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  1. Sounds like a good time. I remember playing EOU awhile back. Gameplay was engaging and the music was stellar.
  2. Good album to chill out or mess around with. Been coming back to this track lately.
  3. Didn't know you still came here, princess
  4. Neighbors weren't too modest with their fireworks this year. Think it went pretty well.
  5. Merits of catching her: ??? Merits of letting her fall: - Karmic justice - Free wallet 1) How different is MU's playerbase? 2) Are you more idealistic or pragmatic? 3) What's the best story you've got to share? 4) Got any prog recs? 5) Your options are 50 hawks, 10 crocodiles, 3 brown bears, 15 wolves,1 hunter, 7 cape buffalo, 10,000 rats, 5 gorillas, and 4 lions. You must pick 2 to defend you while the rest are coming to kill you. Which do you pick and why?
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