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  1. Wecome, hope to see you 'round the forest more.
  2. Are out gonna do one for FE7 and FE6 and if you already did can you post the links?
  3. 1.What are your thoughts on Weeaboos via how Urban Dictionary describes them? 2. What do you think of YouTube's copyright system?
  4. Welcome to the club, we hope you have good time.
  5. Do you want the /pol/ answer or a serious answer. If it's the latter than honestly it depends on if the good effects are still there since 3rd Reich.
  6. Was there ever a movie so painfully bad that you destroyed it?
  7. I have a question that will impact my first route, do non DLC grinding enemies in Hoshido Lunatic work like awakening lunatic in which they only give 1 exp?
  8. Did anyone fix the problems in them? FE6 problems: Batre is called Igrene, Echidna is an Fighter that promotes to a warrior FE7 problems: Karla can't capture in Eliwood mode. Haven't seen much problems in FE8, but 8's DL link is gone. Also can anyone fix the glitched animation problems?
  9. I wonder if the AVGN read this issue?
  10. Any status updates? (I want to see the endless amount of burning jokes materials)
  11. Don't we all have questions?He's alive,yet he's not working on Resire.
  12. What happened to MP2E anyways?
  13. Now my wait for this is light compared to yours,but I'm so hyped,good luck on the other chapters.
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