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  1. Hello! I'm working on a FE GBA Project that I had to put on hold for a long time. Without getting off topic I am requesting some or will commission (references needed) unique FE GBA character portraits in the FE8 format. Normally I would sprite myself but I lack the ability for this job. I need some skeleton bros. Yep. Full on monster MUGS/portraits. Mainly as of now I only need three particular characters sprited as follows. Skeleton Skeleton Archer Skeleton Berserker I have some ideas in mind but would love to see what you guys can come up with. I should mention blinking frames are not required since skeletons don't have eyes; however, speaking frames can be a simple as just the jaw opening can closing. This is also not required but welcome to try or come up with something of your own. The mini/chibi is also not required. If you wish to discuss payment privately we can chat through PMs.
  2. Sorry if this was asked and answered, I used the search function and couldn't find anything related to my incoming question. I have a JPN 3DS and a US 3DS while my FE:IF is being shipped. Looking forward to patching this glorious game up so I can understand what's going on; however, I have an issue with DLC. My goal is to patch my game and be able to play DLC. My question is in order to get/download and play the DLC is am I forced to download/play it on my JPN 3DS or will I be able to just by default have it saved to the SD card and stick it into my US 3DS and play it? (Using region free) At the same time if I were to dump my game and patch it, would I lose my ability to play it DLC after the patch? Can both be done on either system? I haven't hacked either 3DS yet so I don't know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. If this was posted in the wrong topic/area I apologize.
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