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  1. And that is my story and thoughts about knoll please like and sub pls i need money I'm dying
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Sothe And Frederick Would Make A Good Couple

  4. Sothe And Frederick Would Make A Good Couple

  5. ive eaten chips with bug pictures, cockroaches are bugs WHY IS POKEMON FLYING RATS?
  6. Berbasaur


    Online name: Berbasaur/Berb Real name: Jimmy, Thats All you Get DoB: May 5th, 20XX Favourite FE Game: Awkening Favourite Game (other than FE): Smash Favourite FE Character: Roy Least Favourite game: IDK Your Mom Sports: Anime Online friends: Do Waifus Count? Favourite music: VG Music Favourite artist/band: The Music team of FEA Favourite song: Id (Purpose) Country: MURCIA! MSN/Yahoo/AIM: N.a Hobbies: Anime, FE, Good Point: Chill Bad Point: #otakuforlife Anything else?: Binge Watched 3 Animes in 1 Day. #otakulife
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