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  1. Pulled a +SPD/-def Ishtar on my free pull of the TT banner.
  2. I really like these seals, I'm glad to finally get Atk/Res 2 seal. Fiora looks like a really good unit too.
  3. I managed to get two Hectors with about 40 orbs. I put DC on Naga to help her be more useful in AR and in general, and then I put DC on my Ninian. I've been waiting a long time to get DC on my Ninian.
  4. I managed to clear abyssal just there, I used Zelgius to tank the western side of the map at the breakable block, most of the enemies wandered over to that side with just a few slipping into the eastern path.
  5. I used about 40 orbs and managed to get two Yunes in the same circle, which is great because she's the unit I was hoping for. Both of them are +Res.
  6. I managed to score 3735 with Anna. I'm not sure if that's enough to take me to 21, but I'm not really too bothered. I could have gotten a couple more points but a stray Cordelia ran into Zelgius instead of Anna.
  7. I downloaded RE0 for the Switch last night, so I've been playing that. I've also started a new playthough of Awakening just for fun, I've remade some of the einherjar units to be as new level 1 units. So far I've got Micaiah, Ike, BK , and Zephiel. I won't get too many since I still want to use some of the Awakening units.
  8. I'd like them to add the Black Knight theme so I can make it my resort theme. I also think Proud Fight would fit quite well for the different options. I think the first song I'll get is the Deliverance theme, then I'll set that as my main menu theme. I'd eventually like to make the PoR theme my AR song, I've got Preparations set for that just now. It's interesting hearing the SS prep theme in high quality, it sounds different than what I'm used to hearing. I really wish I hadn't used my resort currency on the accessory shop, I got that to just complete my resort at the time.
  9. I quite like Deirdre, so I think I'll choose her for my first pick and take it from there.
  10. I think I'll use my own Aversa as well, though mine is +4. I'll probably put a blazing special on her to help with the scoring. It'll be nice to use a good bonus unit in Arena.
  11. I decided to play this map again and bring along my Spring Loki, it went pretty well. She had just enough bulk to survive one or two of the enemies that caused her issues.
  12. I just pulled a +Spd Naga there, just with the last of my orbs. I'm pretty happy with how this 8% banner went, much better than how I usually experience them.
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