I'm currently doing a male playthrough but after that's done, it will be time again to be a female.. Options are Henry, Brady, Gerome, Owain, Or (maybe) Donny. I can't decide on one and I need a powerful Morgan so im leaving it up to you guys... Anndddd... GO!
  2. Oh boi... Name: Amber Class: Hero Reclass: Mage,Myrmidon,Thief. Default skills: Sol,Armsthrift,Prescience,Renewal. Bio: A quirky yet short tempered girl from another universe. While she's very sociable, she has a hard time meeting people in the first place (and will eat all of your food). The most impatient. Born on September 24. Supports: MaMU,Frederick,Stahl,Vaike,Donnel,Lon'qu,Gaius,Henry,Priam,Gangrel,Owain,Inigo,Brady,Gerome (S-support) FeMU,Lissa,Sully,Sumia,Cherche,Cynthia (A-support) Critical quotes: "Welcome to die!" "This is your grave" "Wombo combo." "HAHAHA no." Confession: I...Love you. I will never leave you, I don't know if I can handle it! So as long as you don't leave me, we will love each other forever. Level up quotes: 0-1:Why,Naga,why must you do this to me? 2-3:Nope,still no mussels... 4-5:Don't screw with me, or you're dead! 6-7:Aww yeah,yall need Naga now! Max:Welp,Never thought I would get this strong! Class change:Hmm...Yes,I can kill to this. Death quote: Casual:Hurg...M-maybe I should go now...Before I die... Classic:N-no...I am a...useless poop nugget after all...Im sorry... Shop quotes: Buying:Meh,if you insist. Selling:No,no...ANYTHING but that! Forging:Name it something with the word "taco" in it. Brackets quotes: Morning: Hey <avatar>, I've been up all morning, how about you? Noon: <avatar>! Do you like to blow things up? Yeah, me too! Evening:Oy, <avatar>! What's for dinner? Night:<avatar>... Help me stay up all night... Brackets quotes (married) Morning:Hey <avatar>! Hope this day is not full of bloodshed. Noon:<avatar>, do you really love me? Do you? Evening:Sup <avatar>, I saved some dinner for you. Night:Um,<avatar>? Can you keep me company? Event tile/Brackets EXP:I've been running around a lot...I hope I can beat Chrom one day! Weapon EXP:As much as I hate it, I did some extra work... Are you proud of me yet? Item get:Oohhh...Shiny... Surge:...Why do I feel like doing stuff today? Nothing:I hope my family is doing all right...
  3. Yall going to latch on? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Am I? And if you do, I almost always play as Add and my username is NopeCop534...
  5. Herd that news in a Youtube comment... Rest In Pease... *sigh*
  6. For me it was a Chikorita named Weed... Im not kidding I also name my Oshawot's after blue hared Lords from you know what Emblem
  7. Pairing's from my Second run Gerome X Nah Donnel X Cordelia Chrom X Olivia Frederick X Sumia Inigo X FeMU Gaius X Nowi Gregor X Panne Ricken X Miriel Morgan X Cynthia Owain X Severa Laurent X Lucina Yarne X Noire Brady X Kjelle Lon'qu X Lissa Henry X Tharja Stahl X Sully Libra X Cherche And... Vaike X Maribelle!
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