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  1. I didn't pay attention to the warning, so I was surprised then the reinforcements showed up. I wish they used the player phase theme from FE1 for the Retrospective map music, I've always liked that song.
  2. I've got a few +10s to update, I think these are the ones I haven't posted yet: Ninian Ninian is one of the units I've used for the longest time, she's been on most of my teams I used for the harder maps. If I ever get the blue infantry duel skill I might start using her in arena. This is her AR skillset. ________________________________________________________________ Garon ________________________________________________________________ Silvia I didn't actually mean for this to happen, but Silvia has been great for my AR defense team so I started to give her merges whenever she showed up until she was completed. This is the build I use for AR defence.
  3. Out of those options I have Catria, Loki, and Idunn. I think I'll go Loki, then Idunn if Loki goes out first.
  4. I got a Spring Kagero with my free pull, so I merged her into the other one I got last time on what I think must have been a free summon. They were both +HP so no great boon, I only use her as a WoM unit for GQ anyway so it's no big deal.
  5. I've been meaning for ages to get this screenshot with BK in the tank thing, I always timed just wrong with my phone but managed to get it last time. I almost forgot to do my run today after doing the arena matches, luckily I seen it was active when I went to autobattle the TT .
  6. I've been using Spring Idunn and 4* Spring Bartre as my bonus units, I'll switch Bartre to the 5* when I get him. The timing is quite handy, it lets me build up SP on Idunn who I've integrated into an AR team. I've also been saving up orbs, so the TT orbs will take me past 700 which is nice.
  7. I pulled a +att/-spd Spring Idunn with four orbs. I'm not sure if I can fit her in a team yet, I'm thinking possibly in a future AR team.
  8. I finished the floors there, I just focused on building Olwen and Reinhardt. Olwen's prf weapon really showed it's worth towards the end.
  9. Zelgius

    LHB: Chrom

    I brought along my Camilla and BK for the Abyssal map, my first clear I did last night but I was too tired at the time to remember what tactics I used. So I redid the map with a different approach this time, it's quite a fun map. One day I'll start recording my clears.
  10. I got a +Att Brave Camilla with the free pull on the Elise and Leo BHB banner, pretty fitting.
  11. It can be done, I use BK on one of my main Light Season teams. Though I do have a great deal of experience in using BK, so there's probably a bit of a learning experience required to properly use such a unit.
  12. I decided to join Cain's team, I have him and Naesala, so I'll go over to his team if he's still around and if Cain loses.
  13. I'll be voting Zelgius, I'd like to see him in his red armour at some point.
  14. I like the Mirror Stance seal, the infantry flowers from the free unit will come in handy as well.
  15. I got a neutral Anna with today's ticket, which is an improvement to yesterday's -spd Anna.
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