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  1. Got a Deirdre (+res/-hp) with my free pull, so I merged her into my existing +res Deirdre to make her +3.
  2. I got a +Spd Sothis and +atk/-spd Hardin with my free pulls. Pretty good, I'll merge my existing Sothis into this one and keep Hardin around and see what happens with him.
  3. I managed to get Armor Stride for my BK with about 250 orbs, it dropped my orb count quite a bit but I've been waiting a while to get that skill. I can go back to saving orbs now.
  4. Levail I don't think counts as minor, so for a minor foe I would like to see Magnus as a GHB. A new Lance Armour would be nice.
  5. Finally finished Sigrun, though I plan on getting Guidance on her at some point. Now I can save up Grails again, I'm hoping we might get Levail as a GHB at some point. Edit: Not Guidance (which is already on her), Aerobatics.
  6. Finally managed to finish Sanaki's merges, it took me about three years to do this. I'd quite like to get Rauðrfox+ on her at some point but I'm not too rushed to get that.
  7. I didn't realise Sanaki's revival banner was coming up, for some reason I thought it was in August. I used about 120 orbs on the revival banner and got: 5* Idunn (-def/+spd) 5* Lucina (I've got a +spd version so this'll be a merge) 5* Amelia 2x 5* Sanakis This worked out well, I needed two Sanaki copies to finish her merges so she's now finally at max merge. Good SI along the way on this banner.
  8. I don't have any bonus units this time, so I'll be using the TT unit. Spd/Res Solo 3 seal is very interesting.
  9. I can finally get a Tellius healer in my barracks, I've never gotten Mist so that'll be good. Not really interested in the seals but the orbs are appreciated.
  10. Free pull got me a Leanne (+def/-res). I've never gotten her before so that was pretty good.
  11. Interesting, I have designs for the Joint Drive Speed skill.
  12. This was a pretty interesting map, Mila's assist negate threw me off for a while.
  13. I cleared with Rinea, Legendary Alm, Genny, and Mae. This was an enjoyable map, Genny's Gravity came in very handy.
  14. It's nice to have Sanaki as a Resplendent, I've recently come up with a build I'm happy with for her and I've only got a three merges left for her to have max merges.
  15. I'll start with Nagi, then if she goes out I'll go to Cecilia if she's still around.
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