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  1. I think it is pretty inefficient to get the shield. Also I don't think it is a very good item since the -10 Spd kill pretty much everyone's offense outside of Mage!Atlas who can do just fine with an Iron or Steel Shield. If Boey is actually being used as a unit then he probably got Spd boosts from the start of chapter 2 and his offense is pretty fine then. Kliff doesn't really fill anything for Celica. You have plenty of Mercs and Mages already. Leon is pretty great as an archer. Cav would be pretty nice, but not really needed. Soldier is a Soldier.
  2. Atlas already has a promotion analysis, Check here
  3. Okay I lied about the Kliff promotion analysis being the last one. This is probably the last one Dean vs Sonya - Comparing the two units you have to choose from
  4. Yeah thought about it, and Gray being a Merc isn't that big of an idea that needs a big analysis. He would be aight as a Cav, and then the worst at pretty much everything as a Mage, Soldier and Cavalier.
  5. Probably last double post, as I have what are probably the final two analyses. The Villager Faye The Villager Kliff Analyzing both of these villager's promotion options.
  6. Yeah I'm not a fan of the fork since you have to back track or do some extra grinding to make use of it. Mae would be the best use of it however. Also, new analysis is up. Lion Well Boost - Some recommendations for how to use the free stat boosts that are present throughout the game
  7. That would be the most optimal promotion set. Cavalier!Kliff could work instead of Archer!Kliff. I will be posting an analysis on Faye and Kliff tomorrow that go indepth into their options.
  8. Tobin has the better long term thanks to physic. Kliff actually can't orko Barons with Aura unless he has 18 Atk which he averages at like level 14 Sage. The only way a mage is really killing a Baron in one round is if they crit with Excalibur, which Tobin is also better at since he has Gray support which grants +Crit. Kliff is better off as an Archer or Cavalier than a Mage.
  9. Glad you enjoy them. I will be doing a promotion guide for the rest of the villagers and then that is probably all of the analyses I'll do unless there is a topic I haven't thought of that I feel could use a good analysis.
  10. Apologies again for the double post, but I have another analysis for today The Villager Tobin - Going through all of Tobin's promotion options and looking at his performance in each one.
  11. Have a new analysis up. This time on the leveling up Clerics and how far do you need to go with them. Fielding a mage isn't really gimping your gameplay performance. Having a Mage for chapter 1 is a pretty amazing thing if they are able to double and speed up the gameplay entirely as otherwise the first chapter would be a total slog until the Lightning Sword. Chapter 3 they aren't as effective since they just get left behind in the dust so much by the Paladins and Falcos. They can usually find something to do during these maps though like find some close enemy or take on a side group. They can make a small comeback in chapter 4 once you get the Magic and Speed Ring. They are the best units to tackle enemy Armors and Barons as their physical bulk is just to insane for normal units to take on so the mages find a good amount of use then. Once Tatiana gets Warp as well, you can start warping twice the amount of units and that can give the mages a chance to get warped into action. They also do well in dungeons where the movement isn't as big of a deal.
  12. Apologies for the double post again, but I have the next analysis up. Weapon Skills - Reviewing the more relevant and useful weapon arts for the main game. Hope you all enjoy!
  13. Yeah Celica learns Recover at lvl 9, which is fairly easy for her to achieve. Faye would be best as Peg since it would give Celica another flier that has similar availability to Palla and Catria. Cav could work as well for the movement boost and better bulk than Peg. Kliff would be best as a Cavalier since it patches his spd up a bit and gives him a mobility niche. All of his other classes would be really bad(Mage and Soldier) or outdone by other units in the route(Merc and Archer)
  14. Faye would be super underleveled at that point and her stats would be really bad making her a liability for the most part. Genny is fine as a sole cleric on Celica's route since she can either use Invoke or Physics to get out of most situations. Celica also gets recover fairly early for the heals, a lot of equipment the army has gives passive recovery, and there is Nomah and promoted Mae/Boey for some more heals. Faye is more useful as a Cleric on Alm's side helping Silque who is the only healer until Tatiana or a Sage promotion both of which happen fairly late.
  15. That is one of the reasons I made the list. I said in the opening of the post, "This is meant for players unfamiliar with the game or would like an idea of the units. So use it as like a gist of the units and their performance in the game." Glad you find it useful.
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