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  1. I'm glad BK managed to get into the top 20, I have many orbs saved in the event that he gets a good alt at some point.
  2. I got Fallen Corrin M, Lysithea, Fallen Julia, and Kiria with the free summon and the tickets, pretty lucky haul.
  3. I see Zelgius and Black Knight still have a split, I'm not sure which to put a vote towards. BK will probably score higher so probably that version, though I would like to Zelgius in his Begnion armour.
  4. I got some new units with the free pulls/tickets: 3* Natasha +HP/-Res NY Velouria +Atk/-Res Duessel +Spd/-HP NY Alfonse +Res/-HP NY Camilla +Res/-Def
  5. Micaiah works great this map, with a Sol build and her new refine she handled Lilina and many of the map enemies with no issue, this was the first Abyssal map in a while I've brought her to so I was impressed.
  6. I'm hoping we see a Begnion Zelgius as a Legendary, I'm currently saving orbs in case that would happen.
  7. Completed another Daein general, I was originally going to wait for the rerun but decided to just grab the last merge. I hope we can get Greil as a Grail unit so I can +10 him and have a full team of Daein generals.
  8. Some Gecko codes for 1.01 NTSC-U that should turn Meg into Zelgius: Model code: 0488565c 808c566c Class: 04885660 80b56800 Skills: 048856a4 80710414 048856b4 807102e0 048856bc 8070fb7c 048856c4 8070f8bc Edit: Use this code to get SS Lance and SS Sword: 04885844 014b017b
  9. I mean that my goal would be to get her to +9, then pick up the final merge on a rerun.
  10. I'd quite like to get my Petrine to +9 and pick up the final merge on her rerun. My other long term goal is to save orbs should we ever get a Begnion armour Zelgius, I think I'd be able to have around 2000 orbs by the end of the year. That's really all I can think of for goals.
  11. Free pulled a Harmonic Mia on the new banner, that's the first of this unit type I've gotten.
  12. Free pulled a Hector on the revival banner, this one takes my Hector up to +7. I'm currently saving orbs so I don't plan on using any orbs, but it's nice to know he's only 3 merges away in the future.
  13. I got a Shannan with about 20 orbs which was a good result as I committed 135 orbs to get SP3 for my BK, so my orb saving didn't take much of a reduction.
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