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  1. Question about accuracy and critical rate, Are they the same exact formulas in Gaiden or have they been modified?
  2. Question about Dread Fighter to Villager loop, do any of the characters stats lower when going from a Dread Fighter to a Villager?
  3. Uh... not sure if asked... but... Accuracy, Damage, Critical, and Atk Doubling formulas?
  4. This is not 100% accurate. Warrior got a mutation on the Hoshido side. Shuras replace Warriors. They have axes, godly attack and defense, good HP and speed, specialize in Axes, have a ranged option in spells(the mutation), and even have counter, THE Warrior skill.
  5. Actually, having forging be easier for lower rank weapons is also bad in combination for multiplayer. It makes lower rank weapons more valuable than higher rank weapons and therefore almost negates the advantage of having a higher weapon rank. You are supposed to be encouraged to use the Legendary Weapons as an S rank, not have them be inferior to Iron/Silver Weapons that are forged to +7. The forging system is just not good for multiplayer, and it would be hard to fix it.
  6. TBH, for PvP, you can't make Brave Weapons less broken by reducing Def/Res more. Even if Brave Weapons set your Def/Res to 0, they would still be the most used offensive weapon as you can just Galeforce super charge(re: Flamboyant+Astra+Great Aether) OHKO two times in a row.... and technically you could have a second copy do it again. Since statues and forging are both not banned from wifi, it will remain that way FOREVER... unless you agree with friends not to do that. Like... for the current meta, you'd have to make the condition that Brave Weapons halve Str/Mag when you initiate battle to make them not broken. Even Lightning is a OHKO when min-maxed.
  7. Those aren't staples, not every unit wants those skills. Galeforce, Copycat, Flamboyant are the closest things to staples, and even then, the support units don't want Galeforce or Flamboyant. Clear Mind effects are solely dependent on you using weapons that -2 Str/Mag, Skl on a regular basis. Weapons that aren't even necessarily the best. However, even then, if you get attacked by 5 guys on enemy phase with a silver weapon, that's still 5-6 turns of recovering to full power. Swallow Strike is a very good skill, but it's not extremely good in a game where most things happen on the enemy turn due to their larger numbers. Household cure is even less applicable as it requires you to use have a slot open for consumables. These are all great skills, but they are hardly staples for every character.
  8. More like, as long as you don't stack damage up or damaging skills or forging to high degrees they aren't broken. Flamboyant-Luna-Breaking Sky is very much stronger on Brave Weapons than stuff like Dragon God. However, I do feel it is worth mentioning that the halving mechanic on ranged brave weapons have a certain degree of risk involved. As the Brave effect only works on your turn, which means there is just a chance that your offensive potential on your turn AND the enemy turn is bad after one use. You could argue that is still better than the physical weapons cause at least you can use them in a crowd without defensive debuffs, but I would just use a better weapon for a crowd from the start.
  9. It's very specific in stating that the next battle will be halved. If it depended on turns, it would state it that way most likely.
  10. Lighting definitely shouldn't be underestimated. Anything that "braves" naturally can have much higher damage output than other weapons with a few skills, it has 1-2 range, 75 acc is very nice for "brave" weapons, and it doesn't have the "magic halved next battle" drawback.
  11. I voted yes for a few reasons. 1) The bonuses are still great. 2) Speed matters too much to not have it raised in anyway. 3) Nullifying Attack Stance is probably the biggest thing that kills it, if Attack Stance still worked, Guard Stance would be a lot more balanced. I feel as if the game intended it to work Attack Stance < Guard Stance < Normal Stance < Attack Stance, but it needed to be Normal Stance < Guard Stance < Attack Stance < Normal Stance. It ended up Attack Stance = Normal Stance < Guard Stance. 4) The Shield gauge is just an added layer of protection that kicks all the other stances into the grave.
  12. It is: Battle one: Full power on up to 4 strikes. Battle two: Half power on up to 4 strikes. Battle three: Full power on up to 4 strikes. Battle four: Half power on up to 4 strikes. etc. etc. etc. It's sort of incorrectly labeled, but the actual wording takes too long for a normal description.
  13. The way it is worded highly implies that. It says it counters magic. Not tomes/spells.
  14. Do you mean story mode or PvP? Cause those are two separate questions.
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