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  1. I haven't been on here in a while! :) I'm at the mini-boss of chapter 3 and all my characters are in the low 30's. (32) ALSO I'VE BEEN STUCK ON THIS BOSS THANK YOU TO THE PERSON ABOVE ME THAT SAID SOMETHING ABOUT UPGRADING RINGS.
  2. Hello! So, I am a big fan of the anime series and mobile game, Love Live! School Idol Festival! (yes that's the title). The anime currently has two seasons, and I believe there is supposedly more coming. However, this thread is not about the anime, its about the mobile game! LLSIF is a rhythm game including a brand new story, separate from that of the anime. If you really enjoy rhythm games and the such, you should check it out on the App Store or Google Play, whichever your device uses. LLSIF is free to play, but it does offer in-app purchases, however the purchases are far from necessary to continue through the game. This thread is mainly for people that are already familiar with the game, so from here on there won't be much for people who don't play the game or haven't heard of it. If you don't have the game yet, I highly recommend checking it out and becoming a part of the community! You can read a little bit more about the game here: schoolido.lu/ or you can just search "School Idol Tomodachi" and it will be the first page. Anyway, the main point of this thread is to share our experiences, share friend codes, and generally talk about the game. Here are my friend codes for both the English Server and Japanese Server English: 939582942 (Blake ^-^) Japanese: 807703361 (Arlis)
  3. In my copy of Birthright, I plan to marry Hana. I don't really marry for skills and the such, I just marry who I end up liking, Hana being that person from Birthright. In Conquest, I'll be taking advantage of the gay marriage functionality, and marrying Niles (Zero). Finally, in Revelations who knows. I haven't decided. Then again, I haven't read much about Revelations, I'll see about this one when the game actually releases in March.
  4. Hmm...I guess I would have to say.. 1: Takumi 2: Leo/Leon 3: Hinoka 4: Camilla 5: Sakura 6: Ryouma 7: Elise 8: Xander However if we were adding the player character into this, he would be in between Leo and Hinoka. He actually has a character and seem like he has more feelings and opinions than Robin did in Awakening, that's why I've grown really attatched to Corrin as a character.
  5. She's only extremely popular do to her choice of clothing. That's supposed to be 'hot' but to me its not really that appealing. Oh, they didn't have Miriel labeled as a number and it was close to Tharja but now I can tell thats Miriel.
  6. Ah, thanks for the edit! You saved me some work. I've just seen it in the making of fire emblem, since I haven't bought knights of Iris (just going to wait for the English version next year). The other design, next to the one that's also present in Knights Of Iris, I'm not sure if it's another design of Tharja but I believe it is. That one seems to be a never before seen design if it is.
  7. After receiving my copy of the 25th Anniversary Of Fire Emblem book, I flipped through it just looking at the pictures planning to translate and read it later, and I came across the page with some concept artwork for Fire Emblem Awakening characters, Tharja included. I found her two original concept artwork, and I thought it was interesting. I'm sorry for the low quality of the picture, as I took it with my phone. I am quite glad that they chose to change the design of Tharja, that design does not look as if it would have made Tharja as memorable as she is now. What are your thoughts on the original concept artwork for Tharja? I'll edit this post with a way better format for the pic later, once I have access to my PC again.
  8. How are you mother? Doing well I assume.

  9. Hmm? Whats that? I couldn't hear you, too busy with my..untimely work.

  10. He seems like he would be an artist? If not he has a Youtube channel!
  11. I understand they tried to make him 'The Main Character' instead of a side to the main character. When they did this I feel that they went a little overboard. He's like a god for no reason when I personally would've been fine with the other characters having bigger roles because I really like them. Kamui/Corrin is YOUR character so I guess it makes sense that they want to immerse the player with the game a little more, but like I said, I think they took it a little too far.
  12. In my second playthrough of RF4, I was originally planning to marry Margaret, however as I played the game and started dating her, I found that she is really boring IMO. I then began dating Xiao Pai, I'm still dating her, just trying to trigger her marriage event even though I haven't picked up that game in about a month or so. As I was dating Xiao Pai, Clorica really caught my attention. Due to talking to her every morning as I wake up, I had got her LP to 7. I asked her out just for the heck of it, and she accepted. I am going to save just before I marry Xiao Pai, and then in my other save file marry Clorica. Clorica was never a character I thought of getting close to, her laziness always turned me off of her. Once I really got to notice her more, I found that I fell in love with her character. Tameiki, how many waifus am I going to have at the moment. ^ Me trying to use Japanese but failing
  13. That. I've already given up, I just bought the regular versions individually and I plan to buy the art book as a resell on Amazon later or something.
  14. Hmm...it seems like every time we think we have the lyrics, Nintendo drops a bomb and nope. Currently the song sounds amazing, especially after hearing it in the english cut scenes courtesy of GameXPlain (thanks!). It seems like instead of 'great waves', which many people thought, it is actually 'gray waves'. When I first heard this it sounded quite odd to me, but I've grown to understand it a little more in the 15 hours we've had it available xD. You can obviously tell the song was not taken from one session, as her voice changes in parts that shouldn't. Although this is a minor issue that could have been easily fixed, I guess its not that big of a problem. From what we can tell, the song apparently goes like this: You are the oceans GRAY waves, Destined to SEEK, Life Beyond The Shore, Just out of Reach, Yet the waters EVER CHANGE, Flowing like time, The PATH is yours to climb -After This Part We Do Not Have An Official Translation- The only thing we have after that is our own speculations stated many times before. The words represented in Caps/Bold are words that we/I originally thought were different before the game play teaser. Gray was originally thought to be great. Seek was thought to be see, at least by me. Although not a huge difference made there. I thought that 'Ever Change' was 'Of For Change', but many people already corrected me on that. Finally, I thought Path was Waters. Sounds nothing like that so I don't know how I thought that. I guess it was because in the Corrin Trailer, the song was not exactly how it is in the game, leaving Azura having trouble getting the words out in the actual game. Overall I think the song is doing great, and I can't wait to here the full version when the game releases in February! ...or perhaps earlier GameXPlain...no pressure
  15. I can already see it, "Emblem Warriors" or better yet, "Warriors of the Emblem". Of course IS would probably come up with a way better title than me, those were pretty basic. I think this would be a great crossover, being honest, if we can get a SMT crossover, surely we can get this. SMT is the last thing I would've thought for a FE crossover, don't get me wrong, that game looks awesome nonetheless. I played Hyrule Warriors, the crossover between Zelda and the Warrior series, and it was awesome. Fire Emblem, already having that semi-style of gameplay would fit perfectly in. I could really see this coming after the release of Fates, not just because I want it but I really think it would be a big seller. The only problem would be flying units. I'm not very familiar with the Warriors series itself, so I currently have no idea if they have ever had a flying unit as an available fighter. I could see the flying units becoming a little akward, with the actual fighter riding on something. However, now that I think about it, Link had his Epona DLC in Hyrule Warriors, so they could definitely do mounted units, but flying units would still be a challenge to make their gameplay acceptable and look good at the same time.
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