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  1. Sounds like a good time. I remember playing EOU awhile back. Gameplay was engaging and the music was stellar.
  2. Good album to chill out or mess around with. Been coming back to this track lately.
  3. Didn't know you still came here, princess
  4. Neighbors weren't too modest with their fireworks this year. Think it went pretty well.
  5. Merits of catching her: ??? Merits of letting her fall: - Karmic justice - Free wallet 1) How different is MU's playerbase? 2) Are you more idealistic or pragmatic? 3) What's the best story you've got to share? 4) Got any prog recs? 5) Your options are 50 hawks, 10 crocodiles, 3 brown bears, 15 wolves,1 hunter, 7 cape buffalo, 10,000 rats, 5 gorillas, and 4 lions. You must pick 2 to defend you while the rest are coming to kill you. Which do you pick and why?
  6. 32) Do you prefer having long or short hair? 33) What's the origin of each of your usernames? 34) Would you ever ride a motorcycle? 35) Favorite forum you've been on? 36) Which DR character do I resemble the most? 37) When did you start feeling like an adult? 38) What defines maturity? 39) How close have you been to dying? Should I finish the job? 40) Is there anyone you have a grudge against? 41) Favorite quote? 42) What's a subject that you have extensive knowledge on but never get to talk about?
  7. 31) Daiya has become the God of the New World and decalared war against all grimy chicks who lie about doccing people even though they came to them in a time of need. How do you plan surviving his divine justice?
  8. 21) Are you more of a realist or an idealist? 22) What is your idea of strength? 23) Do you believe that people are more likely to display their genuine traits at their highest or at their lowest? 24) What is your idea of love? 25) How much do you value your public image? 26) What's something that you would consider worth dying for? 27) What's something that you would consider worth killing for? 28) Do you hate yourself? 29) What do you think about the most? 30) I was gonna put a calculus problem or some shit here, but I should stick to your grade level: Blitz needs to collect 610 aliases for his pregame alliance. Jaburu is willing to donate 300 aliases towards the project. He has 5 people that are interested in donating as well. How much should Blitz ask each of them to donate, so that their donations are equal? Explain your reasoning.
  9. Mafia. 11) What's the worst thing I could do to you? 12) Are you a leader or a follower? 13) What do you value the most in a person? 14) Don't need your impressions, I know I'm great. 15) What's your job? Do you enjoy it? 16) What was the most impactful event of your life? 17) *Is* English your first language? 18) You've learned that anime has been banned for the greater good of humanity. What will you do with your newfound free time? 19) What's the best thing I could to you? How can I avoid doing it? 20) How many questions do you think I'll ask?
  10. "Look at me I'm so awesome I have a near perfect winrate as sk" 1) How's it feel to not die in EiMM again? 2) What's the worst conflict you've gotten in? How'd it get resolved? 3) Yolo, RAD, Marth, and I have formed a shadow alliance for the sole purpose of killing you. How do you plan on beating it? 4) As the elder of a small village, you're in charge of hosting an annual sports competition. However, there is one villager in particular who's stronger and taller than everyone else. Will you stop him from participating, or allow him to play for the sake of fairness? 5) What's one thing I could never beat you in? 6) When do you plan on losing weight? 7) How many games have you thrown in your lifetime? 8) Do you value strength or kindness? 9) Who's your best friend? 10) Who's your worst enemy?
  11. Lives in the state with a giant Catsup bottle.
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