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  1. A circuit judge in Texas blocked his moratorium, and the time it would take to fight would've exceeded 100 days, anyway. So Biden decided to back off because this is something he has to play the long game with, regardless of him being over the bureaucracy.
  2. It's doing their best to ensure those votes don't keep the district blue.
  3. It still doesn't quite feel real, yet. In a good way, unlike last time. The last 4 years were a very difficult personal time for me. I hope the next 4 turn out better in more ways than one.
  4. Gotta say, the Browns coming within a touchdown of the defending champs and taking Mahomes out of the game possibly until the Superbowl itself is an accomplishment in and of itself.
  5. Hats off to the Ravens. Now hope the Browns win so you don't face the Chiefs. Edit: I am officially jumping on the Browns bandwagon thanks to them holding a lead against the Steelers.
  6. I'm not sure if acknowledgement will actually change anything. It's something that bears mention, but the rabbit hole is so deep that I am unsure if there would be anything that could be done to undo it. It went on for centuries, those who thought to try and stop it also played right into the conspiracy, and now there are so few indigenous people that anything that we try is a worthless platitude. Everything we can think of is worth doing, but even all of it wouldn't make up for what was done long before now.
  7. I willingly say things about people on that side because I know people on it. I have relatives knee deep in this crap, and I am sick of it. Most of them are really loving, wonderful people. But what they were led to believe is so disgusting I can't associate with them, anymore. Consider doing the same, for your sake, instead of continuing the mental gymnastics.
  8. For every person that sees a sheep trying to fight against a wolf, there is another that sees a wild ram trampling a puppy. You have to account for many perspectives when fighting what's wrong, otherwise you alienate some people and radicalize your opponents.
  9. What does a classless tenant do when they're about to be evicted? Absolutely trash the place so that the landlord has to clean it up. Guess who the landlord is in this situation?
  10. I don't know where you get your news from, but Filipinos I know say that isn't what happened at all. What the news is saying and the boots on the ground aren't saying the same thing. And some of the "martial law" enacted is outright meant to be long term political oppression.
  11. If I felt it served the public good, no. This single act of corrupt and anti-democratic skullduggery would not undo the corruption and skullduggery caused by Donald Trump. It might weaken democracy tacitly if it was covered up, but compared to what Trump was aiming for, it wouldn't be anything noteworthy.
  12. It probably won't look much different than Obama's presidency, except with more cleanup because Trump really messed everything up.
  13. Republican Primary challengers. Their Democratic Party Challengers were okay.
  14. The problem is, some of the people who were running in the primaries against the unpopular candidates were arguably much worse than they were. While it didn't hold true for Jeff Sessions, I can believe it was true for Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. The devil you know, etc.
  15. Do you honestly believe state legislatures want to force their electors to be faithless? That every single one has as little faith in democracy as Trump? Allow me to disabuse you of the notion that it will just end. Trump may not be a typical president, and the GOP on the national level may be weak, but it is also too weak to put forth any actual effort beyond satiating his ego. Logic isn't their strong suit, especially considering one incoming congresswoman is a member of Qanon.
  16. Some aren't voters, but cultists. You can't reason with some of them. You have to deprogram them so they can understand how much damage he has done to their psyche.
  17. It's a theme park in the town built by Milton Hershey. It's owned by Hershey's and it's relatively popular.
  18. @Etrurian emperor Don't lose hope now. People have been fighting this tooth and nail. Do not give into fear so close to the end. There's too much at stake to give evil even the slightest chance to say it will prevail over good. America is fighting, and I feel it will win.
  19. They can't get it there in time. Hell, Roberts might not even hear it if it does make it there.
  20. The Karma has already hit for him. Him losing on the 3rd would be the ultimate hit to his ego. A failure for the entire world to see. An inability to reclaim anything from his loss in any way, shape, or form. To be publicly exposed in such a dramatic fashion is the narcissist's worst nightmare. He can spin everything else in his life, but he cannot spin losing an election by over 50 points, which is entirely possible.
  21. 100,000 is still a lot, mind you, and it's bullocks, but if that typo was actually true, I think Houston would've been in riot mode.
  22. Late October update: Only one team in the NFL remains winless after two close losses, one of which lost by a field goal in overtime.
  23. ^ This is the reason why I have very little faith in Tennessee electing any Democrat to senator, governor, or president for the foreseeable future.
  24. I live literally next door to Kentucky. There's no way, even with gaffes, he's gonna even win by less than 10 points.
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